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Adetola Freeman

Adetola Freeman

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  • Name: Adetola Freeman
  • An author with FX Empire since Sep 2022

Education and Work Information

  • Schools Attended: B.Sc. Educational Media and Technology, University of Ilorin
  • Job Title: Financial Markets Analyst
  • Company/Organization: FBS

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Swing and Position trading
  • Area of Expertise: Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Gold, Stocks
  • Favorite Instruments: Nasdaq, Bitcoin, Gold, EURJPY


Adetola Freeman is a Financial Markets Specialist and Trainer with over 12 years of professional experience. He is an industry-leading Forex and Crypto trading Expert with a track record of consistency. He has been the Lead Instructor at EzFx Academy and trained hundreds of profitable students across Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Adetola’s experience covers

  • risk management;
  • trading strategy automation;
  • corporate portfolio management;
  • day trading and swing trading techniques using institutional trading concepts;
  • investment guidance and consultation.

Adetola frequently churns out articles, educational videos, live market reviews, and analytical live streams.

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