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  • Crypto coins 77

    Speculative vs. Regular Cryptocurrency Trading

    Most professionals would agree that cryptocurrency investments on exchanges and with wallets are the safest option. Derivatives trading, on the other hand, is a little more risky in terms of potential losses. However, that risk is compensated for by the potential profits. So, it’s up to you to decide how

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  • trading partnership

    Success story of FBS Partner: How FBS Partnership Program Can Change Your Life Forever

    Unlike many other business environments, Forex doesn’t limit your potential. At a certain point, one can look up the map of opportunities and consider alternative ways of making money on the global market. But how to find the right way? And how to progressively earn more while bothering less?

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  • Cryptocurrency: Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

    Cryptocurrency: Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

    Have you ever heard about Internet traffic being encrypted? In which context have you heard it? Has it been somehow related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoins, particularly? Actually, there is a direct connection between your traffic being encrypted and your online wallet being protected.

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  • Mifid ii

    MiFID II – What You Need to Know

    At the beginning of 2018, MiFID II came into effect for investments firms. This new legislative framework was designed to not only strengthen investors protection but to provide additional transparency; the fairer, safer, more resilient, and efficient functioning of the financial markets.

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  • Trading Cryptocurrencies with Your Mobile Phone

    Trading Cryptocurrencies with Your Mobile Phone

    If you go back a hundred years, trading was done face to face on exchange floors. Today, we enter a new era, with trading being done increasingly on mobile devices including cryptocurrencies.

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  • Carry Trades

    How to Trade Using the Carry Trade Strategy

    The carry trade has been a particularly popular medium to long-term strategy within the FX world. Carry trades and interest rates differentials provide the volatility in the FX market and more importantly, provide the opportunity for a trader to execute a carry trade, with high odds of a positive return.

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  • Cloud Mining

    3 Reasons To Choose Bitcoin Cloud Mining Instead Of Buying

    Although most investors believe that there is one way to invest in cryptocurrencies, cloud mining provides an alternative way to invest in Bitcoin. In this article, We will compare cryptocurrency trading with cloud mining.

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  • Crypto Mining Alternatives

    With GPU Sales Cooling After Crypto Craze, Investors Ask What’s to Happen With the Mining Infrastructure

    Crypto miners have been stocking up on expensive GPUs, but now that things have cooled down, what are miners to do?

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  • Vintage Investing, Vintage Profits?

    Vintage Investing, Vintage Profits?

    When you factor in the stock market crashes and the fear, stress, and anxiety that comes with it, it could have been better for some investors to opt for the steady returns presented by investing in vintage products.

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  • ULIP Or SIP - Which is Better Investment Option?

    ULIP Or SIP – Which is a Better Investment Option?

    In this article, we’re going to make it easy for you. Simply carve out a couple of minutes and skim through this article to understand which one is a better investment option – ULIPs or SIP.

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  • South Korea Crypto

    South Korea is Making Deliberate Efforts to Become a Cryptocurrency Powerhouse

    From the foregoing, it is obvious that the whole world is fixated on developments in Asia and their effects on the global cryptocurrency markets and, in particular, South Korea. When Asia sneezes on crypto, the rest of the world tend to catch a cold.

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  • Ripple vs. Stellar: Will There Be Only One Winner?

    Ripple vs. Stellar: Will There Be Only One Winner?

    Both Ripple and Stellar make it their goal to improve the ease of completing transactions across borders, however, given the differences between Ripple and Stellar, can they co-exist?

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  • Cryptos

    Cryptocurrencies and Their Consistent Robbery! Are They Really “Indomitable”? What are Stable Coins?

    Cryptocurrencies have a big future and they might be mankind’s only chance to have control in their own hands. However, the crypto evolution highlights a lot of question…

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  • What is VIX and How Can You Trade It?

    What is VIX and How Can You Trade It?

    The CBOE VIX uses the S&P 500 Index (SPX) options to capture the expected volatility for the next 30 days. The VIX is a great tool to determine the overall market sentiment and can be used as a tradable instrument.

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  • Cloud mining

    How to Earn Steady Passive Income from Cloud Mining

    Cloud mining as an investment option is a much more assured way to invest in cryptocurrency and earn steady passive income. But how can you do it?

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  • Block chain network

    How AI and Blockchain are Powering the Next Generation of Healthcare

    The human body is undeniably the most complex database in Nature with tons of data inside it. In all probability, doctors and scientists know not more than 1% of the mysteries the body holds. The gap between the true extent of the human body’s complexity and our meagre knowledge about

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  • IoT Platform Wars Have Begun, Blockchain Might Foster a Win-Win for All Stakeholders

    IoT Platform Wars Have Begun, Blockchain Might Foster a Win-Win for All Stakeholders

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and blockchain has the ability the change industries, this article provides insight into how blockchain could facilitate the faster adoption of IoT in the mass market.

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  • 4 Blockchain Projects to Consider

    Looking Beyond Hype into Substance; 4 Blockchain Projects to Consider

    Many of the 1600 coins/tokens in the market lack much substance beyond their shiny whitepapers and landing pages. QTUM, NEM, NEO, and Cardano are some of the most innovative blockchain developments in the industry right now.

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  • Asian markets

    How to Trade Forex During the Asian Trading Hours? The Best Pairs and Strategy

    Traders looking for increased volatility during the Asian trading hours should be looking for the best pairs and strategies to maximize their profit. In this article, we will learn the most basic things a trader should know before start trading the Asian forex markets.

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  • Cryptocurrencies Portfolio

    Effective Tips for Creating a Killer Cryptocurrency Portfolio

    The Future Cryptocurrencies are facing multiple challenges including government regulation, hacking attempts, and common misconceptions. Overcoming these challenges is difficult. However, with the right strategy, cryptocurrencies investors can produce a profitable portfolio. Here are practical tips for creating an incredible cryptocurrency portfolio.

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