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Alejandro Zambrano

Alejandro Zambrano

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  • Name: Alejandro Zambrano
  • A contributor  with FX Empire since: April 2019

Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: BCs Economics, Goteborg’s university, MSc Economics, London Metropolitan University
  • Job Title: Global Chief Market Strategist ATFX UK
  • Company / Organization: ATFX UK and Red Castle Ideas LTD
  • Former Jobs: Chief Market Strategist at Amana Financial UK, and Strategist at FXCM UK

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Breakout Trader, and Trend Following
  • Area of Expertise: Forex, Commodities, Stock markets, and Cryptocurrencies
  • Favorite instruments: EURUSD, S&P 500, Crude Oil, XAUUSD

About author

Alejandro Zambrano is ATFX’s Global Chief Market Strategist, and he combines extensive professional experience and a pragmatic attitude to trading, building clients’ understanding of the markets and the rationale behind investing.

Before joining ATFX, Zambrano was the Chief Market Strategist of the FCA regulated broker, Amana Capital. Prior to that he was also the Head Analyst at FXCM’s London research desk. Zambrano has been using his invaluable experience to research the financial markets with a special focus on currencies and macroeconomics, throughout his career. He also covers commodity markets and equity indices. Working for various brokers, Zambrano also developed premium educational programs, and hundreds of people have attended his courses throughout the years.

Any market update or news is provided with an educational purpose, and is the personal opinion of Alejandro Zambrano, and not to viewed as trading advice by ATFX or Red Castle Ideas LTD.

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