Gene Simmons Accepts Crypto As Payment for His Las Vegas Mansion

Ricardo Rivas
Updated: Feb 2, 2022, 17:08 GMT+00:00

Kiss rock band member is allowing crypto including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others to be used as payment for his $13.5 million mansion.

Gene Simmons Accepts Crypto As Payment for His Las Vegas Mansion

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In different industries such as the art and real estate industries, cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow as an alternative form of payment.

Kiss bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, said he will accept crypto such as “Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Uniswap, Polkadot, Aave or Try, or a combination of those” as payment for his 11,000 square feet mansion.

Gene Simmons commented: 

“It is the future of money, and it just makes sense to offer interested parties the option of using cryptocurrency to purchase the estate.”

About Gene Simmons’ Mansion

The real estate asset is located at 7 Talus Court in Henderson, Nevada. The house is on sale for $13.5 million.

The mansion has about 11,000 square feet, including three different levels with 6 bedrooms, 8 baths, and 11 parking spots. 

There is also a dining room with disappearing walls, as well as a commercial elevator to access all three levels. At the lower level, there is a theater that can seat 11 people and a private area that includes a bar and lounge.

Gene Simmons Crypto Investments

The rock band member is not new to the crypto industry. Since 2017 he has been interested in crypto, especially Bitcoin.

In February 2021, he announced on his Twitter account that he “bought and/or will own” Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and moments later he commented that he had also bought Dogecoin, XRP, and others.

Almost three weeks after his first crypto investment, he commented on Twitter that he bought $300,000 of Cardano (ADA).

Celebrities are getting more and more involved in the crypto ecosystem, especially in NFTs such as Eminem, Neymar Jr., and DJ Khaled

The crypto ecosystem will continue to attract celebrities as it gains more adoption.

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