Silver Prices Forecast: Is There Enough Momentum to Overcome Resistance This Week?

James Hyerczyk
Updated: Feb 18, 2024, 19:40 GMT+00:00

Key Points:

  • Cautious optimism for silver; key technical barriers ahead.
  • Rising Treasury yields may pressure silver prices.
  • Critical for silver to surpass $23.92-$24.39 resistance.
Silver Prices Forecast

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Silver’s Resilience Amid Economic Headwinds

Silver exhibited surprising strength, closing higher last week despite adverse economic conditions. The metal tested and held the major support zone between $22.23 and $21.88. However, it faces resistance near the $23.92 to $24.39 range.

Key to note is that a breach below $21.88 could precipitate a sharp decline. Silver’s rally occurred in a week where inflationary pressures were evident, suggesting its role as an inflation hedge remains intact but is challenged by rising interest rates.

Last week, XAG/USD settled at $23.42, up $0.81 or +3.58%.

Weekly XAG/USD
Weekly XAG/USD

U.S. Economic Data: Inflation and Retail Sales

Inflation metrics exceeded expectations, influencing market sentiment. The U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand rose 0.3% in January, surpassing the 0.1% rebound forecasted by economists. This was a significant shift from the 0.1% decline seen in December. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) also increased more than expected, with a monthly rise of 0.3% and an annual increase of 3.1%, slightly above projections. Retail sales, however, presented a contrasting picture, declining by 0.8% in January, which was more than the anticipated 0.3% decrease.

Treasury Yields and Dollar Index Movements

Treasury yields responded to the inflation data, with the benchmark 10-year note’s yield climbing 5.3 basis points to 4.293%, almost touching the critical 4.3% level. The 2-year Treasury yield also saw a significant rise to 4.66%. Concurrently, the dollar index (DXY) advanced, marking its fifth consecutive week of gains, albeit with a modest increase of approximately 0.12% for the week.

Federal Reserve’s Stance

The Federal Reserve’s likelihood of a rate cut has been a pivotal factor. Initially, a March rate cut was anticipated, but this expectation has shifted to June, with the CME Fed Watch Tool indicating a 73% probability. This shift is mainly attributed to the stronger-than-expected economic data, prompting a reassessment of the Fed’s monetary policy trajectory.

Market Forecast: Guarded Optimism with Key Resistance Levels

The outlook for silver in the upcoming week is cautiously optimistic, yet it faces significant technical barriers. The metal shows signs of an upward trend, but traders should closely monitor the resistance area between $23.92 and $24.39. Successfully surpassing this range is critical for maintaining the current upward trend in silver prices. However, this positive outlook is moderated by possible technical challenges at these crucial resistance points.

An important factor to consider is the fluctuation in Treasury yields. An increase in these yields could prompt a swift downturn in silver prices. Rising Treasury yields often enhance the attractiveness of yield-bearing assets compared to non-yielding ones like silver, potentially leading to a change in investor sentiment and a downward adjustment in silver prices. This situation could result in a reevaluation of the lower support levels for silver.

Therefore, while the market outlook for silver leans towards optimism, it is heavily contingent on Treasury yield movements and silver’s ability to break through and sustain above the specified resistance zone. Traders should stay attentive to these key thresholds and be ready to adapt their strategies, keeping an eye on the economic indicators that might influence market movements.

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