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David Becker

David Becker

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  • Name: David Becker
  • An author with FX Empire since Jan 2015

Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: B.A in Economics from Franklin and Marshall College
  • Job Title: Financial Market Analyst
  • Company/Organization: Fortuity
  • Former Jobs: Proprietary Trader, Solomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Trader
  • Area of Expertise: Energy, Metals, Currencies, Equities, Agriculture, Debt
  • Favorite instruments: Gold, Crude, Natural Gas, SPX

Contact Details


Over the course of his career, David Becker has held a wide variety of positions at recognized hedge funds and financial services corporations in the United States and abroad. Following his B.A. in Economics graduation from Franklin & Marshall College in 1988, David gained his experience in the finance industry with a role as Credit Analyst for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. More than a year later, David accepted an opportunity to enter the Information Technology Training Program at Morgan Stanley, after which he became a Trading Analyst for the firm.

During this time, David Becker played an integral role in the design of risk parameters and trading strategies for the Foreign Exchange Group at Morgan Stanley, setting the stage for a lengthy career in trading and portfolio management. From Morgan Stanley, David Becker joined Ezra Zask Associates/Rayner & Stonington as a Hedge Fund Trader, where he employed a series of ad hoc, mean reverting, and trend following strategies to manage a portfolio of a commodity, fixed income, and foreign exchange products.

In August 1995, David entered into a long-term professional relationship with Citigroup Inc., beginning with a period as a Vice President of the company’s London-based Fixed Income Division. In this capacity, David Becker traded within the global foreign exchange market, in addition to the Asian, European, and American debt markets. Owing to his consistent performance, David Becker earned promotion to the position of Vice President of the Commodity Group at Citibank NA.s During the next four-plus years he spent in that position, he traded in petroleum and natural gas, including futures, options on futures, over the counter options, over the counter swaps, and exotic options.

By October 2001, David had become the Global Trading Manager of the Citigroup Commodity Group, through which he managed a group of 15 traders internationally, affected annual profits in excess of $50 million, and designed a wide range of successful trading strategies. David Becker later became Global Head of the Citigroup Commodity Group and continued to build upon his impeccable track record as a trader and manager. Since then, David Becker has served as a Portfolio Manager at notable hedge funds Trivium Capital Management LLC and D.B. Zwirn and Co., where he also held a post as Managing Director.

Today, David Becker focuses his attention on various consulting and portfolio management activities at Fortuity LLC, where he currently provides oversight for a multimillion-dollar portfolio consisting of commodities, debt, equities, real estate, and more. David Becker resides with his family in Great Neck, New York.

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