Earnings Calendar

CompanyMarket CapEPSForecast (# of estimates)SurpriseEarnings Call TimePeriod End Date
Monday, November 15th 2021
Woori Bank(WF)
earning market caplarge$2.72--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.(MUFG)
earning market caplarge$0.26$0.2 (1)$0.06/30%-Sep 30, 2021
Tyson Foods, Inc.(TSN)
earning market caplarge$2.3$2.2 (4)$0.1/4.55%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Lucid Group, Inc.(LCID)
earning market caplarge-$0.41-$0.22 (1)-$0.19/-86.36%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Warner Music Group Corp.(WMG)
earning market caplarge$0.1$0.15 (4)-$0.05/-33.33%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Advance Auto Parts, Inc.(AAP)
earning market caplarge$3.21$2.78 (8)$0.43/15.47%After market closeSep 30, 2021
earning market capmid$0.81$0.8 (1)$0.01/1.25%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc.(EDR)
earning market capmid$0.16$0.13 (3)$0.03/23.08%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Axon Enterprise, Inc(AXON)
earning market capmid$0.67$0.07 (4)$0.74/1057.14%After market closeSep 30, 2021
CLEAR Secure, Inc.(YOU)
earning market capmid-$0.23-$0.38 (2)$0.15/39.47%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
WeWork Inc.(WE)
earning market capmid-$4.54--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Thoughtworks Holding, Inc.(TWKS)
earning market capmid-$0.09-$0.13 (6)$0.04/30.77%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Lithium Americas Corp.(LAC)
earning market capmid-$0.14-$0.09 (4)-$0.05/-55.56%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.(DNA)
earning market capmid-$0.07-$0.04 (2)-$0.03/-75%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Crescent Energy Company(CRGY)
earning market capmid$0.08--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Roivant Sciences Ltd.(ROIV)
earning market capmid-$0.87-$1.06 (3)$0.19/17.92%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Rocket Lab USA, Inc.(RKLB)
earning market capmid-$0.24-$0.12 (1)-$0.12/-100%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ermenegildo Zegna N.V.(ZGN)
earning market capmid-$0.01--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
J & J Snack Foods Corp.(JJSF)
earning market capmid$1.03$1.2 (2)-$0.17/-14.17%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Cyxtera Technologies, Inc.(CYXT)
earning market capmid-$0.32--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Archaea Energy Inc.(LFG)
earning market capmid-$0.13--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Oatly Group AB Sponsored ADR(OTLY)
earning market capmid-$0.07-$0.1 (8)$0.03/30%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Rackspace Technology, Inc.(RXT)
earning market capmid$0.25$0.24 (5)$0.01/4.17%After market closeSep 30, 2021
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Marygold Companies, Inc.(MGLD)
--$0.05--After market closeSep 30, 2021
--$0.01--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Minera Irl Ltd(MRLLY)
--$0.1--During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
--$0.02--After market closeSep 30, 2021
--$0.2--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Akumin Inc.(T.AKU)
--CAD0.02--Before Market OpenJun 30, 2021
Africa Oil Corp.(T.AOI)
-CAD0.15--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Argonaut Gold Inc.(T.AR)
-CAD0.07CAD0.06 (3)CAD0.01/16.67%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Aya Gold & Silver Inc.(T.AYA)
-CAD0.01CAD0.01 (4)-Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Bri-Chem Corp.(T.BRY)
-CAD0.01--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Burcon NutraScience Corp.(T.BU)
--CAD0.01--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Canagold Resources Ltd.(T.CCM)
--CAD0.01--During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
China Gold International Resources Corp.(T.CGG)
-CAD0.17--After market closeSep 30, 2021
CubicFarm Systems Corp.(T.CUB)
--CAD0.05--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc.(T.CWE)
--CAD0.01-CAD0.04 (3)CAD0.03/75%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.(T.DN)
--CAD0.01--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Candente Copper Corp.(T.DNT)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
--CAD0.01--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Fission Uranium Corp.(T.FCU)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Field Trip Health Ltd.(T.FTR)
--CAD0.23-CAD0.2 (3)-CAD0.03/-15%After market closeSep 30, 2021
GLG Life Tech Corp.(T.GLG)
--CAD0.18--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc.(T.GLX)
-CAD1.35--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
H&R Real Estate Investment Trust(T.HR)
-CAD0.45CAD0.39 (1)CAD0.06/2.82%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.(T.IVN)
--CAD0.09-CAD0.08 (1)-CAD0.17/-212.5%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
K92 Mining Inc.(T.KNT)
-CAD0.03CAD0.05 (5)-CAD0.02/-40%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
MediPharm Labs Corp.(T.LAB)
--CAD0.03-CAD0.02 (2)-CAD0.01/-50%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Western Lithium USA Corp.(T.LAC)
--CAD0.18-CAD0.11 (4)-CAD0.07/-63.64%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Mag Silver Corp.(T.MAG)
--CAD0.03--CAD0.03/%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Nuvo Research Inc.(T.MRV)
--CAD0.34-CAD0.04 (1)-CAD0.38/-950%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
--CAD0.06--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.(T.NDM)
--CAD0.02--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Energizer Resources Inc.(T.NEX)
--CAD0.03--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Verde Potash PLC(T.NPK)
-CAD0.06--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.(T.NTB)
--CAD0.12-CAD0.12 (1)-After market closeSep 30, 2021
Orla Mining Ltd.(T.OLA)
--CAD0.05--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
PyroGenesis Canada Inc.(T.PYR)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
NXT Energy Solutions Inc.(T.SFD)
--CAD0.02--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Silvercrest Metals Inc.(T.SIL)
-CAD0.06CAD0.05 (2)CAD0.11/220%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
SolGold Plc(T.SOL)
--CAD0.01--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Spark Power Group Inc.(T.SPG)
--CAD0.02-CAD0.04 (1)-CAD0.06/-150%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Synex Renewable Energy Corporation(T.SXI)
--CAD0.2--After market closeSep 30, 2021
GeneNews Ltd.(T.SZL)
--CAD0.03--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Talon Metals Corp.(T.TLO)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Scorpio Mining Corp.(T.USA)
--CAD0.16-CAD0.08 (2)-CAD0.08/-100%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Vitalhub Corp.(T.VHI)
--CAD0.02--During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
Voyager Digital Ltd.(T.VOY)
--CAD0.23--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Xanadu Mines Ltd.(T.XAM)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp.(T.XLY)
--CAD0.02--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Abaxx Technologies Inc.(V.ABX)
--CAD0.06--After market closeSep 30, 2021
DeFi Technologies Inc.(V.DEF)
--CAD0.01--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Entourage Health Corp.(V.ENT)
--CAD0.07--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Drone Delivery Canada Corp.(V.FLT)
--CAD0.01-CAD0.02 (1)CAD0.01/50%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Halo Collective Inc.(V.HAL)
--CAD0.5--After market closeSep 30, 2021
HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.(V.HIV)
-CAD0.17CAD0.05 (1)CAD0.12/240%After market closeSep 30, 2021
----During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd.(V.MTA)
--CAD0.06-CAD0.05 (1)-CAD0.01/-20%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Parkit Enterprise Inc.(V.PKT)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Questor Technology Inc.(V.QST)
--CAD0.02-CAD0.04 (1)CAD0.02/50%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Skylight Health Group Inc.(V.SLH)
--CAD0.09-CAD0.08 (3)-CAD0.01/-12.5%After market closeSep 30, 2021
-$0.01--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Altisource Asset Management Corp(AAMC)
-$4.76--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Arena Group Holdings, Inc.(AREN)
--$2.2--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc.(AAWH)
--$0.08--After market closeSep 30, 2021
BM Technologies, Inc.(BMTX)
-$0.23$0.02 (1)$0.25/1250%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
Chase Corporation(CCF)
-$1.26--After market closeAug 31, 2021
Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(ACUR)
----After market closeSep 30, 2021
Cybin Inc.(CYBN)
--$0.09-$0.07 (3)-$0.02/-28.57%Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
DecisionPoint Systems Inc.(DPSI)
-$0.08-$0.08/%After market closeSep 30, 2021
Applied Energetics Inc.(AERG)
--$0.01--During Trading HoursSep 30, 2021
ENSERVCO Corporation(ENSV)
--$0.02--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Espey Mfg. & Electronics Corp.(ESP)
-$0.13--After market closeSep 30, 2021
Flexible Solutions International Inc.(FSI)
-$0.09$0.09 (1)--Sep 30, 2021
First Wave BioPharma, Inc.(FWBI)
--$3.27-$0.79 (2)-$2.48/-313.92%After market closeSep 30, 2021
1847 Goedeker Inc.(GOED)
-$0.03--Before Market OpenSep 30, 2021
EPS is below market expectations
EPS is above market expectations

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