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Chris Svorcik

Chris Svorcik

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Name: Chris Svorcik

An Author with FX Empire since October 2019

Education And Work Information

  • Certification: MBA in Finance and Banking from UNYP in Prague, MSC in Economics and Politics from Charles University in Prague.
  • Job Title: Co-founder, trader, analyst
  • Company/Organization: Elite CurrenSea
  • Published on: FXStreet,, Elite CurrenSea, multiple brokers, Talk markets

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Trading short-term
  • Area of Expertise: Forex
  • Favorite instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, Currency Crosses, DAX, DJI, Gold

Contact Details

About author

Chris Svorcik is co-founder, trader, and analyst with Elite CurrenSea ( since 2014. He is the creator of the trading method called ecs.SWAT (simple wave analysis and trading) which is based on the chart and price patterns of the financial markets. Chris’s favorite tools for Forex analysis are moving averages, Fibonacci levels and Fractals. He also offers live education, trading, and webinars/videos via Elite CurrenSea’s live trading portal called ecs.LIVE.

Chris has won the FXStreet award in 2018 for best analysis and also won the best educational award in 2016. Chris has been asked to speak at multiple seminars in the past years with appearances in London, Utrecht, Prague, Ljubljana. He has published hundreds of articles on various topics, including wave theory, technical analysis, fundamentals, economy, and his own trading experiences.

Chris holds two master’s degrees in Banking & Finance and Economics & Politics and lives in Prague. He is currently working on multiple automated trading systems and writing an eBook that will explain his ecs.SWAT method from A to Z.

Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is a trading educational website which offers free and paid Forex material, trading systems, indicators, live analysis, and webinars. ECS is planning to add education on more assets in the near future such as options, cryptos, and stocks.

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