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  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski

    AUDJPY with a beautiful inverse head and shoulder formation

    The end of the last week and the start of this one are great for the currencies from the antipodes: AUD and NZD. In the battle of those two, the AUD seems a bit stronger, that is why we will focus on the first one. If you trade, you buy

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Important AUD Pairs’ Technical Overview: 18.04.2018

    AUD/USDFollowing its U-turn from 0.7805–0.7800 horizontal-resistance, the AUDUSD seems declining towards 0.7725-20 support test, but oversold RSI may confine the pair’s further downside, failing to which can highlight the 0.7700 and the 0.7670 rest-points. During the pair’s additional south-run beneath the 0.7670, the 0.7650 may become an important level to

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski

    3 Beautiful H&S Patterns with Strong Trading Signals

    Wednesday is a Head and Shoulders day in our analysis! Today we do have three great trading occasions for you based on this popular pattern.First one is the USDCAD, where the price created a big Head and Shoulders pattern. I bet that many traders saw that and were expecting the bearish

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Technical Checks For USD/JPY, GBP/JPY & AUD/JPY: 09.03.2018

    USD/JPYEven after bouncing off the 105.50-45 support-zone, the USDJPY still struggles with two-month old descending trend-line, at 106.85 now, before the crucial US NFP. Should the employment details please USD buyers, the pair may surpass 106.85 and can rise towards 107.20 and the 107.60 but its following recovery has to

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Technical Checks For USD/JPY, AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY & CHF/JPY: 22.02.2018

    USD/JPYHaving been defeated by 107.90 again, the USDJPY seem declining towards 107.00 re-test, breaking which 106.70 and the 106.40 are likely to appear on the chart. In case if the pair continue trading down below 106.40, the 106.00 may act as a small barrier during its south-run in direction to

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Important AUD Pairs’ Technical Outlook: 14.02.2018

    AUD/USDAUDUSD’s gradual recovery from 0.7758 recently reversed from 0.7890 horizontal-line, which in-turn signals the pair’s pullback to 0.7850 TL support. Should the pair break 0.7850, the 0.7830 and the 0.7790 are likely intermediate halts that it can avail before re-testing the 0.7760-55 support-zone. Moreover, pair’s declines below 0.7755 can make

  • Dmitriy Gurkovskiy
    Dmitriy Gurkovskiy

    Yen Still Being Strong

    Many macroeconomic reports are being released that could be important for the yen; two things, however, will prevail: Haruhiko Kuroda re-election as the BoJ governor and the demand for the yen as a safe haven.Safe haven thing is quite clear: when there’s tumult in the markets, investors are always looking

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Important AUD Pairs’ Technical Update: 31.01.2018

    AUD/USDDespite AUDUSD’s inability to extend recent north-run beyond 0.8135, the pair is less likely to decline much unless clearing the seven-week old ascending trend-line, at 0.8030 now. As a result, pair’s present up-moves are expected to confront the 0.8125-35 region but overbought RSI might restrict its additional rise. Should buyers

  • Yaron Mazor
    Yaron Mazor

    Yen Becoming Consolidated as Traders Wait

    While the Yen has gotten stronger this morning, speculators may believe the Yen will still gain against the U.S Dollar.Yen Maintaining Tight Range Past WeekThe Yen continues to maintain a tight trading range. The Japanese currency is trading near 111.00 against the U.S Dollar.USD/JPY 1H ChartThe currency has made a

  • Yaron Mazor
    Yaron Mazor

    September 2017 Support in Play for Yen Soon?

    September 2017 support levels may now become the focus for Yen traders.Yen Proves Capable of Sustaining GainsThe Yen has proven capable of sustaining strong gains against the U.S Dollar. The Japanese currency is near 110.80 after having broken important support levels last week.USD/JPY 1H ChartA look at a short-term and

  • Andrew Masters
    Andrew Masters

    Commodities still the main driver of the Australian dollar

    The Australian dollar has rallied in the last 2 weeks from a low of US75c to around US76.60c against the greenback, defying analysts’ predictions that the currency would tumble if the US Federal Reserve stuck to their plan to hike rates further next year and if new tax legislation in

  • Andrew Masters
    Andrew Masters

    Australian Dollar may hit US90c

    One of the reasons the Australian dollar may have strengthened is because the Fed gave no surprises, and kept to their earlier plan to lift rates 3 more times next year. The question is still up in the air whether 3 rate rises is possible as it was shown anything

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski

    Gold opens the way for new lows

    Gold made a significant move yesterday which actually triggers a sell signal on this instrument. The price broke the up trendline, lower line of the triangle and the horizontal support on the 1267 USD/oz. That is quite a lot for a few hours of trading. Currently, we do have a

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski

    Correction on the EURUSD is bigger than expected. AUDJPY with a nice bearish setup

    The correction on the EURUSD accelerates. The price did not stop on the 38,2% and 1.1730. We are clearly aiming the 50% Fibonacci along with the upper line of the recent big flag formation. As long as we stay above the neckline (green area) the sentiment is still positive but

  • Nenad Kerkez
    Nenad Kerkez

    AUD/JPY Bearish Zig Zag Pattern Aiming for 85.35 if 86.25 holds

    The AUD/JPY is following a bearish zigzag pattern that could reach D camarilla support levels as I showed during my Real-Time Daily Trading Ideas Live Webinar today. The AUD/JPY could reject from the POC zone 85.90-95 (50.0, W L5, EMA89, D H3) and as long as 85.18-25 holds we might see a

  • Yaron Mazor
    Yaron Mazor

    Yen Churns Within Known Range

    The Yen has weakened in early trading against the U.S Dollar this morning, but it is approaching important resistance levels which have proven to be strong since March of this year. Traders with a speculative taste may be tempted to sell the U.S Dollar against the Yen.Yen Weakening in Early

  • Nenad Kerkez
    Nenad Kerkez

    AUD/JPY Drops on Worse Than Expected CPI

    The Australian CPI rose 1.8 percent for the year which was lower than 2 percent expectation. The data hurt the AUD and it made a direct drop to W L4 with an extension to 87.78. At this point shorting on rallies is the option. Short term scalps could come around 88.08

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Technical Checks For Important AUD Pairs: 25.10.2017

    AUD/USDHaving breached the 0.7750-40 horizontal-line, the AUDUSD seems all set to test the 200-day SMA level of 0.7690 prior to visiting the 0.7630 support-mark. However, the pair’s declines beneath 0.7630 may find it hard to clear nearly eleven-month old ascending trend-line, at 0.7560, which if broken could open the door

  • Anil Panchal
    Anil Panchal

    Important JPY Pairs’ Technical Update: 11.10.2017

    USD/JPYUSDJPY’s sustained trading below three week old ascending trend-channel indicates brighter chances of its additional downside with 111.80 and the 111.00 being likely nearby supports for the pair before it could avail the 110.65-70 horizontal-line as rest-point. Given the pair’s dip below 110.65, the 110.30 and the 109.80 may reappear

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski
    Tomasz Wiśniewski

    Is the Long-Term Buy Signal on the AUDUSD Still Present?

    It has been a while when the AUDUSD triggered a major long-term buy signal on the weekly chart so let’s check if we still do have a positive sentiment here.AUDUSD Weekly ChartFirst buy signal was created as early as at the beginning of the year (January), when the price broke


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