US Inflation Reports: What They Mean for the Fed, Stocks, and Gold

James Hyerczyk
Updated: Sep 11, 2023, 15:36 GMT+00:00

The upcoming CPI report indicates a 0.4% rise; experts predict no Fed rate hikes in September, amid investor concerns over S&P 500's 5% dip.

CPI and Core CPI

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  • CPI forecasted at 0.4% monthly rise, 3.4% annually.
  • Core CPI’s role pivotal in Federal Reserve’s rate decision.
  • High inflation may affect S&P 500 and precious metals.

Anticipation Builds Around Upcoming Inflation Reports

As Wall Street eagerly anticipates the latest inflation data releases, the focal points for analysts and investors are the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Core consumer inflation due out on Wednesday. These metrics, given their significance, could potentially influence several areas from the Federal Reserve’s policies to precious metals.

A Deeper Dive into CPI Expectations

The impending CPI report has been forecasted to showcase a 0.4% rise from the previous month, marking it as the most rapid monthly spike since January. Year-on-year, this would translate to an escalation in consumer prices by 3.4%, an uptick from July’s 3.2%. Furthermore, the core CPI, which strips away the fluctuating food and energy prices, is anticipated to have grown 0.2% over the past month. Annually, this brings us to a 4.3% surge, a deceleration from the 4.7% witnessed in July. Notably, this is speculated to be the tiniest annual boost in a span of two years.

Producer Price Index (PPI) Overview

Come Thursday, eyes will shift towards the Producer Price Index (PPI), which offers a vantage from the perspective of manufacturers and wholesalers. Predictions suggest a monthly increment of 0.4% for producer prices, marking acceleration from July’s 0.3% rate. Annually, this manifests as a 1.3% increase, surpassing July’s 0.8%. As producers’ charges to retail stores rise, it’s logical to anticipate concurrent movement between CPI and PPI.

Federal Reserve Policy: What Lies Ahead?

The looming inflation reports, especially the core CPI, are pivotal for the Federal Reserve’s decisions. Economists and investors alike are quite confident that the Federal Reserve, given its intense scrutiny of core inflation, will refrain from rate hikes in September. Market data, as of Friday, bolstered this sentiment by suggesting a hefty 92% probability of rates remaining unchanged post the September 19-20 meeting.

Inflation’s Broader Impact

The ramifications of these reports are broad and deep. High inflation figures might instill apprehension about the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates elevated or even amplifying them in upcoming months. Such a scenario could deter investors, especially given the recent S&P 500’s dip, losing around 5% since its summer peak.

Furthermore, signs of escalating inflation could bear down on the valuations of the mammoth growth names that have been the market’s linchpins. The winds of change could usher in higher nominal GDP growth, likely paired with unforeseen volatility and consequences.

Consequences for Precious Metals and the Dollar

While the dollar’s movement post these reports is keenly awaited, the trajectory of precious metals like gold and silver is of equal interest. Given silver’s safe-haven status and gold’s historical hedge against inflation, both could potentially see significant movement based on the data.


In summation, the forthcoming week holds a substantial weight for the financial landscape. As inflation remains a pertinent concern, its resonance through the Federal Reserve’s decisions, stock market fluctuations, and precious metal prices will be intently observed. The U.S. central bank’s September 20 meeting will be especially scrutinized, given the overarching implications of its outcomes on the economy.

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