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Jason Bodner

Jason Bodner

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  • Name: Jason Bodner
  • Author with FX Empire since May 2021

Work Information

  • Job Title: co-founder
  • Company/Organization:
  • Published on: Navellier and Associates, The Money Show, Better Systems Trader, and others

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Long-term, growth
  • Area of Expertise: US equities, Growth stocks, Dividend stocks
  • Favorite instruments: US equities


Jason is a seasoned equity investor and quantitative analyst. He is currently co-founder of research and analytics firm,, focusing on identifying outlier stocks by following the Big Money.

Prior to this, he spent 14 years on Wall Street. He was Head of Equity Derivatives North America for Cantor Fitzgerald and served as SVP Derivatives for Jefferies. In those posts he handled large institutional stock and derivative transactions. Executing the largest equity trades on the planet helped him to develop a quantitative process to identify Big Money trading early on.

He currently writes financial content based around this unique process.

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