Changelly User Reviews 2021

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    Fast and clear swap
    Quick and clear swap of my coins. ETH to BTC exchange took place in just 20 minutes. Great job!
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    All the experiences were in vain
    Recently, my transaction for $ 3,500 was suspended to conduct a KYC check, which I decided to refuse and asked to return my BTC back. At that moment I was a little scared because I saw negative reviews related to this, but to my surprise, after 6 days I was paid the full amount in full so that all the experiences were in vain.
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    Very user-friendly service
    Very user-friendly service. I didn't even have to contact support to make an exchange. Very simple and easy.
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    Profitable site for your swaps
    Profitable site for your swaps. I'm still a beginner in this business. but everything looks pretty simple and understandable. I really liked your exchange rate, but the exchange rate could have been better (as much as 30 minutes), but I'm not sure. Later I will compare these parameters with other services and will definitely make the final choice for myself.
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    Very good exchange
    A pleasant mobile application in which there is nothing superfluous. It is very simple to make swaps, there are plenty of available currencies. Exchange rates are very good, and the transactions themselves are very fast.
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    Really fast transactions
    I was "lucky" to get into a couple of hours transaction delay on my first exchange. Technical support assured me that this was a misunderstanding, and I decided to give the service another chance. Now I understand that this was not in vain because this did not happen anymore and the average transaction lasted about thirty minutes.
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    Great job
    Got my bitcoins in 25 minutes. Great job! I hope the exchange rate will continue to be the same good.
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    Trustworthy Exchange
    Fast transactions, handy interface, friendly support
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    Changelly Review and WARNING!
    Talking about Changelly, it's a sheer scam for those who get captivated to the royal ilusionary earnings upon swaping your precious money. Below are my personal experience that I have shared in conclusion to my dealings with Changelly. Changelly does have a note about KYC in their Terms of service, however there is nothing to indicate that they will take your money and refuse to give it back. A more honest company would require KYC before taking customer funds, and refuse to transact if they found something suspicious. In the emails, changelly does a lot of virtue-signalling about trying to prevent crime, however in our interactions, there is only one party that is attempting to confiscate and steal money, and that party is not me. You can read the whole story @ http://www.changellyreview.com/
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    Good exchange
    I used Changelly many times to swap from ETH to BTC and fiat to crypto. Was pretty smooth and fast. Support is good

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