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    An Imbalance in Traceability
    The title of my review is the reason I was given for why they don't process withdrawals. It's a scam.
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    Almost Legitimate
    You can deposit and trade - it's got graphs and an API. Sometimes it's a bit slow but it mostly works. There's some strangeness in the way they handle deposits with the Bitinka wallet vs. TOP-UP wallet, but it's still pretty easy. I've made a few profitable trades there, but it's possible everyone has... because the exchange isn't real. You deposit your funds, trade for a bit and then watch every attempt to withdraw change from Awaiting to Cancelled. I'd bet dollars to burritos they played fast and loose with user funds when BTC was 20k and once it crashed to 4 they've converted to a pyramid scheme trying to use deposits to cover withdraws... but it's not working. I'm still trading there because I like playing Monopoly but I don't expect I'll ever get my initial deposit or imaginary profits - the crypto is gone and the site is probably a simulation. Stay away. Stay far away.
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    Withdraw Not Possible/Support Uresponsive
    I have very bad experience of this exchange, have transferred some amount and now they are not processing my withdraw request, submitted several details, posted in social media but still no response received from them, only urging to wait and I waited more than a week but no solution.
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    Argentina Lawsuit
    Apparently thay scam 2 argenitnians for over 400K USD, they're beign sued. Also there are a lot of people who cant get into their accounts, not only this but they are still accepting new customers when clearly they're having a serious meltdown over there. Really irresponsable for them to continue to operate when obviously they cant. Total Shit Show.

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