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  • Markets are long equities and bonds

    Markets are long equities and bonds

    Markets are long equities… and bonds. Broad-based return seeking behavior continues to dominate, sending global rate curves and safe haven currencies lower and equities higher. News that the BoE was unable to fulfill its bond purchasing quote indicates that central banks policy is running out of rope but we are

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  • Investors Are Going Crazy For Platinum & Palladium

    All of a sudden the precious metals markets have shifted focus away from gold and silver as we see volume and interest squarely on platinum and palladium. As most of know there is a growing demand for these metals in the production of catalytic converters in automobiles. Not long ago

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  • US 10-year bond versus Japan interest Rate Differential is Driving the Movements of USD/JPY

    The balance of the summer will be a prelude to two big meetings that will occur simultaneously on September 20,21.  Both the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan will meet to decide on monetary policy.  It is clear that the underlying goals of these two major policy institutions are

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  • Strong NFP Won’t Help The Fed

    Strong NFP Won’t Help The Fed

    Strong NFP Won’t Help The Fed. A week after the FOMC, markets focused on jobs data hoping to assess the likelihood of a September rate hike. Nonfarm Payrolls beat expectations, printing at a solid 255k. However, historically, this data has been very volatile and even the improving labour conditions have

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  • The Brazilian Real Reaching For Gold

    The countdown to the opening events in Brazil is underway. With hundreds of thousands of visitors showing up in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics, which begin Friday, hotel owners have been dusting off something they haven’t used for some time: their “No Vacancy” signs.But those signs will likely

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  • No summer holidays for central banks

    No summer holidays for central banks

    No summer holidays for central banks. Last week brought further evidence that central banks have hit the pause button. The hold is either to assess incoming data in a post-Brexit world or as a result of exhausted monetary policy. The net result is further risk -taking through wide spread carry

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  • Will the Dignity Return to US Dollar Index?

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) was under pressure after Wednesday’s FOMC statement, while poor US GDP figures provided follow through to the downside on Friday. The sharp selloff erased the prior four weeks of gains of DXY but we have a lot of activity this week, and the trend could change

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  • Crude Oil is Trading Lower on Wednesday as Brexit Jitters Makes a Comeback

    Falling Crude Prices Not Beneficial for All

    Crude oil prices are at it again, after rallying most of the first half of the year, it is set to finish nearly 15% lower in June. This is, once again, likely to lead to significant revenue shortfalls and cash flow problems in many energy exporting nations. On the other

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  • Long-Term Oil Analysis for 2016

    Long-Term Oil Analysis for 2016

    Oil is the most watched commodity of the past decades. Here you will learn what has happened to oil in 2016 with future predictions for the rest of the year!The first half of the year 2016 was marked with some turbulence for the oil market. We would like to sum

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  • Donald Trump could Stimulus Gold Prices Higher

    Gold Loves Donald Trump

    An interesting article printed by Marketwatch about politics in the US and gold prices reports that as election time heats up there will be many headlines. The notion that stocks are enjoying a Donald Trump–inspired rally doesn’t pass the sniff test. Gold, however, might be another matter, if the Republican

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  • Emerging Market Currencies Benefiting From Current Market Fundamentals

    With central bank meetings the main focus last week and this week, many traders have turned their attentions away from emerging market currencies. Last week’s coup attempt in Turkey and terrorism in France have also over shadowed investors thought processes.Brexit probably was the best thing to happen to all the

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  • Money will continue to move in the USD

    Brexit, Falling Oil Prices, Strong U.S. Economy Working Against Canadian Dollar

    The Loonie was impacted heavily by the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls report that was released on Friday. Does this positive data from the US impact your short term forecast for the currency pair USD/CAD?Yes, I believe the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls report was pretty robust. And it probably put the Fed on

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  • Bank of Japan will remain under pressure to expand Monetary Stimulus

    Watch The Japanese Yen For A Double Dose Of Stimulus

    The Bank of Japan may have gotten a reprieve this week courtesy of Mark Carney and the Bank of England. After the Brexit vote on June 23rd the Japanese yen soared to trade at its highest level since the Bank of Japan started its massive stimulus program. The USDJPY actually

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  • Main themes to watch in ‘The Four Majors’

    Main Themes to Watch in ‘The Four Majors’ Until Year End

    The first half of 2016 has been an interesting and volatile year in the global currency market. Probably the most talked about event has been the UK’s EU referendum, where the British public surprisingly voted to leave the European Union. This resulted in extreme volatility in the British pound and

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  • Barry Norman’s Short Term Predictions For Gold, Silver, Sterling and Treasuries

    Asian equities trade with losses of up to 1%. A dismal Wall Street end of session and upcoming US payrolls report keep investors away from riskier equities. Oil stabilizes following yesterday’s tumble, the dollar is marginally weaker, while the US T-Note future is slightly high, but off session highs.The US

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  • Brexit’s uncertainties to persist

    Brexit’s uncertainties to persist

    Brexit’s uncertainties to persist. The surprises did not end on Friday with the weekend full of resignations and striking declarations from European Leaders. Merkel and Holland must now make an example of the UK and are prompting them to leave as soon as possible to limit contagion and to make

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  • Could Brexit Bring on Positive Effect to UK?

    Could Brexit Bring on Positive Effect to UK?

    Positive Impact on inbound Tourism to BritainTourists vote with their feet for Brexit – As Brexit result released, the British Pound devalued significantly and that will create tourism growth in the UK. Chinese flock to tourist sites that offer holidays in the UK and the Kingdom ,one of the most

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  • Silver Hits 21 Month high

    Silver Is Often Overlooked Lost Between Precious Metals & Base Metals

    When you mention precious metals, the mind automatically focuses on gold just like when you think about precious gems you think of diamonds. After gold we might think about platinum which has always been the higher standard than gold even though in today’s market gold costs more than platinum. The

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  • bitcoin

    Can You Buy Bitcoin To Survive The Brexit Market Volatility

    Markets are at their highest level of volatility after a surprise result from the UK referendum showed that Britain’s favored leaving the Eurozone.  The vote sparked a roller-coaster ride for most global assets with the pound falling to the lowest level in 45 years. Gold at one point had soared

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  • Brexit to set the pace

    Brexit to set the pace

    Brexit to set the pace. This is it, we are finally heading into “Brexit” week. The wait has been seemingly endless for investors and analysts alike. While swings in UK polls translating into highly volatile financial markets. The uncertainty will continue to increase until Friday early in the morning as

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