Ethereum’s Rally to $5000 Should be Underway

Dr. Arnout Ter Schure
Published: May 29, 2024, 18:25 GMT+00:00

Last Monday’s 19% rally most likely kicked off Ethereum’s anticipated rally to our next target zone of $4800-5400, contingent on holding at least above $3450.

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Breakout Confirmed

In our last update, we found using our Elliot Wave Principle (EWP) count that Ethereum (ETHUSD) was most likely gearing up for a rally:

“…, we want to see a break above the grey W-i high, coinciding with a break back above the (green) 20d SMA. That can trigger a run to the red upper trend line. A break above that line, which equals a break back above the Ichimoku Cloud, is required to confirm the grey W-iii (green arrow). … The ideal target zone for the green W-5 is $4800-5400. But we can reassess that target zone once we get closer.

Fast-forward to Monday, May 20th, when the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap rallied strongly above these parameters (20d SMA, Trendline, Cloud) and reached as high as $3973 a week later. See Figure 1 below. This signaled it was now in the grey W-iii, contingent on holding above key price levels.

Figure 1. The daily resolution candlestick chart of ETH with several technical indicators

A Bullish Chart Setup Calls for a Bullish Perspective

Thus, last month, our chart assessment was correct, and if Ethereum can hold above at least $3450, the grey-colored warning level, we expect it to reach the ideal target zone for the green W-5 of $4800-5400. ETHUSD’s chart has a 100% set up, i.e., price > rising 20d SMA, > rising 50d SMA > rising 200d SMA, and it is above the Ichimoku Cloud, so we must also maintain a Bullish posture. The last hurdle for the Bulls to fully confirm the green W-5 is a break above the green W-3 high at $4092 made on March 12. Hence, why we state “contingent on holding above key price levels” because there are no certainties. Only probabilities.

But, in the bigger picture, once the green W-5 is completed, we should expect a sizeable pullback back to $3500-4000 but not much lower before the final wave of this Bull market that started in 2022 kicks in towards $10K+. Lastly, please consider our crypto-trading alert service if you have trouble determining when to enter and exit. Our long-term system is up 175% since November last year, and an example of our most recent trade can be found here.

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