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  • bitcoin amazon

    Bitcoin is Evolving Just Like Amazon

    Bitcoin made news in 2017 largely because of its extraordinary rise in value from just over $1,000 to about 20 times that value by the end of the year. Its sudden drop in early 2018 and cautious recover led many investors – both seasoned and amateur – to question whether

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  • The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    If History Repeats Itself – The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    The annals of history are ridden with examples of humans failing to learn from past mistakes. As a matter of fact, certain events repeat themselves so similarly that history is literally said to repeat itself. One such phenomenon is financial crises and recessions.

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  • George_Soros

    It’ not a Bubble, George Soros Plans to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

    Did George Soros just deliver the Cryptomarket with a rally that could revive talks of a Bitcoin move to $40,000 by the end of the year and possibly more?

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  • Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements – From Fake Bitcoin Robots to ICO scams, a ban was necessary.

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  • Trade War Fears

    Trade War Fears Justified as China Responds with Force, Stock Markets Tumble

    China’s measured weekend response to the more than $50bn punitive trade tariffs imposed by the US government on 1,300 Chinese products, following earlier tariffs on steel and aluminium, took a turn today, with the Chinese government responding in kind, hitting the U.S with tariffs that are likely to hurt the

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  • amazon advertising

    Amazon Ready To End Alphabet and Facebook Advertising Duopoly

    Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) poses the biggest threat to Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) dominance of the advertising business.

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  • trump tariffs

    Impact on Stocks of Trump Tariffs

    President Trump’s recent announcements on tariffs should have created a threat to the US Stock market logic tells us as well as to the other nations that are involved in this trade war.Let’s not forget Canada, Mexico, and Australia are already exempted. Plus the announced tariffs cover hardly any US

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  • The US Has All the Tools to Win a Trade War

    The US Has All the Tools to Win a Trade War

    While the markets have been in steep decline, responding to the steel and aluminium trade tariffs and the $60bn of tariffs introduced on goods from China, there should have been no real surprise to the move, with President Trump having been clear from the get-go of his election campaign that

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  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook Must Have a Moral Duty, It’s a Social Network!

    The Facebook scandal refuses to ease. Facebook saw close to $37bn wiped off its market cap on Monday as the markets responded to the news over the weekend of Facebook Inc. selling data of more than 50m users without permission. Zuckerberg said yesterday “We don’t sell any data to anyone”

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  • spain europe

    Viva Espana? Bravo Europa? Leaving America?

    Look at this image I created using Bloomberg for the data. It shows the Dow and the Spanish IBEX indices over a 5 year period. It begs the question: will we see a closing of this gap now in performance? And does that mean better performance from Spain?Dow Jones/IBEXLet us

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  • Will Rising Interest Rates Push Gold Higher?

    Will Rising Interest Rates Push Gold Higher?

    There has been an incredible amount of chatter as to how many times the Federal Reserve is going to raise rates in 2018, and the speed at which it will raise them by. For gold investors, the old question lingers, “What will rising interest rates mean for the price of

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  • How the Italian Elections can affect the European Economy?

    How the Italian Elections can affect the European Economy?

    The Italian general election on Sunday 4th March will be another closely watched vote, with voters continuing to shift allegiances from the Establishment to the populist parties that have seen increased popularity in recent years.

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  • Will Switzerland Save Cryptocurrencies?

    Will Switzerland Save Cryptocurrencies?

    Of all the places in the world to hold assets – one of the first, if not the first, to come to mind is Switzerland. Neutral, fairly isolated, rich, discreet, and conservative – it has long been the first choice for anyone wanting to secrete any kind of asset in

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  • bitcoin and gold

    From Gold to Code: Could Cryptocurrencies Really Replace Fiat Money?

    Cryptocurrencies have accumulated a large fan base and raised the question whether crypto coins can replace the traditional money system. So, is it time we start talking about whether or not cryptocurrencies represent the future of money

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  • Telegram ICO

    The Biggest Initial Coin Offering: Telegram Has Raised $850 through its ICO

    Well-known social media chat platform Telegram just raised $850m from its pre-ICO, with the funds raised to cover the cost of development of Telegram’s TON blockchain and for the ongoing development and maintenance costs of Telegram’s Messenger app.

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  • Bitcoin Coins

    The Real Problems Being Solved Behind Cryptocurrencies

    The pace of change in all areas of life is relentless – go on vacation for a couple of weeks with no access to news – and you will, in all likelihood miss some major announcement about a new advance in cancer screening, aeronautics, computer science or a similar thing.

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  • Arun Jaitley, India Finance Minister & Alpesh Patel

    Why India is a Game Changer for the Crypto Market?

    I write to you from India, before hitting my trading desk at the start of a new week. Here in India, the annual budget by the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, has been interpreted by some as yet another death knell for Cryptocurrencies. They’re wrong. It’s the opposite.PioneersIndia is one of

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  • Brexit InterTrader

    Midterm Report – The Impact and the Future of Brexit

    The summer of ‘16 EU Referendum not only had the UK population divided but also the global financial markets. So what is the impact of Brexit so far?

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  • cryptocurrencies

    If Cryptocurrencies Are So Bad Then Why Are They Becoming More Popular?

    A lot of professional economists now live their lives to bash and criticize cryptocurrencies and their place in the modern world. Evidence of this abounds through a cursory look on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. It’s more divisive than the Brexit and the American President – or at least feels it.I

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  • cryptocurrencies

    3 Problems Exchanges Must Solve for Wall Street to Embrace Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrencies exchanges are the widest platform to buy and sell coins and although exchanges constantly evolve and improve, there are challenges ahead and problems to solve.

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