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Brad Alexander

Brad Alexander

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  • Name: Brad Alexander
  • An author with FX Empire since February 2021

Work Information and Education

  • Education: B.A in Film/Video and Photographic Arts, Ryerson University.
  • Job Title: CEO
  • Company/Organization: FX Large LLC
  • Published on: FXSteet

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Trading Economic Events with a combination of Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Area of Expertise: Creation of content in Forex and CFDs
  • Favorite instruments: XAUUSD, WTI, USD Majors

About author

Brad became fascinated with the Currency Markets from a young age and researched fundamental analysis. Years later he discovered the wonders of technical analysis and liquidity mapping and now uses all three, day to day, as a professional trader and for “Creating Compelling Content for Capital Markets” as CEO of FX Large. As a content creator, educator and professional trader, his clients consist of FX and CFD brokers, hedge funds, fintech companies, and private students.

Brad and FX Large offer classes and mentoring to individuals, groups, and to corporate clients wishing to educate their employees on the workings of the Retail Trading world.

As a self-confessed “platform junkie” Brad has created literally hundreds of videos, blogs and webinars on trading, platform education, trading psychology, technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

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