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Bob Mason
Source: U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Vietnam (https://vn.usembassy.gov/20190227-remarks-president-trump-greeting-chairman-kimjongun/)

The Unthinkable

There was an element of hope in the early part of the week, as prelim June PMIs suggested a speedier economic recovery than many projected.

We then received the IMF’s doom and gloom projections for 2020 and 2021, both of which were revised downwards.

It wasn’t the IMF numbers, however, that were of concern or worst yet a reflection of U.S consideration for… Well, humanity.

We have heard the threats from across the Pond for some time. Few would have anticipated a renewed threat at this time.

The administration has targeted the likes of France, Germany, Spain, and the UK…

In total, at the time of writing, the 4 nations have reported 115,055 deaths from COVID-19 and a total 1,033,719 COVID-19 cases.

In stark contrast, the U.S has reported a total 2,463,923 COVID-19 cases and 124,308 COVID-19 related deaths.

Some may see the sense behind Trump’s views and renewed animosity against China. Few, however, should see any sense in Trump’s fresh EU assault.

How the UK has formed the latest list of EU member states to be targeted is almost comical. Hasn’t the UK just left the EU and going through its Brexit transition period? Oh and that’s before the much talked about U.S – UK “Special Relationship”…

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what Trump and the Republicans have planned for these nations.

Such behavior doesn’t make America great again, it just brings to an end Trump’s political career. Or so it should…

There are no Nobel Peace Prizes on offer and if the administration does roll-out tariffs, perhaps the Enemy of the State will be a lot closer to home…

This week, U.S President Trump decided to target the EU with trade tariffs totaling an unimaginable quantum. There must be a price to pay.


An Alternative, Any Alternative

Clearly Trump and his closest aides, including Navarro have lost the plot. When you throw in the administration’s willingness to risk more deaths to reboot the economy it gets even worse.

When you then consider the crisis over race, it’s yet another failure for Trump and the Republicans.

Perhaps Trump should be dragged to The Hague… Who needs impeachment when there may be crimes against humanity?

If that sounds harsh, then consider this… You are a manufacturer, a family run business in Italy or Spain or anywhere for that matter. You survived the lockdown but only just. Then, the U.S throws down tariffs. You’ve lost way too many loved ones to consider any positives. Times that by the more than 100,000 deaths.

Do we need U.S brands? China has already been mass-producing them through other labels and with the same quality, if not better.

If the COVID-19 pandemic was not the final nail in Trump’s coffin, then a trade war with the EU should be… Not because it is the EU but because of the lack of humanity…

Yes, diverting voter attention away from domestic woes makes sense.

Highlighting a lack of care for humanity? Well, at a time when we have had #Me Too and #Black Lives Matter and more, the Republicans couldn’t be more detached from America and the World.

Even the NFL recognized that…I was hoping to shift focus away from the Trump-bashing this week and praise those warranting recognition. Perhaps this will be possible next week or the week after. As a U.S alien, go Biden!

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