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  • Draghi Cure Too Little Too Late

    Even though the world is creeping out of its economic doldrums, Mario Draghi and the ECB have been little to no help. Their attitude over the past years was a wait and see month after month as Mario Draghi tried to manipulate markets and economies with promises and threats. In

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  • Mixed Messages from the Global Economy

    As we finish the first quarter of 2016, the global economy is sending out mixed messages about what is likely to happen over the balance of the year and beyond. These contradictory signals simultaneously create both an opportunity and a problem for traders.But these contradictions may in fact be the

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  • Inflation Turning the Corner, US Recession Fears Overdone

    Summary:Broad turnaround in inflation is widely expected, but evidence of increase in inflation will be confirmed only after May’s dataFed signaled that it prefers to err on the side of caution when it comes to hiking ratesManufacturing turnaround after a weak start in 2016US economic growth moving at a steady

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  • How to Manage the Foreign Currency Aspect of Your International Investments

    If you own a large, well-diversified investment portfolio that includes domestic and international stocks, global government bonds, emerging markets securities and commodities, then you face the risk of adverse currency movements for your overseas investment exposure. For example, if you are based in the US, and you hold emerging markets

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  • What Can A Bunch Of Politicians Do To Help Growth.

    Global investors were waiting for IMF and G20 meetings in Washington for signs from financial leaders on the next stages of their efforts to drag most of the developed world out of a debilitating cycle of debt and very low inflation.Reuters printed that the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde

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  • New Zealand Unexpectedly Posted Small Trade Surplus

    New Zealand is completely reliant on international trade with its trading partners like China, Japan, US and South Korea. New Zealand’s economy had always been formed on export of its weak agricultural products such as: fruits, meat cheese, butter etc. As for the import, New Zealand used to bring in

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  • Recession

    International Financial Crisis Leads to Increase in Alternative Investing

    The Dow hit rock bottom this past March, leaving the index down an incredible 1,437 points in just the first two weeks of the year. The S&P 500 lost 2.3% and the Nasdaq plunged 2.7% to its lowest level since October 2014.  It is not a big surprise that investors

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  • Is the USD/JPY Trend Over?….

    If the trend have been changed, I would expect to see some corrections before the next round.That means if long term going to flop to the downside again, it won’t be right away, we need to see and watch USD/JPY makes some price corrections: the strong impulsive look of the

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  • Gold – A Short Term Sell

    The first quarter is over and among other things; GLD/XAU-USD still remains a key asset to watch. Since the last article published showcasing the downside bias in Gold, prices are down by almost -3.40%, trading near the $1214 handle, shy off the $1200 level of interest.The big question heading into

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  • Will the Eurozone Fail If Britain Pulls Out

    The recent headlines and polls seem to indicate that the move to leave the Eurozone is gaining more and more traction as the June 23rd referendum draws near. Many analysts are calling for devastation of the UK economy if the vote is to leave while others say it will be

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  • Gold Sales Setting Record Highs

    Gold Sales Setting Record Highs while Stock Market Experiences Crisis

    The recent plummet in the stock market is making international news headlines, receiving attention from both investors and non-investors alike. This financial disaster has prompted many investors to buy gold to add to their IRA investment portfolios.More Americans are turning to gold IRAs because they combine a physical, tangible asset

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  • Japanese Yen Trust points to further upside

    Japanese Yen Trust Points to Further Upside

    The Japanese Yen has finally managed to break out to the upside since the start of this year, posting some strong moves in the first two months of the year already. Despite the surprise rate cut to -0.10%, the Yen remained resilient leading many to question the effectiveness of negative

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  • Speculation Rises as US Dollar Weakens Broadly..

    Speculation Rises as US Dollar Weakens Broadly

    Talking pointsUS Dollar weakens as FOMC sends a dovish signal while other central banks stay neutralSpeculation that a coordinated attempt to weaken the US Dollar at the G20 summit gains groundWill a weaker US Dollar help the markets at large?Us – Dollar Index (ICE) falls by over 3.0% since late

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  • Short Term Traders Buy Gold On Dips While Long Term Investors Sell At Peaks

    Just a week or so ago gold prices soared to $1280 an ounce but then reversed and returned to its average trading range this month holding around $1250. The dovish attitude of the Federal Reserve statement and Janet Yellen gave gold a boost. In less than a week many Federal

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  • Brexit; the Day After

    Brexit; the Day After

    A Delicate Balance is to be struck while formulating a new model of relationship Britain could have with the EU if the Brexit takes placeInvestors struggling to navigate the foreign exchange waters have a new concern: the possible exit of Britain from the European Union, also known as “Brexit”.This year,

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  • Pound Sterling – What Happened to Brexit Fears?

    Who knew that the British Pound, which fell strongly just three weeks ago would recover back so strong? The initial Brexit led fears in the week of February 22nd at one point felt as if the British Pound would sink further. In fact, the Cable posted a strong 3.70% decline

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  • Will Crude Oil Continue the Bullish Trend?

    Crude oil prices settled lower on Friday after the U.S rig count rose for the first time since December, renewing worries of a supply glut after an output freeze proposal helped boost the market to 2016 highs and multi-week gain.The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) as of late discharged an

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  • Fed’s Dovish Decision Triggers Risk Rally

    Fed’s dovish decision triggers risk rally. Last week calendar was central bank heavy. The dispersion of central banks strategies clearly signals the growing complexity in managing the idiosyncratic aspect of each nation’s economic situation, within the context of challenging global backdrop. We expect the lull in currency wars is coming

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  • Gold in an era of Central bank uncertainty

    As central banks in developed economies continue to struggle with zero bound interest rates and lack of inflation, Gold prices have been trending stronger. Is this rally sustainable or will Gold resume its bear trend?Gold prices have enjoyed a strong rally since January this year after prices bottomed out near

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  • Fed Likely to Hold-off on Rate Hikes in March, Though All Eyes on Fed Meeting Wednesday

    Cautious optimism is the name of the gameIt’s a busy week in the financial markets with many significant announcements and reports ahead. The events which punctuate our economic calendar this week all have one thing in common; investors are looking to establish trends which seemed to have budded in December

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