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Impeachment or the 25th?

The simplest solution to the latest political scandal to mar U.S politics is for President Trump to be removed from Office.

Following last Wednesday’s domestic terrorism, there are now concerns of further domestic terrorist acts on U.S soil.

Inauguration Day is just over a week away. Security agencies have already raised concerns over the threat of further violence.

If the Republicans don’t deal with the situation now, they could end up in the political wilderness.

While voters were poll-shy in admitting to voting for Donald Trump, not dealing with the situation now could make voters poll-shy about voting for the Republican Party.

Companies are turning their backs on the U.S President. Even Deutsche Bank announced that it would end all dealings with the U.S President. Capitol Hill should do the same in order to end the threat of further violence.

Trump may have come away unscathed from the #Me Too movement but he is unlikely to be so fortunate on the #United States Movement.

It would be almost ironic that Trump’s gravest act unites America and makes it great again. Republican support for ousting Trump would certainly send a message that the Republicans are not supportive of domestic terrorism.

Refusing to oust Trump may send the wrong message. Some would call that check mate…


What’s Next?

According to the latest chatter from Capitol Hill, the House of Representatives is set to vote on asking Mike Pence to invoke the 25th and remove Trump from office.

How much weight the vote will have remains to be seen.

Tomorrow, more interestingly, there will be a vote on impeaching the U.S President.

Republicans have already started jumping ship so it could be a game changer…

From a market perspective, however, there should be limited influence.

U.S President Donald Trump has now become immaterial to the markets. If he is ousted, he will also become immaterial to U.S politics.

A Cautionary Tale

One does have to wonder what the Republican Party will take away from the last 4-years.

From Mike Pence’s perspective, he is Donald Trump’s running mate. Ousting the President out of office is a big move.

Ultimately, however, it would remove any chance of a Trump return in 2024 and give Pence a shot at the Big Job…

Capitol Hill will be abuzz over the next couple of days.

While the markets should be relatively immune to the chatter, it will be an interesting time…

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