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There is no recommendation quite as strong as that from your peers. That’s why the user review section of the site plays an integral part in the overall reviewing scheme. When a true user has recommended or indeed left negative feedback on a product or service, that tends to be the best kind of indicator as to whether it is worth you trying out the company for yourself.

Of course, users must have genuinely used the product in the past and not be related to the product. FX Empire user reviews work on a star rating and comment system, where users (who must be registered to our system) can post their experiences. In turn, the broker has the right to reply to ensure fairness and balance all around.

User Reviews Editorial Guidelines

Please read carefully this section before submitting your review

Who can write a review? 

  • You can write a broker review on FX Empire only if you have had direct experience of working with that company.
  • You may only write about your own personal experience. You are not permitted to write a review about somebody else’s experience.
  • You cannot leave a review on a broker you have previously or currently have connections with, eg. a broker you or a family member owns or have worked for. Likewise, you should not write for a broker that is a direct competitor to that which you own or work for.
  • In order to leave a review on FXEmpire, you will need to first register as a user. This means setting up a profile. This should be connected to an email address that we can contact you on if need be.

What is not permitted

  • We are at liberty to remove any review which is fake or written by the broker’s employees.
  • We will not tolerate any form of abuse, blackmail or threats against people that leave user reviews at FX Empire. Where necessary, we can block access to our user review section and will notify the relevant authorities.

What should you write about

  • Your review should be about your own experience of using the broker you are reviewing.
  • We would encourage you to be specific and factual in your reviews.
  • If the broker has incentivized you or asked you for a positive review in exchange for a bonus or other incentive you must mention it inside your review.

When do we remove your review

The only case in which we will remove reviews is if they violate our user guidelines or are inappropriate. Cases in which we may remove reviews include the following:

  • If your user review is not genuine or is not based on your actual experience with the broker.
  • If your review violates the rights of the broker you are writing about eg. through confidentiality or intellectual property rights.
  • If your review is promotional in nature or has been written with the goal of marketing or promoting a broker for financial gain.
  • If you are an employee or owner of the broker or competing company that you are writing about.
  • If you have created multiple accounts in order to review the broker.
  • If you have used offensive language.
  • If your review has no added values.

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