Lindsay Lohan is Launching her “Experiential NFTs” on Superfandom

Oluwapelumi Adejumo

Famous Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, is the latest celebrity to enter the NFT space as she is launching her collections on Superfandom.

Lindsay Lohan is Launching her “Experiential NFTs” on Superfandom

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Lindsay Lohan is entering the Non-fungible token space with her experiential NFTs. The tokens will be available for sale on the Superfandom marketplace. 

The famous actress will also serve as an adviser for the platform, helping them attract more users and similar celebrities.

Experiential NFTs Offer Holders a new Level of Experience

With her foray into NFTs, she joins several celebrities and entertainment stars who have issued NFT tokens. Many more are even in the space as collectors, and some go as far as starting their own NFT companies. 

Experiential NFTs are unique as they offer special utility for holders. They allow the fans to interact with the celebrity or get special access. For example, a singer who issues these digital tokens might give holders premium access to shows and listening parties. 

Built on the Stacks Blockchain, Superfandom is for celebrities who want to monetize their fame and fans who wish to have special access to these stars. 

The platform already has actors such as Riya Sen and Jake Busey, singer Jubin Nautiyal, and home improvement celebrity Richard Karn on its list. Lindsay Lohan, however, will be the biggest star to join the platform so far.

This is a strategic move for Superfandom as the Rare Sense subsidiary tries to get more stake in the space. Superfandom was one of the successful projects in the first cohort of Stacks accelerator. 

According to its CSO Sophia Pervez, experiential NFTs are like regular NFTs. They’re better for creators than the typical NFTs, which are digital artworks.

For Lindsay Lohan, this won’t be her first move into the crypto industry. Earlier this year, the Hollywood star promoted All Coins Yield Capital (ACY Capital), a platform that gives users exposure to meme coins, DeFi, and NFTs. Thus, she’s quite familiar with the field and is only looking to expand her portfolio.

Interests in NFTs Continue to Spike

This year, NFTs have been getting lots of attention from the public, with OpenSea already breaking its monthly trading volume record. 

We have witnessed the incursions of traditional firms like Samsung investing in the space. Apart from that, top celebrities like Eminem have also made notable investments into the space this year.

Popular automakers Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz also recently announced that they’d be launching their NFT collections soon. 

However, despite the boom, it has not translated to a steady green run for tokens in the industry like AXS, GALA, THETA, and others whose run mimics the broad crypto market.

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