Earnings Calendar

CompanyMarket CapEPSForecast (# of estimates)SurpriseEarnings Call TimePeriod End Date
Monday, November 1st 2021
Tata Motors Ltd(TTM)
earning market caplarge-$0.78---Sep 30, 2021
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.(CHT)
earning market caplarge$0.43--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation(SNP)
earning market caplarge$2.64--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
China Southern Airlines Company Limited(ZNH)
earning market caplarge-$0.71--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Nutrien Ltd.(NTR)
earning market caplarge$1.38$1.23 (6)$0.15/12.2%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Public Storage(PSA)
earning market caplarge$2.52$3.23 (7)-$0.71/5.88%After market closeSep 30, 2021
NXP Semiconductors N.V.(NXPI)
earning market caplarge$2.53$2.43 (10)$0.1/4.12%After market closeSep 30, 2021
McKesson Corporation(MCK)
earning market caplarge$6.15$4.67 (6)$1.48/31.69%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Williams Companies, Inc. (The)(WMB)
earning market caplarge$0.34$0.28 (6)$0.06/21.43%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Realty Income Corporation(O)
earning market caplarge$0.34$0.92 (5)-$0.58/-1.09%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Simon Property Group, Inc.(SPG)
earning market caplarge$2.07$2.47 (8)-$0.4/26.72%After market closeSep 30, 2021
SBA Communications Corporation(SBAC)
earning market caplarge$0.43$2.49 (5)-$2.06/8.84%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Arista Networks, Inc.(ANET)
earning market caplarge$0.6$0.58 (7)$0.02/3.48%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.(PCG)
earning market caplarge$0.24$0.26 (3)-$0.02/-7.69%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
ON Semiconductor Corporation(ON)
earning market caplarge$0.87$0.74 (12)$0.13/17.57%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
The Mosaic Company(MOS)
earning market caplarge$1.35$1.59 (5)-$0.24/-15.09%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Diamondback Energy, Inc.(FANG)
earning market caplarge$2.94$2.81 (12)$0.13/4.63%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Hologic, Inc.(HOLX)
earning market caplarge$1.61$0.98 (7)$0.63/64.29%After market closeSep 30, 2021
The Clorox Company(CLX)
earning market caplarge$1.21$1.01 (5)$0.2/19.8%After market closeSep 30, 2021
ZoomInfo Technologies Inc.(ZI)
earning market caplarge$0.07$0.08 (5)-$0.01/-12.5%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ryanair Holdings PLC(RYAAY)
earning market caplarge$1.16$1.8 (1)-$0.64/-35.56%-Sep 30, 2021
Loews Corporation(L)
earning market caplarge$0.85--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Franklin Resources, Inc.(BEN)
earning market caplarge$1.26$0.86 (4)$0.4/46.51%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
CNA Financial Corporation(CNA)
earning market caplarge$0.87$0.58 (2)$0.29/50%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Essential Utilities Inc.(WTRG)
earning market caplarge$0.19$0.22 (3)-$0.03/-13.64%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Avis Budget Group, Inc.(CAR)
earning market caplarge$10.74$6.9 (4)$3.84/55.65%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Bruker Corporation(BRKR)
earning market capmid$0.63$0.45 (6)$0.18/40%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.(NBIX)
earning market capmid$0.23$0.51 (11)-$0.28/-54.9%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Credit Acceptance Corporation(CACC)
earning market capmid$13.84$13.45 (1)$0.39/2.9%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Brixmor Property Group Inc.(BRX)
earning market capmid$0.15$0.34 (7)-$0.19/14.71%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Vornado Realty Trust(VNO)
earning market capmid$0.14$0.72 (11)-$0.58/-1.39%After market closeSep 30, 2021
GXO Logistics, Inc.(GXO)
earning market capmid$0.56$0.53 (6)$0.03/5.66%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp(MGY)
earning market capmid$0.67$0.6 (6)$0.07/11.67%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Agree Realty Corporation(ADC)
earning market capmid$0.52$0.89 (6)-$0.37/0%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.(RHP)
earning market capmid-$0.16-$0.8 (4)-$0.96/17.5%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated(LEG)
earning market capmid$0.71$0.76 (3)-$0.05/-6.58%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Affiliated Managers Group, Inc.(AMG)
earning market capmid$4$3.93 (3)$0.07/1.78%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Univar Solutions Inc.(UNVR)
earning market capmid$0.62$0.43 (3)$0.19/44.19%After market closeSep 30, 2021
ONE Gas, Inc.(OGS)
earning market capmid$0.38$0.38 (3)-After market closeSep 30, 2021
Cirrus Logic, Inc.(CRUS)
earning market capmid$1.62$1.41 (5)$0.21/14.89%After market closeSep 30, 2021
BWX Technologies, Inc.(BWXT)
earning market capmid$0.76$0.78 (2)-$0.02/-2.56%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Timken Company (The)(TKR)
earning market capmid$1.18$1.2 (5)-$0.02/-1.67%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Insperity, Inc.(NSP)
earning market capmid$0.7$0.65 (3)$0.05/7.69%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Broadstone Net Lease, Inc.(BNL)
earning market capmid$0.18$0.34 (3)-$0.16/-2.94%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Varonis Systems, Inc.(VRNS)
earning market capmid-$0.18-$0.2 (6)$0.02/10%After market closeSep 30, 2021
earning market capmid$1.21$1.17 (2)$0.04/3.42%After market closeSep 30, 2021
CVR Energy Inc.(CVI)
earning market capmid-$0.24-$0.03 (2)-$0.21/-700%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Boise Cascade, L.L.C.(BCC)
earning market capmid$2.31$2.12 (2)$0.19/8.96%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc.(EPRT)
earning market capmid$0.2$0.33 (5)-$0.13/0%After market closeSep 30, 2021
American States Water Company(AWR)
earning market capmid$0.76$0.77 (2)-$0.01/-1.3%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Rambus, Inc.(RMBS)
earning market capmid$0.29$0.28 (2)$0.01/3.57%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Transocean Ltd.(RIG)
earning market capmid-$0.19-$0.16 (6)-$0.03/-18.75%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ameresco, Inc.(AMRC)
earning market capmid$0.41$0.34 (8)$0.07/20.59%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Otter Tail Corporation(OTTR)
earning market capmid$1.26$1.12 (1)$0.14/12.5%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Chegg, Inc.(CHGG)
earning market capmid$0.07$0.04 (7)$0.03/75%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Kennametal Inc.(KMT)
earning market capmid$0.44$0.37 (6)$0.07/18.92%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Weatherford International PLC(WFRD)
earning market capmid-$0.63-$1.15 (1)$0.52/45.22%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Weis Markets, Inc.(WMK)
earning market capmid$1.06--After market closeSep 30, 2021
InvenTrust Properties Corp.(IVT)
earning market capmid$0.06--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.(SKT)
earning market capmid-$0.11-$0.05 (2)-$0.16/840%After market closeSep 30, 2021
-$0.13---Sep 30, 2021
Hitachi Zosen Corporation(HTZN)
--$0.02---Sep 30, 2021
Cargojet Inc.(T.CJT)
-CAD0.92CAD1.53 (4)-CAD0.61/-39.87%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation(T.CUM)
-CAD0.2CAD0.14 (3)CAD0.06/42.86%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Energy Fuels Inc.(T.EFR)
--CAD0.06-CAD0.03 (2)-CAD0.03/-100%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Gibson Energy Inc.(T.GEI)
-CAD0.24CAD0.25 (2)-CAD0.01/-4%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Gran Tierra Energy Inc.(T.GTE)
-CAD0.13--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Dream Impact Trust(T.MPT)
-CAD0.03CAD0.04 (1)-CAD0.01/-25%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan(T.NTR)
-CAD1.74CAD1.54 (6)CAD0.2/12.99%After market closeSep 30, 2021
UR-Energy Inc.(T.URE)
--CAD0.02--CAD0.02/%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
-CAD0.05CAD0.06 (1)-CAD0.01/-16.67%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Wajax Corp.(T.WJX)
-CAD0.7CAD0.55 (1)CAD0.15/27.27%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Advance Lithium Corp.(V.AAL)
--CAD0.01--After market closeAug 31, 2021
--CAD0.02--During Trading HoursAug 31, 2021
Small Pharma Inc.(V.DMT)
--CAD0.01-CAD0.02 (1)CAD0.01/50%After market closeAug 31, 2021
Eagle Graphite Inc(V.EGA)
----After market closeAug 31, 2021
Phenom Resources Corp.(V.PHN)
--CAD0.01--During Trading HoursAug 31, 2021
Gran Tierra Energy Inc.(GTE)
-$0.1--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Air China Ltd.(AIRYY)
--$0.8---Sep 30, 2021
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.(ASGLY)
-$0.54---Sep 30, 2021
Advanced Info Service Public Co.(AVIFY)
-$0.06---Sep 30, 2021
Black Stone Minerals, L.P.(BSM)
-$0.26$0.17 (4)$0.09/52.94%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation(CPPMF)
-$0.16--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Trivago N.V. ADS(TRVG)
-$0.02$0.01 (3)$0.01/100%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Ur Energy Inc(URG)
--$0.01--$0.01/%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Energy Fuels Inc(UUUU)
--$0.05-$0.03 (2)-$0.02/-66.67%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
-$0.98---Sep 30, 2021
Eisai Co.(ESALY)
-$0.13---Sep 30, 2021
Fentura Financial Inc.(FETM)
-$0.84--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Gibson Energy Inc.(GBNXF)
-$0.19--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Kyocera Corporation(KYOCY)
-$0.8--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Mace Security International Inc.(MACE)
-----Sep 30, 2021
-$0.11---Sep 30, 2021
Ono Pharmaceutical Co.(OPHLF)
-$0.4---Sep 30, 2021
-$0.07---Sep 30, 2021
Security Federal Corp.(SFDL)
-$1.43--During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
Town and Country Financial Corp.(TWCF)
-$1.04--After market closeSep 30, 2021
CVR Partners, LP(UAN)
-$3.28--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Viper Energy Partners LP(VNOM)
-$0.21$0.09 (7)$0.12/133.33%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Tuesday, November 2nd 2021
Pfizer Inc.(PFE)
earning market caplarge$1.34$1.08 (6)$0.26/24.07%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
EPS is below market expectations
EPS is above market expectations

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