Silver (XAG) Daily Forecast: Rate Cut Hopes Push Silver to $27.51 Peak

Arslan Ali
Published: May 7, 2024, 07:18 GMT+00:00

Key Points:

  • U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls report raises expectations for Fed rate cuts, weakening the US dollar.
  • Markets anticipate 46 basis points in Fed rate cuts by 2024, boosting silver demand.
  • Hawkish comments from Fed's Kashkari could strengthen dollar, potentially lowering silver prices.

Market Overview

Silver prices extended their upward trend, hitting a daily peak of 27.51, buoyed by a faltering US dollar following disappointing US nonfarm payroll data, which heightened expectations for Federal Reserve rate cuts. The prospect of lower interest rates may boost commodity prices, enhancing silver’s attractiveness to international buyers as the dollar’s value declines.

Additionally, Israel’s refusal of a ceasefire proposal and ongoing military actions in southern Gaza heighten concerns over regional instability, potentially bolstering prices of safe-haven commodities like silver.

Impact of Interest Rate Expectations and Fed Commentary on Silver Prices

The recent US nonfarm payrolls report has fueled expectations that the Federal Reserve might reduce interest rates later this year, weakening the US dollar and enhancing the appeal of silver and gold to international markets. Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin has expressed confidence that current interest rates will moderate inflation to the 2% target, citing a robust job market that provides the Fed with leeway to evaluate further moves.

New York Fed President John Williams also indicated that rate reductions are expected by late this year. Markets anticipate 46 basis points in cuts by the end of 2024, signalling a potential shift towards a more accommodative monetary policy.

This outlook has bolstered silver’s demand, making it more cost-effective for foreign investors. However, upcoming remarks from Neel Kashkari, President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, could sway market sentiments. A hawkish stance in his speech could revive the US dollar’s strength and subsequently pressure silver prices.

Impact of Geopolitical Tensions on Silver Prices

On the geopolitical front, Hamas accepted a cease-fire proposal on Monday from Egypt and Qatar. However, Israel rejected the deal, stating that it did not meet its key requirements. Despite this, Israel continued its military operations in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. Even though it turned down the cease-fire, Israel indicated that it is open to ongoing negotiations.

Silver (XAG/USD) Price Forecast

Silver Price Chart
Silver Price Chart


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