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  • Weed

    How to Take your Weed Higher?

    As the markets continue to evolve, opportunities for investment continue to expand, providing investors an opportunity to invest in companies directly linked to the manufacture or growth of a particular product, or to invest in a range of companies exposed to the manufacture, growth and sale of a product and

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  • 7 Reasons Why Women Trade Better Than Men

    A hotly debated subject, particularly when considering the ratio of men to women on the trading floor and the investment banking’s attitude towards women, despite the best efforts of banks to create diversity and equality in the workplace.For the fewer women that are on the trading floors globally, there are

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  • Global Agricultural Trading Continues to Provide Price Transparency

    Food ingredients date back more than 200K years.  The human diet initially consisted of animal proteins, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The introduction of grains into the human diet came approximately 10K years ago.  This included wheat and barley with rice and corn coming about 3K years later.History of FoodFor

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  • Coffee Beans

    How do You Like Your Coffee?

    Long before the Pepsi’s and Coke’s of the world, more than 300 years ago, to be precise, people found about the leaves of a plant which had a nice taste and seemed to give them a lot of energy when eaten as such or when they brewed and drunk it.

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  • Marijuana

    Marijuana – Is it Economic for You?

    The long and windy road of legalizing Marijuana in U.S states begun some time ago, States currently with legalized possession for recreational use include: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland (decriminalized 10g or less), Massachusetts, Minnesota (decriminalized), Nevada, New York (decriminalized unless open to public view), North Carolina (decriminalized 0.5oz or

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  • Crude Oil Affects Your Wallet

    How Do Oil Prices Affect Your Wallet?

    It is important for everyone to keep an eye on the live oil prices as it affects a large part of our life on a day to day basis. One of the main reasons for this fact is that unlike other commodities like gold, silver, diamond etc., oil is an

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  • Crude Oil

    4 Commodities for 4 Seasons

    The lifecycle of commodities play a role in the performance of many commodities that are produced globally.  While crude oil prices are driven by the supply of crude oil and the demand for products such as gasoline and heating oil, grains experience their greatest volatility ahead their harvests.  Coffee prices

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  • Aluminum in China

    7 Reasons Chinese Consume Aluminum

    We have a curious situation in the global aluminium market which has made the prediction of the metal prices quite difficult in recent times. We have a situation where there is a reduction in the global production of aluminium and little demand in the rest of the world while in

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