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However, recently, news about this market, scams and losing money has appeared quite a lot on social networking channels. So this is really spoiled like? And is forex trading really a scam like everyone is “rumored” out there or not? Check out the article for analysis below to understand more about this market.

In fact, the forex market is not a scam as many think. Since Forex is still quite new in the Vietnamese market, the law has not really intervened in transactions on this market. Therefore, when making transactions, you need to be equipped with the knowledge to protect yourself from risks and undesirable bad situations.

Why is the forex market attractive to so many people?

With hundreds of thousands or even billions of transactions and orders being executed every day, the Forex market is a place where profits can be made in a short time. Along with that are the advantages such as easy access. As long as you have the Internet, wherever you are, you can participate in the Forex market.

The Forex market is open 24/5 during 5 days / week. You can enter trading any time the market is open.

The leveraged system of the forex market is high, while it is risky, but the ability to bring big profits is also higher. This is also considered the most liquid market in the form of investment. And the forex market is not manipulated by any organization or individual.

Sophisticated forms of scams on the Forex market should be kept in mind

The bogus forex courses

Foreign exchange investment is not only based on luck but also on knowledge of the market, economics as well as experience in the process of trading.

The foreign exchange market always attracts many people who are interested and want to participate. In order to grasp knowledge faster, they are not afraid to spend money studying courses to quickly acquire trading knowledge.

Many people fail to make Forex investments. But thanks to their verbal ability, they have invested a lot in advertising and marketing gimmicks to open up the course and recruit trainees. In fact, the knowledge they teach you with millions of dong courses is simply searched on the internet and edited, not practical.

Finding Forex courses to advance your knowledge isn’t wrong. However, you must understand who is in the class and what their abilities and abilities are like. Reputable courses will be shared by real experts in the industry that will help you even more while entering this market. Besides, their experience will help you improve your practical knowledge, not theory, help you to have more solid luggage and develop yourself.

Foreign exchange fraud in investment trust

This is a case of traders delusional on their own abilities. With the ability to speak well, they will find people who trust them to invest in households and then share profits. But they did not really prove their ability. Or if they do, they’ll show you the victories over countless times the account burns down.

Not only on an individual scale, these delusional traders will gather together as a team. They will entice you to entrust money to them for profit sharing. That way they both earn money from you profit and also be rewarded with commissions from the floor. However, after a short time when the account is burned, all losses you will be the one to bear.

Fraudulent form of account opening on Forex exchanges

In addition to direct participation, investors can also participate in the market through foreign exchange exchanges. These exchanges will be the intermediary bridge between you and the market to help you make transactions easier.

Fraudulent foreign exchange exchanges

Foreign exchange exchanges will usually be licensed with international certifications and sponsored by their affiliated countries. These brokers are usually not registered or sponsored by these agencies. In addition, when choosing the wrong account and opening the wrong account in these exchanges, they will use many ways to drain your account.

So the most important thing when you enter this market is to open an account at a reputable forex platform.

Why choose to trade with ASX Markets?

With many years of experience in the industry, ASX Markets believes that reputation is always the most important factor for a company in the financial sector. With a wide variety of licenses from leading financial institutions, ASX Markets is a name you can think of when considering an exchange.

Continuously receiving many prestigious and quality awards, such as BEST EXECUTION by GLOBAL FINANCE GROUP; BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT by FX MARKETS; BEST BROKER IS ASIA by GLOBAL FINANCE GROUP.

ASX Markets is the trusted trading broker for your deal

ASX Markets truly is a reputable and reliable choice for you. Not only clear in trading, ASX Markets is also professional in supporting, advising and providing fast and accurate trading signals for traders participating in this exchange. To be provided with more information about this floor, you can fill out information here.

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