Matt Damon Hastens Bitcoin Mainstream Adoption in New Ad

Gerelyn Terzo
Published: Oct 28, 2021, 15:09 UTC

Damon is not only being featured in the ad but he is also a backer of

Matt Damon Hastens Bitcoin Mainstream Adoption in New Ad

Bitcoin mainstream adoption may have arrived. One sign of this trend is the increasing participation among celebrities who have caught bitcoin fever.

Among them, famous actor and screenwriter Matt Damon is being featured in an ad campaign by cryptocurrency platform that embodies the proverb, “Fortune Favors the Brave.” The ad includes Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto among the pioneers of history who have “embraced the moment” and succeeded on their path to commit, achieve and adventure.

The ad has received more than 9,000 views so far on Twitter as seeks to lasso in new users from nearly two-dozen nations. Damon is not only being featured in the ad but he is also a backer of In addition, Singapore-based is supporting one of Damon’s causes by directing $1 million to the famous actor’s global nonprofit organization,


Bitcoin Fever isn’t the only company that is making a push into the mainstream. FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, will feature an ad during the NFL’s main event, the Super Bowl, which will be played in February 2022. According to Joe Pompliano of Pomp Investments, FTX is doling out $6 million for the ad, which will run for 30 seconds and is expected to reach tens of millions of households.

NFL star Tom Brady is also on the crypto bandwagon. He is giving one bitcoin to a fan who got his hands on a game ball that was of incredible significance to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. The football represented Brady’s 600th career touchdown, an historic milestone, and another player inadvertently handed it to a fan in the end zone.

At the most recent price, one bitcoin is worth more than $60,000.

Rising Adoption, Strong Q4

Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, the company behind the Matt Damon ad, told CNBC today that the crypto “market remains super strong.” He pointed to rising adoption among retail investors and institutions, saying that the company is bracing for a “very strong Q4.” is behind a Visa card that lets users pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. The company, which supports dozens of blockchains, has more than 10 million customers. Marszalek touted bitcoin as a store-of-value asset that is an alternative to gold and says he’s “super bullish” on institutional adoption.

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