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  • Futurenet

    How to Create a Blockchain Network for Business and Not Screw Up. FutureNet Project Founder Roman Ziemian Shares the Secret of Success

    In this article, FutureNet project founder Roman Ziemian shares his rules of doing business and explains how a life position of a leader affects the project results.  

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  • Spectre-on-screen – Eliminating Fraud with a Blockchain Based Trading Platform’s platform has all the functionalities of traditional trading platforms, like the ability to trade various assets including currency pairs, commodities, and cryptos, but also boasts some other features that you wouldn’t find on traditional platforms, which makes a platform like this exceptionally unique.

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  • Bitcoin Newspaper

    How Mass Media Drives Your Decisions When It Comes To Cryptocurrency Investing

    It’s no secret that a large part of investor decisions in the cryptocurrency market is influenced by what investors find on social media. Companies which can reach out and create workable customer relationships can thus gain a competitive advantage. However, as younger digital natives become wealthier, and as their reliance

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  • Best Strategies to Trade the Gold-Silver Ratio

    Best Strategies to Trade the Gold-Silver Ratio

    Trading the Gold Silver ratio can provide traders with plenty of opportunities for profits. In this article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of trading the Gold-Silver ratio.

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  • economic events

    The Most Important Events to Trade On

    Every trader knows that economic data have a great impact on the Forex market. To become a successful trader, you need to follow economic indicators and Forex news. This way you will be able to keep up with the recent events and get clues about currencies’ movements.

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  • The Benefits of Trading Stock CFDs over Traditional Stock Trading

    The Benefits of Trading Stock CFDs over Traditional Stock Trading

    In this post, we’ll go over the differences between trading CFDs on equities/stocks and trading the stocks themselves.

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  • Source: Sharp Credit

    How to Trade FANG Stock with CFD’s

    There are several very different trading strategies that investors can use to trade FAANG stocks. CFDs (contracts for difference) are one of the best instruments to use to trade these types of stocks.

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  • trades over the weekend

    Keeping Trades over the Weekend: Your Chance or Failure?

    Have you ever thought whether to keep a trade open over the weekend? If yes, was a decision like this always profitable for you? If not, maybe you should put off the doubts and fears and try it? We have gathered the information you should know about keeping trades over

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  • Privacy Coins

    Privacy Coins Use Cases Away From Money Laundering Perception

    Privacy coins are not used just for fuelling suspicious and illegal activities. The coins are increasingly finding new applications in day to day operations at the backdrop of increased scrutiny and crackdown.

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  • All the Ways to Trade Cryptocurrencies

    All the Ways to Trade Cryptocurrencies

    For traders looking to trade cryptocurrencies intraday or even intraweek, the availability of CFDs across a number of brokers provides far more efficient trading conditions than trading an actual cryptocurrency via crypto exchanges.

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  • Litecoin US Dollar

    Trading Litecoin Contract for Difference

    In this article, we will show you how to day trade Litecoin with SimpleFX WebTrader. You can test it with a fully functional demo or a live account with some small funds for a start.

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    BTC/GBP: Two Major Players in the Financial Arena. Here’s How to Trade Them

    For traders interested in trading the BTCGBP chart, it is important to understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin, how those of the GBP compare and the resulting dynamic between the two.

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  • Exotic vs Major & Minor Currencies

    Exotic vs Major & Minor Currencies

    In this introduction, we will define the types of currency pairs and cover some of the basics you’ll need to know before you begin trading the ‘exotics’.

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  • Every Word a Traders Should Know

    Words Every Trader Should Know

    The world of trading is full of difficult and incomprehensible words. When newbies meet such words they think that trading is not for them and lose hope for earning a lot of money on Forex. However, it’s a huge mistake! We gathered the most common trading words and their definitions

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  • brent and crude oil

    Brent and WTI: Where Differences Lie

    When you read or listen to the news about the oil market, you meet two mysterious words: Brent and WTI (West Texas Intermediate). Maybe you already know that they are the two major oil benchmarks. But do you know what differences between them are and why they have a different

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  • EuroDollar Notes

    Key Factors for Trading EUR/USD

    For those who want to trade the EUR/USD pair successfully, they should take into account a lot of factors such as sessions, institutions, and personalities, political instability, and of course, economic reports.

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  • Trading Trailing Stop Orders

    How to Trade with Trailing Stop Orders

    A trailing stop order is a risk management technique where your stop loss level trails the current market level by a specific percent or value. How can you use a trailing stop order to maximize your profits and minimise your losses?

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  • Trading Gold

    Trading Gold is a Hot Topic Today. What`s the Point?

    In this article, we will highlight the main factors that influence gold prices together with the most widely used trading methods and winning strategies.

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  • Bitcoin Strategy

    Bitcoin Trading Strategies

    To increase your chances for success, you have to be systematic. In this article, we present 2 strategies that will help you gain an edge in trading Bitcoin.

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  • Trading the Economic Calendar

    Trading the Economic Calendar

    An economic calendar is a schedule of economic events that will take place over the next day, week, month or quarter. Trading the economic calendar can be beneficial for some traders.

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