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Colin First
Colin First has been in the FX industry for the past 14 years, working in various capacities as a trader, fund manager, dealer and analyst. He specializes in developing trading strategies and analyse financial instruments both technically and fundamentally. Colin also maintains a blog at where he expresses views on different subjects related to financial markets.

Recent Activities

  • USDCAD Monday

    USD/CAD Price Forecast – Pair Moves Higher on Strong Dollar

    The USDCAD bulls are once again back in business as the dollar strength has been dominating the market headlines over the last few days. This is set to continue in the short term and hence it would not be a surprise if the prices begin to move towards the 1.35

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  • Gold Prices Crash Lower on Dollar Strength

    The gold prices have fallen through towards the support region at 1280 after briefly threatening to break through higher on the back of increased global risks and also the threat of a trade war breaking out between some of the major economic powers of the world. It has to be

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  • Technical Update For Gold, Silver & WTI Crude Oil: 12.01.2018

    Commodities Daily Forecast – June 18, 2018

    GoldThe gold prices broke down significantly during the Friday’s session breaking through the major uptrend line that extends from late 2016. Gold is currently hovering around the $1275 level and could break towards the $1250 level over the longer term. The market is expected to continue volatile as people are

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  • FTSE 100 daily chart, June 15, 2018

    Forex Daily Outlook – June 18, 2018

    EUR/USDThe pair managed to reverse its positions in the Friday’s session after falling vehemently the previous session post the announcement from ECB. The market still has a strong support around the 1.15 level and break below this level will push this market much lower. The market is likely to continue

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  • DAX Monday

    DAX Index Forecast – DAX Likely to Start Weaker

    The DAX index has managed to cross through the 13000 region on the back of the ECB saying that the rate hikes would be delayed till the summer of 2019. This put paid to the hopes of many traders who were expecting the rates to be hiked at a much

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  • GBPUSD Monday

    GBP/USD Price Forecast – Pound Manages to Hold On

    The pound has managed to escape from the direct impact of the strength of the dollar and the fall in the euro which have been the 2 important points that have been dominating the market headlines over the last week or so. The dollar has received a boost from the

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  • EUR/USD daily chart, June 08, 2018

    EUR/USD Price Forecast – Euro Likely to Consolidate

    The EURUSD pair has been trying to form a base over the last couple of days as the hit that it had taken due to the hawkish stance of the ECB with regard to the tapering and ending of the QE seems to continue to have a large impact on

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  • ETH/USD daily chart, June 15, 2018

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – BTC Prices in Range

    There hasn’t been much happening in the crypto markets over the weekend which is something unusual for a market that has been used to a lot of volatility as compared to the other ones. We have been seeing the $6600 region acting as the resistance overhead and this is something

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  • USD/CAD Price Forecast – USD/CAD Hits New Yearly Tops at 1.3153 As Greenback Grows Stronger

    The USD/CAD pair built on its yesterday’s extensive rally and reached the highest levels since June 2017 just ahead of the 1.3150 mark, in the wake of the ongoing rally in the US dollar across its main competitors. The greenback continues to remain broadly underpinned by the Fed’s hawkish rate

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  • Gold Friday

    Gold Holds Above $1300 Price Handle despite US Greenback’s Strength

    Gold prices on Friday steadied below a one-month high hit in the previous session and were on track for a second straight weekly gain amid concerns over U.S.-China trade dispute. Early morning session saw some sell off activity that resulted in pair testing $1300 handle post hitting high of 1312.90

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  • Technical Update For Gold, Silver & WTI Crude Oil: 12.01.2018

    Commodities Daily Forecast – June 15, 2018

    GoldThe gold market was extremely volatile and noisy in the Thursday’s session as it tried to break above the $1308 level, the area which is very resistive. If the market breaks above this level and successfully stays above for significant amount of time, it should send the market towards the

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  • Forex Daily Outlook – June 15, 2018

    EUR/USDThe Euro fell hard during the yesterday’s session wiping out the entire up move after ECB announced that it is not going to change the interest rate and cutting the QE by only half, which was the big dampener for the market. It is expected that the pair will break

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  • DAX Friday

    DAX Index Forecast – Index Rockets Higher as QE Tapering Likely to be Delayed

    The DAX index rocketed higher as the ECB finally let the world know what it thinks about the QE program that is currently underway and also the state of the rate hikes that seemed to be in the pipeline. The bulls finally had a breakout session which pushed the index

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  • GBPUSD Friday

    GBP/USD Price Forecast – GBP/USD Losses 200 Pips as US Greenback Regains Momentum

    The USD’s strength remains as the main theme of the FX space on Thursday. The GBP/USD pair, which touched a daily high of 1.3447 earlier in the day, broke below the 1.33 mark in the NA session to refresh its lowest level since June 1 at 1.3230. As of writing,

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  • Euro

    EUR/USD Price Forecast – EUR/USD Tumbles Down As ECB Says No Rate Hikes Till Summer Of 2019

    The US dollar bulls show no mercy to EURUSD pair as price movement breaches multiple support levels. The EURUSD pair is currently trading at 1.156 handle following a meltdown post ECB’s updates on central bank policy meet proceedings. Ahead of ECB meet, the pair moved as high as 1.1851 price

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  • Bitcoin Friday

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – BTC Prices Rebound

    The BTC prices have received a boost over the last 24 hours and the prices have climbed above the $6500 region as of this writing though the important resistance is just above. A combination of factors have led to this rise in the crypto markets and it has benefited not

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  • USDCAD Thursday

    USD/CAD Price Forecast – Loonie Gains Momentum As Investors Focus on U.S-China Tariff Update

    US Dollar saw loss in momentum across major global currencies shortly after US Fed Rate decision. FOMC meeting update was in line with expectations as the policy markets announced rate hike and a hawkish prediction for future signaling two more rate hikes by the end of this year. However all

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  • Gold

    Gold Hits Two Week High On US-China Trade Tensions

    While Fed Rate decision gave U.S Greenback a boost in momentum, the boost faded shortly as reports hit the market that President Trump was preparing to put tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods as soon as Friday which greatly impacted US dollar’s momentum giving dollar bears momentum against

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  • Commodities

    Commodities Daily Forecast – June 14, 2018

    GoldThe gold prices were initially sideways during the yesterday’s session but after the FOMC outcome, it rallied higher towards the $1300 level. If the market can break above the $1308 level, it will be a bullish sign and will send this market higher towards the $1325 level. The $1290 level

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  • FTSE 100 daily chart, June 08, 2018

    Forex Daily Outlook – June 14, 2018

    EUR/USDThe Euro had a very quiet trading session on Wednesday, hanging around the 1.1750 level as the market is looking for some kind of momentum to push the market higher. The market in due course will remain volatile and will be looking towards Federal Reserve on the issue of further

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