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Education - Advanced

  • Technical Analysis

    How Can You Benefit From The Corrections Equality in the FX Trading? Actual Setups!

    The thing with the technical analysis is that you can believe in it or not but your belief cannot question the efficiency. Some parts of the technical analysis just work and you cannot argue with the facts. In this article I will show You the correction equalities, which are not

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  • Developing your Trading Strategy

    Developing your Trading Strategy

    Trading is a business, pure and simple, and the goal is to generate revenues that produces the best risk adjusted returns as an investment. 

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  • The Benefits of a Trailing Stop

    The Benefits of a Trailing Stop

    The most important part of any trading strategy is determining the specific style of risk management you plan on evoking.

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  • April Might be a Strong Month for Stocks

    A Seasonal Study Show that April Might be a Strong Month for Stocks

    Trading ideas can be generated in a number of ways.  Although a transaction is usually focused on a specific asset or sector, one can generalize a movement over time using statistical analysis.  One of the best ways to attain an overview of where a specific security or sector will move

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  • Finding the Drivers of the Stock Market

    Finding the Drivers of the Stock Market

    When traders think about the stock market, they generally view it as the S&P 500 or the DAX or Nikkei.  But stock markets are much more than indices, stocks markets are a market of stocks. 

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  • Trading Natural Gas

    Natural gas in its most natural form is a gas as opposed to a liquid.  Many are confused and equate this product to gasoline which is refined from crude oil and part of the distillation process. 

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  • Buy Protection When its Cheap

    Fear and greed are the emotions that generally dominate the capital markets. 

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  • How to Use Divergence to Get the Upper Hand

    There are a myriad of trading strategies which can be utilized by forex traders to get an upper hand on the forex markets. 

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  • Using Commodities as a Guide for other Assets

    There are many times during the ebb and flow of the capital markets that specific commodities take on a large global role and drive the direction of other assets.

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  • Utilizing Momentum Trading

    Traders have numerous forms of trading strategies that they leverage off of on a consistent basis.

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  • Mean Reverting Statistical Trading

    Forex traders are always looking for new trading techniques to increase their odds at successful trading opportunities.

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  • Volatility Risk

    What Happens When Markets Crash and the Affect on Securities

    There are numerous reasons why markets crash and there are varies affects that takes place within the global markets when specific effects takes place.

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  • How market sentiment plays a role in Forex trading

    Forex trading can be a rollercoaster ride and part of the twists and turns is market sentiment. 

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  • Managing Asset Correlations

    It is import to understand that assets movements do not operate in a vacuum.  Changes nearly always induce a reaction of some sort, and this is the case in the capital markets.  When there are changes, in the global macro environment, they are usually reflected in the currency market, which

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  • How Interest Rates Effect Forex Trading

    Forex traders should always keep a close eye on interest rate policies when trading forex.  It is imperative to understand interest rate policy both within the United States and abroad.   Today, interest rate policies and exchange rates affect forex trading in numerous ways. The forex trader should understand both what interest

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  • Trading Market Sentiment

    Market sentiment plays a major role when trading the forex markets.  Each and every forex trader has some opinion on what the direction the markets are moving in. 

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  • Diversification Creates Robust Risk Adjusted Returns

    Asset diversification plays a key role in any investor’s portfolio.   Many investors may be thinking why asset diversification is important and properly maintained.  The ultimate goal of asset diversification is to strengthen your portfolio and consistently boost performance.  When diversifying your portfolio there is no guarantee against loses, however, once

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  • Understanding Asset Allocation

    Asset allocation takes place when an investor or portfolio manager allocates capital to multiple kinds of investment vehicles along with strategies used to create hefty returns. Typically, investment managers utilize asset allocation to create a portfolio which will generate the returns which they are looking to achieve. There is a finite

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  • Managing Industry Risk

    Within the financial industries risk comes in many forms.  When you are looking at industry risk analysis, you are determining the financial risk of investing in an industry and how risk in one specific industry can potentially affect another industry due to spillover. When performing industry risk one should analyze events

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  • Hedge Fund Strategies

    Hedge Funds stared to flourish back in the nineteen eighties while investors hunted for new opportunities outside the securities and bond markets.  The creation of the hedge fund industry can be attributed to sophisticated investors looking for new opportunities to park their money and steer clear of the securities markets. Asset

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