Breakthrough of the Year: Olymp Trade Comes Up with own Forex Trading Solution

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Updated: Mar 4, 2019, 13:22 GMT+00:00

Olymp Trade, the international trading web platform expands its product lineup. From now on the company clients can trade on both “Option” and “Forex” accounts. Olymp Trade in-house development of a user-friendly Forex web interface became a real breakthrough in the financial world and certainly the biggest event of the year.


The new product features are tailored to trader demands and modern technology trends in the financial industry. The company developers have managed a seamless integration of Olymp Trade Forex into the existing online investment platform.

Unlimited Possibilities

The greatest key feature of this in-house Forex solution by Olymp Trade is a risk limit: traders can lose no more than the originally invested amount. The trading will simply stop at this point. This “Stop Out” parameter is designed to protect the customers from unpleasant situations with a sudden total loss of deposit.

The “Take Profit” and “Stop-Loss” orders have also been realized, allowing traders to preset the affordable profit and loss levels and manage the trading outcome manually.

Another undeniable advantage is a wide range of currency pairs that can be traded on the platform. For example, those who are keen on trading EUR/USD or USD/JPY can make their profits on both options and Forex markets. For many, the latter may seem more preferable, because nothing puts a limit on potential income: as long as the quotes are growing, the trader keeps earning. It’s up to the trader to decide when a deal should be closed.

Convenient Tools

Unlike with options trading, Olymp Trade Forex does not have a strict timing of transactions, as well as the unavoidable preset closing moment (until it arrives, you may have your finger on a “cancel” button). Here, if your expectations of the asset price change are not fulfilled, you may leave the position open until the price starts moving in the desired direction.

Consequently, both short-term and long-term strategies will work perfectly in Forex trading. Graphics tools and a separate window with a technical analysis are designed to assist you. Importantly, there are no limits on trading on news releases: each transaction opens almost instantly.

To boost financial results, Olymp Trade introduced a “Multiplier” option which increases potential profits up to 200 times. Even though in theory it might also increase your loss in the same proportion, the broker has limited that risk by the amount of your transaction. This made the “Multiplier” feature particularly welcome among the platform users, from the very first days.

Trading Terms

Olymp Trade team did their best to enhance convenience and profitability of Forex transactions. The minimum deposit is only $10/€10. The transaction amount (for all assets) starts from 1$/1€ and has a maximum of 2000$/2000€, with a higher level for VIP accounts: 50 000$/50 000 €.

The commissions are minimal, fixed and known in advance. A special benefit is that Olymp Trade company offers a zero spread – that is, this type of a hidden cost is totally absent on the platform. The bid/ask price is displayed as a single quote on a chart, which is very convenient for users. Beginners have free opportunities for practice – with a 10,000 demo units account, while major clients are offered a VIP account with extra advantages: personal manager, analytics, trading signals and participation in limited-access webinars.

About the company

Olymp Trade is a winner of several prestigious awards, including those by ShowFx World, KROUFR Awards and Le Fonti. The brand is owned by Smartex International, operating since 2014. The Olymp Trade activities are regulated by the International Financial Commission.

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