Secrets of Effective Cryptocurrency Trading According to Alterdice

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Updated: Jan 29, 2019, 09:48 UTC

The cryptocurrency market has high volatility but also is an excellent opportunity for a trader to significantly increase the start capital. In digital assets trading, it is important to learn how to understand the mechanisms of the market, choose the right strategy that will help limit potential losses and ensure a steady income growth, and most importantly, choose the platform for work.


If you are only about to start your path in crypto trading or already have a great experience and want to broaden your trading opportunities – you will definitely be interested in Alterdice cryptocurrency exchange. One of the most technological trading platforms offers a wide range of effective tools, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, high liquidity for most major digital currencies and unprecedented security.

Five features of successful trading with Alterdice

Alterdice team constantly develops and implement the most modern technologies and combines them with proven systems. It allows the exchange to be at the forefront of the active development of the crypto industry by supporting and creating new trends in the digital currency market. It has everything a newcomer or a professional trader needs for successful trading:

  1. The high level of security that is achieved by combining the most modern methods of protection. Unlike most of the existing trading platforms, Alterdice exchange backs up the database daily and then archive all the encrypted information. Additional security is provided by 2FA for users, as well as innovative methods of countering DDOS attacks and storing most of the digital media in cold wallets.
  2. One of the best liquidity supply systems for most of the leading cryptocurrencies which is integrated with the platform and with other exchanges and allows to easily and quickly exchange one digital asset for another, as well as for the main fiat currencies. The average daily turnover of the exchange reaches $ 1.377 million. Various types of orders are implemented on the site for maximum efficiency of trade transactions which will ensure a profit regardless of market directions, as well as rate schedules for analyzing and making the right decision in each specific operation.
  3. Low fees for transactions calculated individually depending on the activity of the trader and don’t exceed 0.2% for all cryptocurrencies. You can deposit your account for free, the minimum withdrawal fees are generated by the system automatically when you create a payment request.
  4. The ability to trade anywhere inconvenient and functional Alterdice mobile application or in web format. A single interface implemented both in desktop and mobile versions ensures the synchronous operation of services allowing the team to quickly develop and enable new tools. You can start trading in a few minutes. Right after registering an account, users can access all the trading functionality including making transactions, managing orders and positions, controlling account movements, individual interface settings, and notifications of real-time operations.
  5. Flexible website infrastructure formed by the system of microservices interconnected by socket through MQ program message broker (Rabbit MQ). The desktop version of the exchange is based on the Node.js software platform which allows connecting external libraries written in different programming languages through the API. PHP scripting language is used for the rendering of the view and API. Engine Machine virtual machine in a mobile application processes data of any type and size. Information is stored in the cloud by the CouchBase data management system. The effective interaction of all key elements of the platform ensures its high performance and scalability.

Find out more about all the features of Alterdice cryptocurrency exchange on the official website.

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