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Chetan Woodun

Chetan Woodun

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  • Name: Chetan Woodun
  • Author with FX Empire since: December 2021

Work Information

  • Certification: Equity Finance, Money and Business.
  • Job Title: Contributor
  • Published on: SeekingAlpha, TipRanks.

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Equities, bonds, ETFs, Crypto
  • Area of Expertise: ETFs, Telco/5G, Blockchain, Cloud
  • Favorite instruments: ETFs Individual stocks, bonds


Chetan Woodun has a Masters in Information Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration. He is certificated in Cloud, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Equity Finance, Datacenter and Project Leadership.

He has worked in IT and Telcos for more than 25 years as Systems Implementer, Project Manager, R&D, Software and Hardware procurement and Team leader. He has also developed Analytics-based tools for investment purposes.

He is also an investor and has been contributing articles on SeekingAlpha covering ETFs, M&A, Cloud/AI, 5G/Telco FinTech, Biotech, Pharma, Crypto, bonds since two years.

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