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Common wisdom among Forex brokers shows that a Forex IB that is not happy in a current partnership is least likely to push the business as a whole forward and produce good numbers.

Taking this premise diligently into account, OctaFX upholds the best conditions in its IB program.

No uncertainties, misunderstandings or delays

Smooth daily commission payouts allow IB to take home their hard-earned money swiftly and efficiently.

OctaFX’s distinctions in a competitive IB industry go even further: clients want to trade with OctaFX more than any other Forex broker because of its favourable trading conditions. A fact which in turn also makes an IB’s job more smooth and fruitful. This broker has the lowest spreads in the market and no commissions—all incentives, which keep the flow of potentially new, inexperienced traders constant or rising.

OctaFX’s particular brand of Introducing Broker (IB) is transparent, with no hidden restrictions, enabling peace of mind while working with an award-winning and trustworthy Forex broker.

The responsibility of IBs

A proficient IB acknowledges that their strength is not primarily in raw numbers, like money in a bank account. Instead, it lies more in the human potential of the network they are building: it’s the people that join the IB’s program and their trust in the value added while embarking on a path of successful and methodical trading that secures mutual success.

The IB’s distinct and deep shared experience in trading should be considered one such added value when launching an IB business with a Forex broker. An IB client needs to get the impression that they receive better pricing, charges, and profits than if they connected to a network independently.

A Forex broker’s duty

Another key to success is connecting all potentially participating parties within one robust Forex broker network, like OctaFX’s, introducing them to educational webinars and workshops that aim to create traders for the long run, rather than short-term, burned accounts.

OctaFX dedicates itself to providing the best infrastructure, trading conditions, and dwelling ground for this interconnectedness: between itself, the domain of its IBs and the majority of traders who seek guidance, expertise, and triumph.

OctaFX is a global Forex broker that provides online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to over 7 million trading accounts worldwide. The company is well-known for its prodigious IB program. Regularly engaged in charity activity, the broker takes its social responsibility very seriously. OctaFX has won more than 40 awards since its foundation, including the ‘Best ECN Broker 2020’ award from World Finance and, more recently, the 2021 ‘Decade of Excellence in Forex Asia’ award and the 2020 ‘Most Transparent Broker’ award from Global Banking & Finance Review and Forex Awards, respectively.

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