Gold Price Forecast: Buyers Remain in Control

Bruce Powers
Published: Apr 17, 2024, 06:34 GMT+00:00

Gold's recent bounce off support and completion of a Fibonacci retracement indicate potential for higher prices, but a daily close above last week's high is needed for confirmation.

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Following last week’s record high of 2,431 in gold, it has been testing support around the 8-Day MA, now at 2,354. Yesterday, it bounced off a low of 2,324 thereby successfully completing a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement. Also, support has been seen above the two top channel trendlines that cross around April 4 rather than trading below it.

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Bounces off 38.2% Fibonacci Support

The subsequent intraday advance bodes well for higher prices. However, it remains to be seen whether that will happen before or after a deeper retracement. Generally, in Fibonacci ratio analysis, the 38.2% retracement is watched as a minimum pullback before the primary trend may exert itself. Since that has been accomplished, a bullish continuation is possible.

Risk of Deeper Pullback Remains

Nonetheless, a daily close above last week’s high is needed to confirm a bullish trend continuation. Until then, another pullback remains possible. A drop below Monday’s low will be a sign of weakness that could lead to a deeper pullback. If hit, gold would then also be clearly below the 20-Day line, a further sign of weakness.

If the 8-Day line is busted, then the 20-Day MA at 2,271 becomes a target. Further, the 50% retracement is slightly above there at 2,289. A little lower is the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at 2,255. Support could be seen near any of those price levels. The more significant potential support zone is down near the 50-Day MA at 2,153 and the prior record high of 2,135 from early-December.

Evidence to Suggest at Least a Temporary Top Was Reached

In addition to the Fibonacci confluence zone (more than two Fibonacci levels) seen near the current record high, there is also both time and price symmetry that points to a possible high. Once there is a match with the current advance relative to a prior swing, the chance for a reversal increases.

There have been two legs up off the swing low bottom in October of last year. The first leg up hit a top in 41 trading days. Last Friday’s high was 41 trading days from the start of the second leg up on February 14. Price symmetry is not as close of a match as the first leg up advanced by 17.9% and the second rallied by 22.5%.

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