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  • The day after Brexit

    The Day Of & The Day After The Brexit Vote

    Many people think that the day after the UK referendum that Britain and the Eurozone will see radical changes with borders closing and business drawing to a halt, but that is a big fallacy. Regardless of the outcome, June 24th will be a day like any other day except the

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  • Treasury yields suffer

    Treasury yields suffer

    Treasury yields suffer. The contraction in volatility highlights the markets expectation of a critical week. The Fed and BoJ will be announcing monetary policy decisions and China will release key activity data. Rising event risks have pushed developed markets interest rate yields to new lows. The weak labor report in

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  • When George Soros Speaks Should You Listen?

    When George Soros speaks should you listen? George Soros is a self-made billionaire known for his investment savvy and his vast body of philanthropic work. Soros operates Quantum Fund which is one of the largest private funds in the world. The fund, with Soros at the helm, found massive success

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  • Global growth subdued

    Global growth subdued

    Global growth subdued. Last week, Canada, Q1 GDP has printed above 2% thanks to the rebound in oil prices. The loonie is back below 1.30 and should further strengthen on a better oil outlook which is way more positive than a few months ago. In Switzerland, the economy is decelerating,

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  • The Thought Of A Donald Trump Presidency Scares The Hell Out Of Me

    Two hundred years ago when the constitution was drafted our great leaders never forethought of a nominee as someone who sought the office of President. Our founders looked hard for a man of character and principles to lead our nation. No doubt they’d be horrified by the modern presidential campaign.

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  • All eyes on Yellen

    All eyes on Yellen. Following last week’s FOMC minutes, which indicated that the June meeting was “live”, financial markets continue to price in the probability of a 25bp rate hike. Pricing has so far been orderly with steady gains in USD and US rates, while risky assets are generally holding

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  • Bank of Japan will remain under pressure to expand Monetary Stimulus

    Abenomics – A Failure Of Economics, Politics & Government

    The rein of Prime Minister Abe could abruptly come to an end as he decides on the 2nd installment of the sales tax increase. The yen remains much stronger than the government and the central bank would like. At the recent G7 meeting the US firmly warned Japan about intentionally

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  • June-Hike Again On the Table

    June-Hike Again On the Table

    Ever since the US Federal Reserve announced once in a decade interest-rate hike in December, market players kept looking for hints relating to some more lift-offs as FOUR such announcements were initially expected to happen during 2016. However, financial market turbulence in January, followed by weaker than expected US details

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  • June Fed rate hike back on the table

    June Fed rate hike back on the table

    June Fed rate hike back on the table. The outlook for a June Fed rate hike came surging back as FOMC minutes and hawkish Fed comments suggested that the market was underrating the strength of the US economy. The market displayed all the classic patterns of a pre-hike “taper tantrum”

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  • Can You Trade Diamonds Online?

    Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend is probably one of the most well-known movie quotes but it doesn’t hold true in the world of investing. Diamonds shine and glitter and they go up in value if you are a dealer but when it comes to buying diamonds for an investment

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  • Should One Put a Premium on China?

    Should One Put a Premium on China?

    It’s not a secret that China is considered to be the engine of global economic growth. All countries of the world take into account the PRC trends when it comes to accepting decisions. As an example, during one of the last meetings Federal Reserve System called Chinese problems and instability

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  • EM steals the spotlight

    EM steals the spotlight

    EM steals the spotlight. Last week events in emerging markets stole the spotlight from heavy hitters such as the BoE and Fed. With China activity data release over the weekend it seems as if volatility driven by EM will continue. The Bank of Thailand (BoT) held rates steady opting wait-and-see

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  • Trumponomics -The Economics Of Donald Trump

    The “Donald” is not my candidate of choice, in fact I think he is an embarrassment to the United States. His ideas and plans, his beliefs and goals change as often as he changes wives. He thinks it is ok to attack Hillary Clinton over her husband’s infidelities, but strikes

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  • Will the Gold Momentum Stop, or is it Just Taking Some Air?

    Will the Gold Momentum Stop, or is it Just Taking Some Air?

    If we will look at the charts, we can see support at 1224-1232+_, gold rate should keep above those levels to confirm more upside, fall through could take it to the next support level of 1180-1190. Gold rate also is expected to find its first resistance at 1262, and a

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  • The Quantum of Finance

    Market professionals and private investors alike are struggling to come to terms with the ongoing fallout from the introduction of negative interest rates, by both the BOJ and ECB. Longstanding market relationships and correlations have been swept aside or turned on their head, by the introduction of this most unconventional

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  • Fed rate hike in June dead

    Fed rate hike in June dead

    Fed rate hike in June dead. Disappointing ADP and NFP reports have finally ended hopes for a rate hike in June. Judging from shift in Fed Fund futures markets do not believe in any action by the Federal Reserve over the summer months. In Switzerland, the CHF is still under

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  • Politicians Can Really Screw Things Up – Accredited Investors

    When government officials and politicians try to define who should and could invest in the markets and which market they can invest in, things can sure get messed up. Just a few years back the US adopted a term to describe investors who could invest in non-retail markets. They called

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  • The curious case of the Yen in the night-time

    The Curious Case of the Yen in the Night-Time

    One of the most important events of 2016 to date was the introduction of negative interest rates by the Bank of Japan – the first major or G7 central bank to do so. Prior to the BOJ move negative interest rates had been an economic curiosity in Scandinavia or at

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  • FOMC signals one rate hike in 2016

    FOMC signals one rate hike in 2016. Since the last interest rate hike in December last year, the US economic outlook appears more and more gloomy as the global economy slows further, dragging down rate hike expectations. At the last FOMC meeting, the Fed maintained its dovish bias suggesting that

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  • Silver Plays Catch Up, but Will the Rally Sustain?

    This week, SLVR/XAG-USD prices are up an impressive 4.80% as prices briefly touched highs of $17.0 per troy ounce, posting a 10-month high. The pop in SLVR/XAG-USD came as precious metals surprised to the upside this week and came just a few hours after US housing starts and building permits

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