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  • USDCAD Monday

    USDCAD Continues To Move Higher As Canadian CPI Disappoints

    USD/CAD extends the bullish sequence from earlier this week, with the pair at risk for a larger advance as updates to Canada’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) does little to boost bets for another Bank of Canada (BoC) rate-hike in 2018. The loonie is selling off against the US dollar, the

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  • Crude Oil daily chart, March 14, 2018

    Commodities Daily Forecast – April 23, 2018

    GoldThe gold market witnessed a lot of price action in the past week because of the geopolitical concerns involving countries like the United States, China and Syria. The market on Friday cooled a bit down as gold prices reached down towards the $1330 level which is one of its support

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  • FTSE 100 daily chart, April 19, 2018

    EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – April 23, 2018

    EUR/USDThe pair dropped significantly during the Friday’s session reaching down towards the 1.22 level as due to rising interest scenarios in the United States and lack of any clear pictures on rate hike by ECB after ending the QE. The market has now broken below 1.23 level, there will be

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  • gold

    Gold Prices Drop Lower on USD Strength

    Gold prices have dropped lower and the hopes of the bulls seem to be going up in smoke. The catalyst behind the drop is the rising Treasury yields that support the US dollar. This strength began in the markets on Friday but have continued from where it left off, today

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  • DAX Monday

    DAX Index Consolidates as It Awaits the ECB

    The DAX index continues to trade near the highs of its range but as we had mentioned in our forecast on Friday and over the weekend, there has been a bit of a correction so far as the US stock indices fell hard on Friday and the effects of that

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  • GBPUSD Monday

    GBPUSD Under Lot of Pressure, Holds Support

    GBPUSD pair has been on a steady downtrend movement for nearly two weeks now and is currently seeing its largest weekly slide in over two months. The past week was especially disastrous to the pair as additional to weak economic data, dovish comments from BOE governor Carney caused GBP to

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  • EURUSD Monday

    EUR/USD Finishes the Day Lower

    USD gained uptrend momentum across the week closing on bullish note influenced by combination of US higher T-yields and softer data coming from rival economies. The EUR/USD moved around 1.2400 range mid-week and ended up at 1.2287 due to slow economic movement and softer inflation readings. This has caused many

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  • BTC/USD daily chart, April 20, 2018

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – Prices At Resistance

    We had mentioned in our forecast on Friday that we would not be surprised if the prices of BTC shot higher and traded in the $8800 region on Monday and thats where we areas of this writing. There is a bit of correction and consolidation going on at the moment

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  • USDCAD Weekly

    USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis – week of April 23, 2018

    The USDCAD pair finished the week in a strong manner after having spent the first half of the week and the week before, under a lot of pressure. The pair had come under pressure due to the strength of the CAD which had grown due to the increase in the

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  • DAX Weekly

    DAX Index Fundamental Analysis – week of April 23, 2018

    The DAX index had a middling kind of week as the index made its way to the highs of its range but there it was met with some strong selling as was widely expected. Last week, we saw that the risk sentiment around the globe tended to improve and this

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  • GBPUSD Weekly

    GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis – week of April 23, 2018

    The GBPUSD pair fell hard during the course of last week as the incoming data from the UK continued to be weak and this is likely to make the BOE go on the backfoot and put off its plans for a rate hike over the next few months. This was

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  • EURUSD Weekly

    EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis – week of April 23, 2018

    The EURUSD pair continued within the larger range that it has been in, over the last many weeks now. The news also began to dry up all around the world and with the fundamentals lacking, it was left to the traders to push the pair in any specific direction but

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  • Forex News

    Market Snapshot – Crypto Markets Looking Bullish

    Commodities Cooling OffThe stock markets and the commodity markets have been taking it cooler over the last couple of days or so. The commodity market, which had been on a roll till recently, badly needed a correction and thats what we have been seeing over the last couple of days.

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  • USD Consolidates As Trading Session Comes to Close For The Week

    USD saw an upward gain during Thursday’s trading session post bank of Canada’s decision to keep interest rates unchanged. This uptrend momentum slowed down as American market hour came to an end and has since attained stability on the upper levels of yesterday’s gain. USDCAD has since maintained a range

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  • commodities

    Commodities Daily Forecast – April 20, 2018

    GoldThe gold prices came down slightly lower during the Thursday’s session reaching $1355 level. Overall the momentum of the market remains bullish and is likely to continue moving higher. Once it breaks above the $1360 level then it is likely to move towards the $1400 level. Pullbacks offer a great

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  • EUR/USD daily chart, April 06, 2018

    EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – April 20, 2018

    EUR/USDThe Euro chopped around the 1.2350 level during the Thursday’s session using it as a support. The uptrend line underneath should continue to keep this market in the positive momentum and also attract a lot of buyers. It is believed that until this market breaks above the 1.25 level, it

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  • Gold Friday

    Gold Prices Correct Lower on Dollar Strength

    The gold prices fell during the course of trading yesterday as the dollar gained in strength and the markets moved higher on the general improvement in risk sentiment that was seen all across the globe. The dollar did not have much of an impact on many instruments but as far

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  • EURUSD Friday

    EURUSD Continues on Range bound Movement

    EURUSD continued to move on a range bound track during Thursday’ session, while early the pair saw slight bearish momentum post US market hours as US dollar was slightly influenced by positive Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing index ratings. The hourly trading charts show that EUR has been on a bearish momentum

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  • GBPUSD Friday

    GBPUSD Takes a Bearish Hit over EU & BOE Woes

    GBP has taken a nose dive on bearish trend for second consecutive trading session today. While GBP was steep hit due to bad CPI data yesterday, EU’s decision to reject UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s brexit Irish border solution and BOE Governor Mark Carney’s speech continued to further dampen GBP’s

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  • Bitcoin Friday

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – Prices Push Higher

    The BTC prices continued to move ahead in a slow and steady manner and the market is now trading in the $8300 region and though the progress has been slow, it has been steady and it shows a determination from the bulls to push the prices higher in due course

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