ADP: US Job Creation Faces Slowdown in August

James Hyerczyk
Updated: Aug 30, 2023, 14:47 GMT+00:00

ADP reported only 177,000 jobs in August, contrasting July's 371,000; "Trajectory is shifting towards sustainable growth," says ADP's chief economist.

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  • August sees only 177,000 jobs, below forecast.
  • Wage growth slows, recovery gains wane.
  • Fed’s interest rate hikes signal economic caution.

August Job Numbers Disappoint

The U.S. job market displayed a sluggish performance in August, hinting at potential economic pressure stemming from heightened interest rates. ADP, the notable payroll firm, revealed that private employers created a mere 177,000 jobs in August. This figure stands in sharp contrast to the revised 371,000 jobs in July and is notably lower than the anticipated 200,000 jobs forecasted by Dow Jones economists.

Wage Growth Stagnates

ADP’s report also shed light on the deceleration in wage growth. Both workers who transitioned between jobs and those who maintained their positions experienced a downturn in their pay growth. The current landscape, according to Nela Richardson, ADP’s chief economist, mirrors the job creation tempo evident pre-pandemic. She commented, “After a two-year streak of remarkable recovery-linked gains, the trajectory is now shifting towards sustainable growth in wages and job opportunities as the pandemic’s economic aftermath fades.”

Inflation and Economic Speculations

The softer job growth numbers have accentuated the debate among investors and economists regarding the U.S.’s ability to pull its inflation down to the 2% mark without causing significant economic deceleration. The robust labor market has undeniably propelled the economy’s growth in 2023, surpassing many projections.

Federal Reserve’s Stance

In July, the Federal Reserve elevated the interest rates to a peak not seen in the past 22 years. Jerome Powell, the Fed Chair, indicated the central bank’s readiness to implement further hikes within the year, hinting at a vigilant approach towards economic stability.

Looking Ahead: The Department of Labor’s Report

Traditionally, ADP’s findings have been perceived as precursors to the Department of Labor’s monthly employment statistics. However, due to a change in ADP’s methodology last year, its forecasting reliability has come under scrutiny. Notably, the official Department of Labor jobs data is slated for release this Friday, with many keenly awaiting its insights.

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