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  • Crude Oil Set Up for Huge Volatility Spike

    With the U.S. attack on a Syrian air strip early Friday and the subsequent price spike in crude oil futures, traders should start preparing for the return of volatility in the crude oil market after several months of sideways to lower movement.Volatility doesn’t tell us which way the market will

  • How Is Credit Affected by the Federal Funds Rate?

    The recent Fed rate hike is slated to have a dramatic effect on borrowers. For starters, the Fed rate hike is expected to cost credit card consumers $1.6 billion in interest repayments alone. Currently, the federal funds rate (FFR) is 1%, after having been revised sharply higher in March. The

  • Crude Oil Has Room to Run

    Bullish crude oil traders are enjoying a good week after a perfect storm of events helped drive out weaker short-sellers and draw the attention of speculative buyers. As of Thursday’s close, both U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international Brent crude oil are in a position to finish the week up

  • How are Banks Responding to the Fed Rate Hike?

    On 15 March 2017, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by an additional 25-basis points. This brought the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) to 1.00%. Many banks were slow in responding to the rate hike, however there were at least 8 banks that have raised interest rates since the Fed FOMC

  • Everything you Need to Know about the US-Mexico Border Wall

    You might think the US-Mexico wall is the first of its kind, or maybe that Donald Trump was a pioneer when he signed the wall executive order. If these are your ideas, let me tell you that you are mistaken. Building a wall on the US-Mexico border is not a

  • Donald_Trump 5

    Trump’s Ability to Fail Forward Fast Could be a Positive for Markets

    Let’s face it, the events in Washington the past 48 hours were just plan boring. I’m not a political guy, I’m a trader. I’m not in the game for the juice or the rush, but to make a living. After hoping for something to develop early in the sessions on

  • Stock Market

    The Big Short – When will it start?

    The question of when the next market correction is due has been doing the rounds in recent weeks, the bears beginning to come out of an extended hibernation, with U.S equity markets hovering at close to record levels, without being able to press ahead, the FTSE100 pushing through to 7,400

  • Dutch Elections in The Shadow of Turkish Comments War

    As Netherlands is about to start its race to the prime minister seat on Wednesday, Turkey declared comments war on Netherlands. The stretches broke out last week when the Turkish president lashed out at Germans describing them by “the Nazis”. That came after German authorities decision to cancel pro-Turkish government

  • The Effect of US Presidents on EUR/USD Movement

    Whatever asset you decide to trade, the first lesson your mentor will teach you is to ‘look at the EURO DOLLAR long term trend’. Traders persistently try to predict the EUR/USD long term movements, ending up into circles.The frequent question being asked by all financial data providers at the start

  • Yellen Chart

    Frequency of Rate Hikes Could Change Investor Sentiment Towards Stocks

    The Federal Open Market Committee meets next Tuesday and Wednesday, and is widely expected to raise rates for the third time in close to ten years. With the chances of a Fed rate hike sitting at about 91 percent on the eve of the February Non-Farm Payrolls report, traders are

  • How The Markets Will React to The Next NFP Report?

    US Politics Confusing The MarketsIt is not a secret that since Trump inauguration, the markets are facing big turmoil. Unrevealed tax plan, consecutive executive orders, Fed – White house foreseeable conflict and fears surrounding European elections, are all fundamental factors causing the markets a lot of disturbance.Number of FOMC participants’

  • Russia is the Wildcard that Could Launch Crude’s Next Rally

    Last week, crude oil prices closed lower with April U.S. West Texas Intermediate prices falling $0.66 or -1.22% to $53.33 and May Brent futures weakening by $0.41 or -0.73% to $55.90. The common theme in the crude oil market news has been “the market is rangebound because increasing U.S. production

  • Trump (1)

    Strong Yen Says Passing Trump Agenda May be Tough Task for Lawmakers

    The price action on the charts the last two weeks indicates the sell-off in the USD/JPY is starting to pick up traction. The weak close also suggests that investors should start preparing for an acceleration into the low of the year at 111.583 and an eventual break into at least

  • Saudi Arabia and US Petrodollar System are Facing The End

    The US dollar extremely got overvalued; the overvaluation led to the unbalance in the American trade conditions. Moreover, the Vietnam War has made the Federal Reserve print more money, which made the idea of converting dollars into the US gold impossible. In addition, gold producers themselves, who are selling gold

  • The Euro Could Experience High Volatility and Fall Over the Upcoming Months

    Politics have been weighing on the currency markets, President Trump has added some volatility to the U.S. dollar recently, with one of his advisers indicating that Germany is using a “grossly undervalued” euro in an attempt to gain advantage over the U.S. and its EU partners. With the first round

  • Yellen: She’s Good at Playing Both Sides

    The week started with all eyes on U.S. Federal Reserve Janet Yellen’s testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives on February 14 – 15. It was going to be Yellen’s first time in the hot seat in front of the new Republican Congress so investors were expecting fireworks, but the

  • Grexit is The New Brexit

    On February 7th the IMF board held a consulting meeting concerning the evaluation of the extended fund facility given to Greece from 2012. Disappointing outcomes caused temproray turmoil in the Euro and other derivatives. How to draw the lessons from the IMF announcements about Greece, and trade in efficiency during

  • The Effect of Valentine’s Day on Economy

    Valentine’s day is a day of love, romance, and of course, the market process. On this special day lovers across the globe buy gifts for their sweethearts. A beautiful gift, roses. Pricey too, especially on Valentine’s Day.The traditional gifts include chocolate and of course a girl’s best friend, jewelry. People are

  • Trump (1)

    It’s His Style, Get Used to It

    Volatility should come into play next week, but it is not likely to be caused by President Trump. I suspect Fed Chair Janet Yellen will be the culprit. Since he’s taken office, Trump has fired up both sides of the markets with his directives and comments. He’s caused corrections with

  • Trump has directed regulators to identify unfriendly rules and laws, including the Dodd-Frank act

    The Pros of Reversing The Dodd-Frank Act

    In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crisis that led to the demise of Lehman brother and the onset of the “great recession”, the Dodd-Frank act was put into place to ensure that banking institutions would have the proper regulation to avoid the risk of ruin.  Fast forward 7-years and

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