Alexander Kuptsikevich

Alexander Kuptsikevich



  • Name: Alexander Kuptsikevich
  • An author with FX Empire since Jul 2018

Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: Mathematical Methods in Economy from RSEU
  • Charters and certifications: CBR’s Certificate on the administration of investment funds, mutual investment funds, and non-government pension funds
  • Job Title: Financial Analyst
  • Company/Organization: FxPro Financial Services Ltd.

Investing Profile

  • Investing Style: Financial Trader
  • Area of Expertise: Currency market, Energy, Metals, Cryptocurrencies
  • Favorite instruments: EURUSD, Brent, Bitcoin

Contact Details


Alexander is engaged in the analysis of the currency market, the world economy, gold and oil for more than 10 years. He gives commentaries to leading socio-political and economic magazines, gives interviews for radio and television, and publishes his own researches. He has been working in FXPro since the foundation in 2006 as forex and macroeconomy expert.

Recent Activities