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CoinGate is an online platform supporting the buying, selling, and trading of cryptos. The platform also offers a crypto payment tool, delivering users a pure crypto gateway for trading and payments.

The CoinGate platform currently supports more than 50 cryptos that include, but are not limited to:

Binance Coin (“BNB”), Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Chainlink (“LINK”), Dogecoin (“DOGE”), EOS (“EOS”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Polkadot (“DOT”), Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”), Stellar’s Lumen (“XLM”), and Tron’s TRX (“TRX”).

A full list of supported cryptos can be seen here.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, CoinGate is a global platform that not only supports trading worldwide but also crypto remittances.

The CoinGate business model can be broken down into four distinct offerings which include:

  • Cryptocurrency payments processor (“B2B”)
  • Buy/sell crypto (“B2C”)
  • The Provision of gift cards (“B2C”)
  • Partnerships & integrations.

As a multi-product platform, CoinGate is able to service both business needs via its payment platform and individual needs through its trading and gift card offerings.

CoinGate Platform Attributes

Key attributes of the CoinGate platform include:

  • User friendly platform, with a simple registration process.
  • Supports the buying and selling of crypto currencies with fiat.
  • Allows businesses to accept payments in crypto.
  • Offers a wide range of gift cards, delivering a meaningful way to spend crypto.
  • Employs cutting edge software to ensure stringent ALM/CTF adherence in line with EU and local legislations.
  • Global presence, supporting more than 100 countries. See here for a full list of the supported countries.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • High emphasis on security.

The Pros and Cons


  • High Security Focus: High Focus on Security with 2FA.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Users may contact customer support by email or by raising a support ticket.
  • Comprehensive FAQ/Help Section: CoinGate provides users with full access to a comprehensive FAQ section to assist in navigating across the platform and the multiple product offerings.
  • Coin Coverage: CoinGate supports 50 cryptos, each exchangeable with fiat
  • Simple verification process: A detailed step-by-step guide enables prospective users to seamlessly complete the verification process.
  • Coin Listing: Businesses may list their coins on the CoinGate platform.
  • Multiple Products: Supports crypto payments and trading, and the buying and sending of gift cards.
  • Business and Consumer Focus: Not only does CoinGate support crypto traders but also businesses.
  • Instant Crypto Purchases: Users may purchase crypto with credit/debit card or by SWIFT/SEPA global fiat transfer.

Other positives include

  • Generous Referral Program: CoinGate pays the referrer 1% profit from each buy or sell trade that a referred person will make. Additionally, referred persons receive a 1% lower fee for buying or selling cryptos.


  • No demo account available. An intuitive platform, an FAQ section, and 24/7 customer support is more than enough to help navigate across the platform.
  • The platform is only available in English. Users may request to add a language by contacting customer support.
  • Does not support the deposit of cryptocurrencies. Users can make purchases and sell crypto from external wallets, however, which is an added security benefit for traders.


CoinGate Video Review

Brokerage Services, Supported Cryptocurrencies & Payment Methods

CoinGate delivers a simple to use online platform to buy and sell crypto. Unlikely many platforms, CoinGate users can sell crypto held in external wallets for fiat. Additionally, users may purchase crypto with fiat money.

All purchased crypto are funded to a user’s specified external wallet.

In addition to buying and selling crypto, CoinGate offers a crypto payment platform for making crypto payments across CoinGate’s global footprint.

Users may also purchase crypto gift cards to buy goods and services.


To open an account, go to the CoinGate homepage and click on the “Sign Up” icon as shown below:


Select how you wish to use CoinGate services, either “As a person” or “As a Business” then choose how you wish to create a new account. Either by Google, Facebook, or Email.

By email, enter your email address and select a password and confirm it, and then click “Sign Up”. Please note that, by signing up, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree with the Ts and Cs.

Upon clicking “Sign Up, you will receive an email confirmation. Simply click the “verify email” icon to complete the signing up process.

Now users may either complete the verification process or take a look around first. In order to buy & sell crypto, users will need to complete the verification process, however.

CoinGate offers multiple verification levels for users.

Tier 0 Verification: Allows users to view only. Users are not permitted to deposit funds.

Tier 1 Verification: Users can buy and sell up to €1,000 worth of crypto per month, with a total cap of €5,000. Once the limit has been reached, users will need to complete Tier 2 verification.

Tier 2 Verification: Unlocks unlimited CoinGate services immediately.

Verification Process

Go to the verification page via your “Dashboard”, read the details provided and then click “Next”.

  • Read the information that should be visible on your document/ID and then click “Next”.
  • If you require further details on which documents to submit, click the “blog” link or contact customer support, otherwise click “Go to Verification”.
  • Select your country of residence from the dropdown menu and then click “Start Tier 1 verification”.

Tier 1 Verification

  • Prepare your personal ID Document photo for uploading and click “Continue”. Users may use passport, ID Card, or Driving License.
  • You will be notified of the need to take a live image of your face. Click “Continue”.
  • You are then notified that a mobile device is needed to capture an ID and face image. Prepare your mobile device and then click “Continue”.
  • Enter your full name as shown on your document and then click “Let’s Start”.
  • Review all of the requirements provided by CoinGate and then click “Continue”.
  • Select your preferred document and select the issuing country and then click “Submit Document”.
  • You will now need to complete the verification process on your phone.
  • Read the instructions provided and then click “Get secure link”
  • You may either scan the QR code or receive an SMS or copy the link.
  • Once you have opened the link on your mobile, enable your mobile camera and copy the front page of your ID as instructed and then click “Submit”.
  • Then take a picture of the reverse side of your ID and click “Submit”.
  • Follow the instructions to take a selfie and then click “Confirm”.
  • On your desktop/laptop, you will then receive a notification stating that CoinGate is ready to verify your identity. Click “Submit verification” to continue.
  • The verification process takes several minutes.
  • Upon successful completion of verification level 1, you may buying and selling crypto.

Post Registration

Upon completing the verification process, user may begin trading crypto or using the other features of the CoinGate platform.

To buy or sell crypto, go to the Trading page and select Buy & Sell.

Select the crypto that you wish to buy from the “Currency” dropdown menu as shown below, enter the amount, select your payment method, and then select your wallet address to be funded.

You may add wallet address via the Dashboard page, by selecting “Add Payout Settings”. User have the option to add fiat currency bank accounts and crypto wallet addresses for purchases and sales.

Review the purchase details located on the right-hand-side of the page and then confirm the purchase.


Upon completion of the crypto purchase, your external crypto wallet will be funded with your newly purchased crypto.

CoinGate supports the purchase of Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Dai (“DAI”), DASH (“DASH”), Dogecoin (“DOGE”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Nano (“NANO”), Ripple (“XRP”), (“AVA”), and Tron’s TRX (“TRX”).

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The CoinGate platform currently supports more than 50 cryptos that include, but are not limited to:

Binance Coin (“BNB”), Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Chainlink (“LINK”), Dogecoin (“DOGE”), EOS (“EOS”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Polkadot (“DOT”), \Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”), Stellar’s Lumen (“XLM”), and Tron’s TRX (“TRX”).

A full list of supported cryptos can be seen here.

For users looking to purchase crypto on the CoinGate platform, users may purchase the following cryptos:

Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Dai (“DAI”), DASH (“DASH”), Dogecoin (“DOGE”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Nano (“NANO”), Ripple (“XRP”), (“AVA”), and Tron’s TRX (“TRX”).

For users looking to sell crypto on the CoinGate platform, users may sell the following cryptos:

Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Dai (“DAI”), Dogecoin (“DOGE”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Nano (“NANO”), Travala, (“AVA”), and Tron’s TRX (“TRX”).

The Details

CoinGate supports the trading of cryptos as well as delivering a crypto payment processing platform for individuals and businesses.

Currently, CoinGate supports the buying and selling of amongst the crypto market’s largest and most popular cryptos.

As a payment processing platform, CoinGate also supports merchant payments for more than 50 of the most widely recognized cryptos.


By way of the “Dashboard” page, users may buy & sell crypto, review orders, carry out mobile orders, and make withdrawals.

Users may purchase supported cryptos by SEPA or by mobile credit.

In collaboration with DaoPay, users may purchase the following cryptos via mobile credit:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BitTorrent Token, Dai, Dash, Ether, Litecoin, Nano, Tron, and Zcash.

Buy Instantly

Users may also purchase crypto by bank transfer and by credit/debit card from the CoinGate homepage.

Simply click the “Buy Instantly” icon at the top of the homepage. Users can purchase more than the 50 CoinGate supported cryptos in the users preferred fiat currency. Do note that you will need a compatible external wallet to purchase cryptos on the platform.


As a global crypto payment platform, merchants can register with CoinGate and sell products for crypto. An added feature is that businesses may also list their own digital currencies on the CoinGate platform.


The CoinGate platform has the appropriate tracking tools for users to monitor transactions made across the platform.

Order History/Status

CoinGate provides users with trading order histories via the Dashboard page. Simply got to the “Trading” dropdown menu and click “Orders”.

As shown below, users are provided with order/withdrawal status, category, amount, and created date. Users may also apply filters to narrow searches.


Mobile Orders

Additionally, users may also view order/withdrawal status for transactions made via mobile platforms.

Simply go to the Trading dropdown menu and click “Mobile Orders”.

As is the case with orders, users are provided with orders/withdrawal status, category, amount, and created date.



Finally, users may also view all withdrawals made via the “Withdrawals” page located under the “Trading” dropdown menu.

Users may view status, amount, category, payout setting, and created date, as shown below:


Fees and Charges

CoinGate is transparent with its simple to follow fee structure.

Merchant and Trader Fees

Trader fees are 3%, with merchant fees set at 1%. Additionally, CoinGate has an enterprise category. Here, users receive a dedicated account manager, priority customer support, and volume-based discounts.

As shown below, there are:

  • No set up or recurring fees.
  • Free SEPA transfers and Bitcoin payouts.
  • Dedicated customer support & reporting dashboard as previously outlined.


In addition to the above fees, there are also payout (withdrawals) fees to consider. These are summarized below:


CoinGate Wallets

CoinGate does not provide users with individual crypto and fiat wallets to hold purchased cryptos and proceeds from crypto sales.

All purchases, sales, and withdrawals are made from and to external wallet addresses provided by individual users.

Before trading or making any payments, users will need to go to the “Accounts Settings” option located under the “Dashboard” dropdown menu and select “Payout Settings”.

Here, users will need to enter individual wallet addresses and give each a title for future transactions.


Simply select the crypto or fiat account details that you wish to provide:

  • Give a title. While this is optional, we recommend that you give each address a title.
  • Enter your external wallet address in the case of cryptos.
  • Click “Save payout setting”.


For fiat currency bank accounts, the process is the same but with more information required as shown below:


Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Unlike traditional crypto exchanges, CoinGate does not support the deposit and withdrawal of crypto and fiat currencies for trading purposes.

All purchases and sales of cryptos are made directly from external wallets. Please see “Trading Platform” section below for full details.

Trading Platform

CoinGate provides traders with an effective and simple to use platform to buy and sell cryptos.

Users can buy and sell crypto with fiat currencies by way of bank transfers. Additionally, users may purchase supported cryptos with credit/debit card.

When purchasing cryptos on the CoinGate platform, all purchased cryptos will be automatically deposited into your specified external crypto wallet.

Buy Cryptos

In order to purchase crypto with fiat, go to the “Trading“ dropdown menu and select “Buy & Sell”.

  • Choose the crypto that you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to purchase, in your chosen account currency.
  • Then select the payment method. Users have the choice of bank transfer or mobile credit.
  • Then select your compatible external crypto wallet address, as shown below:


Upon completion of the transaction, your external crypto wallet will then be funded with the newly purchased crypto.

Please note the following minimum and maximum crypto buying limits:

  • SEPA/International Bank Transfer: up to 5,000 EUR per purchase. Users will need to contact customer support to increase limits.
  • Mobile Balance: Limits are dependent upon country. See dashboard for details.

Sell Cryptos

While CoinGate does not provide users with CoinGate wallets, users may sell cryptos held within external wallets via the CoinGate platform.

In order to sell already held crypto, go to the Buy & Sell page located under the “Trading” dropdown menu.

  • Click on the “Sell” option.
  • Select the crypto that you wish to sell from the “Currency” dropdown menu.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to sell and select your fiat payout address.
  • Once you have entered and confirmed the details, complete the transaction.

For selling cryptos, limits are calculated as such:

  • As a registered user, you can sell crypto for up to 5 BTC worth in EUR, no matter which crypto you wish to sell.
  • In order to increase your selling limit, please contact

Credit/Debit Card Crypto Purchases

In order to purchase crypto with credit/debit card, go to the CoinGate homepage and click “Buy Instantly”.

  • Select the crypto that you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu.
  • Then select the amount that you wish to purchase and your fiat currency.
  • Enter your external wallet address and then click “Go To Checkout”, where you will be redirected to the Simplex payment page.
  • Users may then either pay be credit/debit card or by global bank transfer.
  • Select your preferred payment method and click “Continue”.
  • In the case of card purchases, enter your card details, acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Ts & Cs and Privacy Policy and then click “Next”.
  • Complete your personal information and complete the transaction.


Please note the following buying limits for purchases with credit/debit card:

Credit/debit card: Up to EUR/USD 20,000 per day; up to EUR/USD 50,000 per month. Minimum purchase is 50 EUR/USD.

Key features of the CoinGate platform include:

Trading Features

Buy & Sell: Offers users the ability to buy and sell crypto without the need to make fiat or crypto deposits. All purchased crypto are sent directly to a user’s external wallet. For users selling crypto, all fiat proceeds are remitted to a specified bank account.

Instant Purchases: Users may also buy crypto instantly with credit/debit card and by international bank transfer.

Tracking Options

Orders: Users may view all transaction across the CoinGate platform via the “Orders”, “Mobile Orders”, and “Withdrawals” pages.

Trading Orders: Additionally, traders may view their respective trading orders on the “Dashboard” page.

Earning Options

Referral Programs:

CoinGate B2C affiliates receive a 10% discount they can offer their customers on CoinGate products (gift cards), and a 10% commission fee that CoinGate deposits to their wallets when a customer makes a successful transaction. CoinGate also deploys a revenue sharing scheme for large referrals, and B2B affiliates. Additionally, CoinGate is on Impact – an innovative digital affiliate partnership platform. In order to add referrals and view income from referrals, go to the “Referrals” page.


SUPPORT: Users are able to contact customer support by email, Additionally, users may raise support tickets via the Support page. For users looking to learn the ropes, there is also a comprehensive FAQ section.

Social Network Platforms: CoinGate has a presence on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Other Key Features

Gift Cards: Users may buy from more than 1,000 gift cards with Bitcoin and other cryptos. Gift cards are delivered instantly, by email, 99.9% of the time irrespective of which crypto is used for purchase. Amazon, eBay, and Xbox are among the most popular gift cards on offer. See here for a full listing.

Business Account: Users may create a Business Account in order to collect crypto payments and trade as a business. As a cryptocurrency payments processor, businesses may fully integrate into the crypto world.

Privacy and Security

CoinGate provides traders and investors the necessary enhanced security options via the “Security” page.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Users may enable 2FA in order to add an additional security layer to the CoinGate account.

Customer Support

CoinGate provides 24/7 customer support through multiple channels.

Users may contact customer support via email or by submitting a request. Additionally, there is a CoinGate blog to keep up to date and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Social Media: CoinGate also has a social media presence.





Additional Information


Some of the more frequently asked questions include:

Do I need to get verified to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on CoinGate?

Yes. Most of our payment options require you to have a verified trader or merchant account. The only exception applies to purchases with a credit or debit card, which only requires a simplified KYC check.

Why is my country not supported?

Certain countries are not supported on the CoinGate platform because of various reasons: some countries are not supported because of sanctions, some are not supported because they are deemed too high of a risk, and others may be temporarily not supported due to legal and tax reporting requirements.

Where does CoinGate get its exchange rates?

We choose the best price for the customer from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. You can always see a real-time price of the digital assets we support on our homepage.


Founded in 2014, CoinGate is a global product that, not only supports the buying and selling of cryptos, but also delivers a global crypto payment platform.

For investors looking to buy and sell crypto, there’s also no need to make exchange deposits. This allows users to hold their cryptos safely in external wallets without facing deposit and withdrawal fees.

More importantly, however, CoinGate’s business platform allows merchants and businesses to become fully crypto integrated. The crypto payments processor allows buyers to purchase with crypto by way of gift cards and for merchants to receive proceeds in crypto.

As crypto adoption continues to become more widespread, CoinGate is well placed as a crypto lifestyle provider.

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Coins Available
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
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  • OmiseGO
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