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Michael Seery

Michael Seery

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  • Name: Michael Seery
  • An author with FX Empire since November 2019

Education And Work Information:

Investing profile:

  • Investing Style: Long-Term and Swing Trends, Risk Management.
  • Area of Expertise: Grains, Metals, Energies, and all other futures markets that are traded.
  • Favorite instruments: Grains, Energies and Metals.


Michael started his career in 1990 at the Chicago Board of Trade as a runner. He soon worked his way up to becoming a Series 3 broker. He works with seasoned traders as well as novice beginners educating them on trading the futures markets as well as using simple and complex option strategies.

Michael covers all markets including grains, metals, energies, and all other futures markets that are traded.Currently Mike is a principal of Track Trading LLC.

To Michael the biggest lesson any trader needs to learn is risk management. Michael believes this is the most important factor in trading. He also works with traders to help them determine the proper risk for their trading style. Michael has spent a lot of time educating his clients to help them understand trading strategies and trading techniques while enjoying spending quality time with customers going over the markets or just talking general trading philosophies.

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