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  • Getting the edge with open positions data

    Since it is market participants who ultimately drive forex prices through the act of buying and selling various currencies, it’s fair to say that knowing who is buying what and how much would be extremely useful information in predicting future price moves.Well, the good news is, that using a couple

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  • Bitcoin Trading: More Fundamental Than Technical

    What’s Bitcoin?There has been much media hype and frenzy over Bitcoins, likened to the gold rush in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Bitcoin is a peer to peer network launched in 2009 after the Global Financial Crisis, that allows for the proof and transfer of ownership, without the need

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  • Calculating Bollinger Bands®

    Bollinger Bands® are one of the most commonly used chart indicators available today in the markets. But while many traders will plot these readings on their charts, few actually know how these visuals are calculated. it is a major newbie mistake to start using an indicator when you know nothing about

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  • Potential Problems in Manage Losing Trades

    Potential Problems in Manage Losing TradesWhether you are looking for investment opportunities in a growth, value, contrarian, or day trading context, losing is a reality of the financial markets.  Even the best of the market’s traders have bad days, and all we can really hope for is a rough 60/40

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  • Risking Excessive Amounts of Capital in a Single Trade

    Risking Excessive Amounts of Capital in a Single TradeMost of the common forex trading mistakes that have been discussed around the internet mostly with trading strategies rather than in money management techniques.  While money management is generally viewed as one of the more boring and less glamorous aspects of the

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  • Common Problems Encountered By Intermediate Traders

    Common Problems Encountered By Intermediate TradersNow that you are an intermediate trader with some market experience, it is important to look at some general rules for how trades should be approached and constructed.  We can look at trading frequency to identify some of the common problems that traders tend to

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  • Nicolas Darvas

    Investment Tips by Nicolas Darvas – How He Made $2 Million On The Stock Market

    Nicolas Darvas (1920-1977) was a famous dancer and successful investor who has become an inspiration for millions of people around the world. Forced to leave his native country, Hungary, in 1943, he formed a dancing team with his half-sister Julia and together they became one of the most popular professional

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  • Forex Education: Understanding Consumer Inflation Reports

    Forex Education: Understanding Consumer Inflation Reports

    Forex Education:  Understanding Consumer Inflation ReportsFor traders looking to implement fundamental trading strategies, it is important to have an understanding of what each report means so that we can have some of idea of how markets will react once the latest results are released.  One of the most commonly watched

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  • Forex Education: Forecasting Interest Rate Decisions

    Forex Education:  Forecasting Interest Rate DecisionsFor traders looking to implement fundamental trading strategies, it is important to have an understanding of how interest rate policy is determined.  “Any changes in these areas will have a significant impact on all asset classes –stocks, bonds, and commodities,” said Haris Constantinou, an analyst at

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  • Investing Risk Tolerance and Your Personality

    Forex trading is a high risk/high reward endeavor and as such, it takes certain types of personalities to be able to accept these risks.Investment advisors usually assess the capacity of an investor to take risks by taking into account their age, the size of their investment, when they plan to

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  • Traders Feeling the Impact of Server Technology and IT Infrastructure Choices

    “Recent studies show that a 5 millisecond server delay could cost a firm as much as 4 million USD every millisecond”A stark reminder of just how influential technology can be in the daily lives of traders, but how many really give thought to the technology they use on a daily

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  • The Huge Benefits of the right approach to Trading; it is a business

    Without a doubt, trading is an awesome business; however, it is only so when one appreciates it as an real business venture. Majority of traders get to this point only after enduring several financial misfortunes. Nonetheless, when they finally come to this realization, they get immensely rewarded.Most traders miss the

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  • ECN/STP – How it Fits in Forex

    ECN stands for “Electronic Communication Network” that provides direct interaction of individual traders and banks. The latter, along with the major brokers, place orders on behalf of their traders.Due to the order matching mechanism, being the essence of any ECN technology, the opposite orders of market players get executed automatically.

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  • Scalping Strategy

    Most of us know the term “scalping” from grabbing those concert tickets or football tickets outside a sold out event. Now it is even legitimized and there are online scalping businesses. For instance you can hardly get a ticket for the more popular shows in Las Vegas, because ticket agencies

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  • Who are the Major Forex Players Behind the Liquidity?

    The Forex market is the single largest market around the world not just in terms of average daily turnover and average revenue per trader but also the largest market in terms of participants.Here is a list of the major players in the Forex markets:Commercial Banks – Banks are usually involved

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