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  • Cryptocurrencies

    Do You Think Cryptocurrencies are a Bubble? The Good News is You Can Trade a Bubble

    It’s almost certain that by the end of 2017 crypto prices were in a bubble. There is little consensus over the way digital currencies should be valued. If you are in a position to take both long and short positions, you will be able to keep an open mind and

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  • Bitcoins etf

    The Difference Between Fiat Money and Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies are becoming a global phenomenon amidst talk that they could replace fiat currencies in the near future. Cryptocurrencies adoption continues to gain momentum in part because of the world’s progression towards a cashless society.

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  • Ethereum Gas Unit Explained

    Ethereum Gas Unit Explained

    On the one side, Ethereum miners receive the reward for mining blocks, while on the other, miners are also rewarded for inputting transactions into Ethereum blocks that fall under their control, essentially validating smart contracts within a given block. It is here that GAS is the method of payment.

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  • blockchain

    Investing in Smart Cloud Mining: Benefits to Society and Private Capital Growth

    In 2018, the Bitcoin network alone will consume about 0.5% of the world’s electricity. Smart mining can be the solution for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies biggest problem.

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  • Blockchain Auto Industry

    Here’s How Blockchain is Changing the Way the Automotive Industry Works

    All leading companies in the world spend tons of money to keep themselves competent in the rapidly evolving technological environment by conducting R&D. Which is why the automotive industry is testing the blockchain technology these days.

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  • All the Ways to Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet

    All the Ways to Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet

    Cryptocurrencies are going to be an increasingly important part of our future, and it’s important to develop a habit of securing your digital assets properly and knowing what to do if a device fails, or if it’s stolen.To help you navigate the options and some of the confusing jargon that

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  • Asian Markets Crypto

    Here’s How Investors Can Look to Asian Markets to Predict Future Movements in the Crypto Markets

    Asian markets can act as an indicator and barometer for not only the current state of the industry but where the next big shifts are likely to occur.

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  • How Can You Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio with Little Money?

    How Can You Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio with Little Money?

    While having a good capital base when investing in cryptos can be a good thing, it is possible to start small, learn, and grow your portfolio with time.

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  • XRP and Ripple

    The Separation of Ripple and XRP: Why it Happened? What Does it Mean and What are the Differences?

    A separation between XRP and Ripple is set to come into effect, a move that will allow both retail and institutional investors to have a clear idea of what the two are and what they stand for.

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  • Alternative asstes

    Three Ways to Build a Winning Portfolio with Alternative Assets

    Portfolios are personal, and ultimately only you and your investment advisor can aptly assess your financial situation and goals. That said, if you’re looking to build a portfolio that incorporates crypto and other alternative assets with the larger goal of minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns, here are a few

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  • Kodak

    The Full Guide to Kodak Coin: How to Buy and How to Use it

    Kodak was amongst the first looking to cross the divide and certainly, the oldest, established in 1888, with a 31st January Initial Coin Offering having been delayed, but not canceled, the advantages of raising funds through an ICO and the benefits of blockchain technology too great to ignore for the

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  • What are ILP's (Initial Loan Procurements) and How Does it Work?

    What are ILP’s (Initial Loan Procurements) and How Does it Work?

    Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) is slowly emerging as an alternative crowdfunding means of raising funds, given that it promises to bypass some of the issues that have clobbered ICOs credibility.

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  • forex

    3 Common Forex Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid at all Costs

    The forex market is both one of the easiest to enter, but also one of the hardest to master. This paradox is one of the reasons why so many newcomers end up getting burned and avoid the currency markets altogether. However, most of the time, these newcomers end up making

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  • Scalping, Swing and Long-Term Trading Strategies: A Complete Guide

    Scalping, Swing and Long-Term Trading Strategies: A Complete Guide

    tradiThere are many different trading styles, and some of them will fit your trading personality. Each trading style, whether long-term or short-term, will allow you to generate gains if you combine it with a robust risk management strategy. Prior to developing a trading strategy, you should determine if you want

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  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in the early stage of their growth."

    “Blockchain Could Be Recognized as Even More Important than the Internet”

    Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s have been the focus of attention in 2018 and continue to develop steadily. Although the general public is not yet familiar with blockchain technology, a growing number of people are starting to get curious about the topic. We interviewed Marco Amadori, CEO of Inbitcoin, to deepen

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  • Cryptocurrencies

    5 Tips to Consider Before Integrating Cryptocurrencies in Your Business

    Whether you have an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies using your company or you want to start using them and blockchain technology as a part of your business, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

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  • What Are ILP's (Initial Loan Procurements)?

    Could ILPs Be A Viable Alternative To Initial Coin Offerings?

    Following the uncertain nature of ICOs, the market has led to the hunt for a better alternative. There is a potential game changer coming up called Initial Loan Procurements (ILPs) that is causing quite a buzz.

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  • Banks and Fintech

    Why Banks and Fintech Firms Should Team Up Rather Than Compete With Each Other

    While the numbers quoted until now suggest that banks do have something to worry about, truth is that traditional financial institutions continue to be widely used and profitable. However, this doesn’t mean that the existing banking network isn’t flawed. This is why banks need to collabarate with Fintech companies.

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  • Cryptocurrencies investments

    Should I Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

    Understanding what cryptocurrencies are and how they work can help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should become a crypto market investor. While there are still potentially compelling reasons to invest, there are also reasons thoughtful investors may want to wait and see how the market

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  • Risk Control - Trading

    5 Ways to Control Risk When Trading Forex

    There are five ways that you can help you start controlling risk when trading forex. Many of these suggestions can be implemented quite easily and quickly. But the true obstacle to implementing these ideas will be your own inner self-biases.

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