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Joseph M. Wagner II

Joseph M. Wagner II

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  • Name: Joseph M. Wagner II
  • A contributor with FX Empire since March 2021

Education And Work Information

  • Studied economics at the University of Hawaii. Mentored by Gary Wagner for 10 years
  • Company/Organization: Wagner Finanancial Corp
  • Published on: TheGoldForecast

Investing profile

  • Specializes in trading futures of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that trade on the CME
  • Investing Style: Trend Trader
  • Area of Expertise: Hybrid market Technician
  • Favorite instruments: cryptocurrencies


Joseph m. Wagner II has been studying technical analysis for eight years. He is a producer and video editor at His primary focus has recently been bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He writes a daily blog for the gold forecast titled “Bbitcoin Fundamentals.”

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