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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Industry

    5 Things You Need to Know About the Cannabis Industry

    Though global demand for cannabis has existed for decades (and arguably even millennia), it was not until recently that the international cannabis market began to become completely legitimized. Ongoing legislative efforts and ballot initiatives in the United States and elsewhere around the world have transformed the industry from a black

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  • Bitcoin Inheritance

    3 Innovative Solutions For the Seamless Inheritance of Cryptocurrency Assets

    Earlier this year, Futurism carried a story about Michael Moody, a 26-year old who died in a tragic plane crash in Chico, California in 2013. Before his death, Michael was a Bitcoin miner, in the words of Michael’s father, “my son was actually one of the earliest people to mine

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  • Abu Dhabi

    10 Things You Need to Know About Abu Dhabi

    The capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and also one of the largest cities in the country, Abu Dhabi is a wonder. Living in the city brings to you cherished experience from all over the world and some which are truly unique to Abu Dhabi. Merely two decades ago, this

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  • North Korea and Bitcoin

    How Bitcoin Helps Bankroll North Korea’s Arms Program

    The isolated country has long been cut off from the global trade and financial system by a series of sanctions, imposed as punishment for continuing its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs in the face of international condemnation. But as it comes to trading in cryptocurrency—largely unregulated, anonymous and easily

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  • Under His Eye: It’s Time to Expose Our Privacy Terms

    Under His Eye: It’s Time to Expose Our Privacy Terms

    As we read through the classic novels 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, the concept of “dystopia” inevitably seems terrifying. But, comforted by the knowledge that what we are reading only exists in the world of books, we can easily remind ourselves that dystopia is a great distance away

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  • Currently, there are many different ways in which bitcoin is being actively used by criminals.

    How Can Bitcoin be used as a Crime Weapon? And How Can this Be Solved?

    While the development of bitcoin – and other comparable cryptocurrencies – seems to have provided users with a unique array of benefits, these benefits have not come without corresponding risks and costs. Due to the distinctively unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency market, it has naturally been frequently used by a

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  • Netflix

    Netflix Has a Unique Strategy, Style, and a Pretty Good Algorithm

    Those who had the hindsight – and the audacity – to bet on Netflix in the long-run can currently enjoy the comfort that their apparently “risky” decision-making has paid off. With hindsight, there are likely many investors that are kicking themselves for not taking a chance earlier. But the question

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  • How AI and Automation Can Help Crypto Investors Trade Better

    How AI and Automation Can Help Crypto Investors Trade Better

    Hundreds of new cryptocurrencies have been created and offered to investors through initial coin offerings (ICOs) over the past year. Millions of new users entered the crypto space in 2017 during this ICO boom. More are jumping on the bandwagon this year.However, despite its rapid rise in popularity, investing in

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  • a Collection of the World’s Weirdest Altcoins

    The Crypto Menagerie: a Collection of the World’s Weirdest Altcoins

    For one night only, FXTM Senior Writer Ben Lovell-Viggers plays ringmaster as he guides you through the bizarre world of altcoins. Expect chills, thrills and a litigious ‘half-man-half-fish hybrid’…Dogecoin (DOGE)Developed as a joke in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin is immediately recognizable thanks to the furry countenance

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    FAANG Stocks Keep Rising: Is It a HODL?

    What is “FAANG”?What are FAANG stocks?Is FAANG in a bubble?As FAANG stocks keep rising, is it advisable to HODL?FAANG stocks predictionsBottom line!What is “FAANG”?FAANG is the acronym given to the world’s five topmost tech stocks according to market performance and capitalization. These tech giants are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and

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  • A Match: Blockchain Technology and the Gaming Industry

    A Match: Blockchain Technology and the Gaming Industry

    Since the broadband internet, basic online games evolved into digital gaming, which now accounts for the lion’s share of an industry estimated to have generated $116bn in 2017 alone. When including gaming hardware and PC gaming systems and accessories, that takes the industry to an estimated $149bn in revenue last

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  • 4 Industries that are Set to Witness Massive Disruption From Blockchain in 2018

    4 Industries that are Set to Witness Massive Disruption From Blockchain in 2018

    For what it’s worth, Bitcoin rewarded its backers with 1,420 % gains in 2017 and Ethereum delivered more than 8500% increase in value in the same period. The arrival of more than 1000 new crypto coins in the markets also provided opportunities to investors who missed the boat on Bitcoin

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  • bitcoin

    Hate Risk and Want to Invest in Bitcoin? ETF’s, Cryptocurrency Index, and Hedge Funds Are Here to Help

    Why Invest in Crypto Funds?Ok, So Where Do I Start?What’s in Store for Crypto Investing in 2018?We don’t need to tell you how well Bitcoin is doing right now, nor do we need to spell out how the surrounding crypto market is booming. Plenty of mainstream media outlets, online publications,

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  • how to short bitcoin

    How to Short Bitcoin – A Complete Guide

    Shorting Bitcoin Via ExchangeShorting Bitcoin through Contract for Differences(CFD’s)Shorting Bitcoin via Futures Market (Cboe/CME)Bitcoin Short – Pros and ConsConclusionBuy low.  Sell high.  Just not necessarily in that order.A simple example will show why this is the case. An investor borrows a Bitcoin from a friend and sells it at a

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  • IOTA The Internet of Things

    What is IOTA and How Can You Buy it?

    What is IOTA?How to Buy IOTA? Where to Buy IOTA?How to Get an IOTA Wallet?Why is IOTA better than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?Exchanges that Support IOTAThe Benefits of IOTAWhat a year it has been for cryptocurrencies and for those investors willing to take the plunge into the virtual world at

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  • How Blockchain will change our Life, Economy and the World

    How Blockchain will change our Life, Economy and the World

    Again, Slow and Simple: What is Blockchain???Why is Blockchain Needed?So How can Blockchain Technology Change our life?Banks are Scared of Blockchain!Blockchain is not only Bitcoin, it’s much more than ThatThe Blockchain Revolution – Time will TellBlockchain has been around since the evolution of Bitcoin, with many have been somewhat skeptical of Bitcoin creator

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  • bitcoin, bitcoin cash

    Why Bitcoin Cash is Better than Bitcoin

    Bitcoin experienced its first hard fork during the summer. The hard fork was as a result of a disagreement between Bitcoin’s core developers and miners. The dispute continues and is ultimately an attempt by Bitcoin’s mining cartel to hold on to all of the hashpower for Bitcoin mining, while the

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  • Bitcoin Interview

    Top Five Cryptocurrencies Experts Talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain and ICO’s

    Yes, cryptocurrencies, again. It’s the talk of the day, a live history and, stay in your seat, but perhaps an end of the financial and social system as we know it.Yet, it feels as only a few understand cryptocurrencies’ deep foundations, how it works and where the notion heads for.We gathered cryptocurrencies experts,

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  • So who has the most advanced cyber technology

    So Who Has the Most Advanced Cyber Warfare Technology?

    Cyber warfare by definition is the use of computer technology to disrupt activities of a state or organization. Attacks can bring down official government or company websites and networks, disrupt and even disable essential services and much frightening, harming major facilities and infrastructure networks, steal or amend classified data, bring

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  • Cryptocurrency Evolution: Countries Issue their Own Digital Currency

    The Next Cryptocurrency Evolution: Countries Issue their Own Digital Currency

    There’s been plenty of speculation on whether cryptocurrencies are a bubble ready to pop or something more significant and likely to pass the test of time. Depending on which U.S Bank CEO you listen to, the sentiment varies considerably, which continues to leave a shroud of uncertainty over the cryptoworld.Volatility

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