Earnings Calendar

CompanyMarket CapEPSForecast (# of estimates)SurpriseEarnings Call TimePeriod End Date
Monday, February 8th 2021
earning market caplarge$0.62$0.57 (3)$0.05/8.77%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Advanced Info Service Public Co.(AVIFY)
earning market caplarge$0.08---Dec 31, 2020
Credicorp Ltd.(BAP)
earning market caplarge$2.28$1.8 (3)$0.48/26.67%-Dec 31, 2020
BB Seguridade Participacoes SA(BBSEY)
earning market caplarge$0.09---Dec 31, 2020
Energizer Holdings, Inc.(ENR)
earning market caplarge$1.17$0.89 (6)$0.28/31.46%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Global Payments Inc.(GPN)
earning market caplarge$1.69$1.66 (12)$0.03/1.81%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Isuzu Motors Ltd.(ISUZY)
earning market caplarge$0.39---Dec 31, 2020
Orix Corp Ads(IX)
earning market caplarge$1.87$1.95 (1)-$0.08/-4.1%-Dec 31, 2020
James Hardie Industries PLC.(JHX)
earning market caplarge$0.27--After market closeDec 31, 2020
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.(JKHY)
earning market caplarge$0.94$0.88 (4)$0.06/6.82%After market closeDec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge$0.32---Dec 31, 2020
KKR & Co. Inc.(KKR)
earning market caplarge$0.49$0.41 (6)$0.08/19.51%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Loews Corporation(L)
earning market caplarge$1.6--Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Marui Group Co.(MAURY)
earning market caplarge$0.44---Dec 31, 2020
Nuance Communications, Inc.(NUAN)
earning market caplarge$0.11$0.1 (4)$0.01/10%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Obayashi Corporation(OBYCF)
earning market caplarge$0.32---Dec 31, 2020
TFI International Inc.(TFII)
earning market caplarge$0.98$0.82 (7)$0.16/19.51%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Teijin Ltd.(TINLY)
earning market caplarge$0.35---Dec 31, 2020
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.(TTWO)
earning market caplarge$0.95$0.52 (14)$0.43/82.69%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Amkor Technology, Inc.(AMKR)
earning market capmid$0.52$0.37 (1)$0.15/40.54%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.(BECN)
earning market capmid$0.92$0.64 (8)$0.28/43.75%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Blackbaud, Inc.(BLKB)
earning market capmid$0.31$0.4 (4)-$0.09/-22.5%After market closeDec 31, 2020
CDK Global, Inc.(CDK)
earning market capmid$0.53$0.57 (3)-$0.04/-7.02%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Chegg, Inc.(CHGG)
earning market capmid$0.37$0.36 (6)$0.01/2.78%After market closeDec 31, 2020
CNA Financial Corporation(CNA)
earning market capmid$1.23$1.06 (2)$0.17/16.04%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Cerence Inc.(CRNC)
earning market capmid$0.38$0.18 (3)$0.2/111.11%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Cubic Corporation(CUB)
earning market capmid$0.38$0.01 (4)$0.37/3700%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Dun & Bradstreet Holdings, Inc.(DNB)
earning market capmid$0.28$0.28 (4)-Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
ESCO Technologies Inc.(ESE)
earning market capmid$0.55--After market closeDec 31, 2020
Golub Capital BDC, Inc.(GBDC)
earning market capmid$0.29$0.28 (3)$0.01/3.57%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Glu Mobile Inc.(GLUU)
earning market capmid$0.14$0.07 (7)$0.07/100%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Gates Industrial Corporation PLC(GTES)
earning market capmid$0.2$0.18 (2)$0.02/11.11%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Hasbro, Inc.(HAS)
earning market capmid$1.27$1.14 (6)$0.13/11.4%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated(LEG)
earning market capmid$0.76$0.7 (3)$0.06/8.57%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Matrix Service Company(MTRX)
earning market capmid-$0.03-$0.05 (1)$0.02/40%After market closeDec 31, 2020
OneMain Holdings, Inc.(OMF)
earning market capmid$2.77$1.93 (5)$0.84/43.52%After market closeDec 31, 2020
LiveRamp Holdings, Inc.(RAMP)
earning market capmid-$0.18-$0.36 (1)$0.18/50%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated(RGA)
earning market capmid$1.19$1.11 (3)$0.08/7.21%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Saia, Inc.(SAIA)
earning market capmid$1.51$1.29 (8)$0.22/17.05%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Simon Property Group, Inc.(SPG)
earning market capmid$0.86$2.19 (8)-$1.33/-0.91%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Simpson Manufacturing Company, Inc.(SSD)
earning market capmid$0.68$0.65 (2)$0.03/4.62%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Varonis Systems, Inc.(VRNS)
earning market capmid-$0.07-$0.11 (2)$0.04/35.29%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Delta Apparel, Inc.(DLA)
-$0.28$0.06 (1)$0.22/366.67%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Computer Modelling Group Ltd.(T.CMG)
-CAD0.07--After market closeDec 31, 2020
CT Real Estate Investment Trust(T.CRT)
-CAD0.09CAD0.3 (1)-CAD0.21/-1.33%After market closeDec 31, 2020
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd.(T.PSK)
-CAD0.06CAD0.05 (1)CAD0.01/20%After market closeDec 31, 2020
TFI International Inc.(T.TFI)
-CAD1.27CAD1.06 (7)CAD0.21/19.81%After market closeDec 31, 2020
TMX Group Ltd(T.X)
-CAD1.43CAD1.44 (2)-CAD0.01/-0.69%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Tuesday, February 9th 2021
Arch Capital Group Ltd.(ACGL)
earning market caplarge$0.56$0.5 (3)$0.06/12%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Asahi Kasei Corp.(AHKSY)
earning market caplarge$0.57---Dec 31, 2020
Akamai Technologies, Inc.(AKAM)
earning market caplarge$1.06$1.06 (8)-After market closeDec 31, 2020
Crown Holdings, Inc.(CCK)
earning market caplarge$1.5$1.28 (8)$0.22/17.19%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Ceridian HCM(CDAY)
earning market caplarge-$0.02--$0.02/%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Centene Corporation(CNC)
earning market caplarge$0.46$0.45 (8)$0.01/2.22%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Cisco Systems, Inc.(CSCO)
earning market caplarge$0.71$0.68 (9)$0.03/4.41%After market closeJan 31, 2021
Cenovus Energy Inc(CVE)
earning market caplarge-$0.35-$0.06 (3)-$0.29/-483.33%-Dec 31, 2020
DuPont de Nemours, Inc.(DD)
earning market caplarge$0.95$0.92 (4)$0.03/3.26%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Daikin Industries(DKILY)
earning market caplarge$0.14---Dec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge$0.22---Dec 31, 2020
Dai Nippon Printing Co.(DNPLY)
earning market caplarge$0.21---Dec 31, 2020
Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd.(DWAHY)
earning market caplarge$0.92---Dec 31, 2020
Enphase Energy, Inc.(ENPH)
earning market caplarge$0.47$0.31 (8)$0.16/51.61%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.(FIS)
earning market caplarge$1.62$1.56 (15)$0.06/3.85%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Fiserv, Inc.(FISV)
earning market caplarge$1.3$1.29 (15)$0.01/0.78%After market closeDec 31, 2020
FMC Corporation(FMC)
earning market caplarge$1.42$1.38 (4)$0.04/2.9%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Fox Corporation(FOXA)
earning market caplarge$0.16$0.11 (6)$0.27/245.45%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Fujifilm Holdings Corp.(FUJIY)
earning market caplarge$1.41$0.52 (1)$0.89/171.15%-Dec 31, 2020
Genpact Limited(G)
earning market caplarge$0.44$0.42 (5)$0.02/4.76%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.(HMC)
earning market caplarge$1.58$0.75 (1)$0.83/110.67%-Dec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge-$0.03-$0.06 (1)-$0.09/-150%-Dec 31, 2020
Incyte Corporation(INCY)
earning market caplarge$0.73$0.65 (2)$0.08/12.31%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Gartner, Inc.(IT)
earning market caplarge$1.59$0.82 (5)$0.77/93.9%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.(J)
earning market caplarge$1.41$1.25 (7)$0.16/12.8%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge$0.14$0.12 (2)$0.02/16.67%-Dec 31, 2020
Jfe Holdings Inc.(JFEEF)
earning market caplarge$0.6---Dec 31, 2020
Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated(JLL)
earning market caplarge$5.29$3.7 (4)$1.59/42.97%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Lyft, Inc.(LYFT)
earning market caplarge-$1.01-$1.25 (4)$0.24/19.2%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Nissan Motor Co.(NSANY)
earning market caplarge-$0.08-$0.33 (1)$0.25/75.76%-Dec 31, 2020
Oji Holdings Corp(OJIPY)
earning market caplarge$1.65---Dec 31, 2020
Healthpeak Properties, Inc.(PEAK)
earning market caplarge$0.04$0.4 (8)-$0.36/2.5%After market closeDec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge$0.68$0.66 (5)$0.02/3.03%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Randstad Holding NV(RANJY)
earning market caplarge$0.54---Dec 31, 2020
Royal Bank Of Scotland Group PLC(RBSPF)
earning market caplarge$0.03--After market closeDec 31, 2020
Sealed Air Corporation(SEE)
earning market caplarge$0.89$0.79 (7)$0.1/12.66%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Shimano Inc. Unsponsored ADR(SMNNY)
earning market caplarge$0.17---Dec 31, 2020
S&P Global Inc.(SPGI)
earning market caplarge$2.71$2.55 (7)$0.16/6.27%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Shiseido Co.(SSDOY)
earning market caplarge-$0.06-$0.09 (2)$0.03/33.33%-Dec 31, 2020
earning market caplarge$0.35---Dec 31, 2020
Transdigm Group Incorporated(TDG)
earning market caplarge$1.33$1.57 (2)-$0.24/-15.29%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
Thk Co., Ltd.(THKLY)
earning market caplarge-$0.25---Dec 31, 2020
TIM S.A. Sponsored ADR(TIMB)
earning market caplarge$0.04$0.26 (1)-$0.22/-84.62%-Dec 31, 2020
TotalEnergies SE Sponsored ADR(TTE)
earning market caplarge$0.46$0.46 (3)--Dec 31, 2020
Twitter, Inc.(TWTR)
earning market caplarge$0.28$0.18 (10)$0.1/55.56%After market closeDec 31, 2020
United Dominion Realty Trust, Inc.(UDR)
earning market caplarge$0.09$0.49 (9)-$0.4/0%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Welltower Inc.(WELL)
earning market caplarge$0.39$0.77 (9)-$0.38/9.09%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company(WTW)
earning market caplarge$5.23$5.02 (9)$0.21/4.18%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
American Assets Trust, Inc.(AAT)
earning market capmid$0.05$0.45 (3)-$0.4/-8.89%After market closeDec 31, 2020
Assurant, Inc.(AIZ)
earning market capmid$1.82$2.08 (2)-$0.26/-12.5%After market closeDec 31, 2020
ams AG Unsponsored ADR(AMSSY)
earning market capmid$0.26---Dec 31, 2020
earning market capmid-$0.31-$0.41 (12)$0.1/24.39%Before Market OpenDec 31, 2020
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