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  • stock market

    Dow Surges Nearly 400 Points, After Trump Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation on Economy

    After trading higher most of the session in reaction to the outcome of the U.S. mid-term elections, the major U.S. stock indexes soared at the mid-session after President Donald Trump indicated he is willing to work with Democrats on policy initiatives that would help the economy keep growing.The early buying

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  • Global Markets

    Global Market Cheers US Election Result, Earnings Boost EU Equities; US Traders Turn Focus To The FOMC

    Asian Markets Mixed As Election Results Roll InAsian equities indices closed mixed and flat in Wednesday’s session as results from US elections poured in. The results were largely as expected; the Democrats took control of the House while Republicans strengthened their hold on the Senate, and not expected to have

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  • Democrats Projected to Retake the House to Deliver a Divided Congress

    The Republican Party retains control of the Senate this morning, according to projections, with Republican Ted Cruz wrapping up the night in Texas, to prevent a Democratic blue wave to sweep the country.For U.S President Trump that’s as good as it gets, with a few more seats in the Senate

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  • U.S. Dollar

    US Dollar: Unexpected Election Outcome Could Trigger Unwinding of Long Positions

    The major U.S. equity indexes rose on Tuesday despite predictions of heightened volatility if the Republicans lose their control of the House and the Senate in today’s mid-term elections. At the start of today’s session, the most major stock firms were predicting a split result where the Democrats win the

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  • Stocks Buy Sell Dice

    Stock Market Reaction: Split Results – Modest Reaction, Democratic Sweep – Volatility to Downside, Republican Sweep – Volatility to Upside

    Late Tuesday, the U.S. mid-term elections are still a toss-up although if you believe investors bet with their money, the Republicans will retain control since the stock market is churning higher late in the trading session.The consensus appears to show the Democrats will win the House of Representatives and the

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  • Mid term elections

    Tech Lags In Asia, EU Down On Earnings, Mid-Term Elections In Focus

    Asian Markets Up Despite Weakness In The Tech SectorMost Asia-Pacific based equity indices closed in the green on Tuesday despite weakness in the tech sector. The Japanese Nikkei led with a gain near 1.20% and was followed by a near 1.0% gain in Australia, a 0.72% advance in Hong Kong,

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  • Trump

    Will We See a Lame Duck After the US Election?

    The upcoming midterm elections have attracted the financial markets attention, as they can give an answer to the question of whether the American people will continue to support Donald Trump. A potential victory of the Democratic Party could seriously undermine the president’s initiatives. The President, who is severely restricted in

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  • Tech stocks

    Is the Technology Sector Going to Drive the Market Down?

    The technology sector has been driving the US stock market higher for a long period of time. Now it seems like the tide has turned and the sector could start doing the opposite.Like all other major indices in the US, the Nasdaq 100 index, which is represented by the QQQ

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  • Economic Events

    Economic Events to Trade This Week

    Every trader knows that data in the economic calendar affect markets a lot. To predict the direction of the price, it’s important to know what events to look at. Let’s consider the most important events for the upcoming week and their impact on the currency pairs.This week will give many

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  • U.S. Markets

    Global Equity Markets Flat, Polls Show Democrats Hold Seven Point Lead Over Republicans

    The major Asian stock markets are trading mixed early Tuesday. Traders are ignoring Wall Street’s lead and primarily looking ahead to Tuesday’s mid-term elections.Shares in Australia are slightly higher across all sectors with energy and materials posting the largest gains. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 is trading marginally higher. The

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  • markets

    China Promotes Globalization, EU Activity Slows, US Market Braces For Hectic Week

    China Promotes Globalization At International Import ExpoChina’s President Xi Jinping promoted the country as a bastion of global trade in his opening address to the China International Import Expo. The expo, announced more than a year ago, is intended to spotlight China as an importer of global consumer items and

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  • global stocks

    Global Stocks Remain Vulnerable on Untimely Hawkishness of the Largest Central Banks

    Despite the rebound of last week, which allowed key indices to bounce off the recent lows, the financial markets remain cautious. A new wave of pressure on Friday was spurred by the U.S. labor market report.The data for October showed growth of employment by 250K and acceleration of wage growth

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  • Crisis ahead

    Stock Market Facing a 2019 Crash: 70% Correction Warning

    July 2019 will mark exactly 10 years since the end of the Global Financial Crisis in 2009. It will also mark the longest period of economic expansion on record, surpassing the 1991 to 2001 internet boom.The question – Is the current boom sustainable?The 90s economic boom was fuelled by the

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  • Source: Steve Eisman

    Short Seller Steve Eisman Selling Two U.K Bank Stocks On Brexit Standoff

    Brexit continues to cause jitters and concerns in the markets. However, some investors have sensed a window of opportunity that they are slowly taking advantage of. Steve Eisman believes that now is the right time to short two U.K banks as expectations of the U.K leaving Europe without a deal

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  • mid term elections

    The Week Ahead – Mid-Terms, Monetary Policy, Brexit and Trade Talk in Focus

    On the MacroFor the Dollar, key stats through the week include the market’s preferred October ISM non-manufacturing PMI on Monday, September’s JOLTs job openings on Tuesday, with November prelim consumer sentiment and October wholesale inflation figures due out on Friday, with the JOLTs and the ISM numbers likely to have

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  • U.S Mortgages – Rates Ease Back on October’s Risk Aversion

    Following last week’s upward move, mortgage rates eased in the week ending 1st November, with 30-year fixed falling by 3 basis point to 4.83%.Risk aversion through the week ending 26th October had driven demand for U.S Treasuries, leading to the fall in yields, with the Italian coalition government’s budget and

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  • U.S. Trade Deficit

    Tariffs Having Little Effect on Widening U.S. Trade Deficit

    The U.S. trade gap hit a seven-month high in September amid an expanding tariff dispute. According to a government report, the trade deficit widened more than expected as imports expanded and the merchandise gap with China hit a record amid an escalating trade dispute. The news raised questions as to

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  • US Economy

    Non-Farm Payrolls Jump 250,000, but Wage Growth Surge Steals Show

    “Wow” should have been your first reaction to Friday’s U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls report. Today’s numbers showed that the job market is doing amazingly well, especially this late in the economic expansion. Government data said that October job growth trounced the estimates and year-over-year wage gains surged past 3 percent for

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    Aussie, Kiwi Surge as Investors Pin Hopes on US-China Trade Deal

    The strong gains in the Asian stock markets are spreading to emerging market currencies putting pressure on the U.S. Dollar early Friday. The major stock indexes in Asia are posting solid gains on a report that U.S. President Donald Trump has asked his cabinet members to start drafting a potential

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  • US markets

    A Wild Ride For Asia-Pacific Market, Brexit Deal Reached, US Rebound Advances

    Asian Markets Close MixedThe Asian markets kicked off the new month with a wild ride. Indices in Japan and Hong Kong both moved more than 1.0% in Thursday trading is in different directions. The Japanese Nikkei was weighed down by the tech sector which is suffering from earnings outlook while

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