Best Forex Brokers in Spain 2019

Choosing a forex broker in Spain should not be a difficult task, considering there are so many competent brokerages. However, when choosing a broker, you want to ensure it’s the best possible one for you. Inside we feature a list of the very best brokers for the Spanish market. The list is based on our own expert research and through feedback from our users.

How to Choose a Forex Broker as a Spanish Trader

Spain is known to be a desirable destination among forex traders and brokers. Both traders and businesses benefit from the excellent regulatory guidelines imposed on the financial markets in Spain. Being apart of the EU and the European Economic Area, forex trading is subjected to the guidelines set by the MiFID which ensure safe, stable and secure investment practices among forex brokerages.

Spanish traders should always choose brokers who are regulated to conduct business in Spain. Below are a few important aspects to consider when choosing a forex broker in Spain.

  • Traders should only choose brokers regulated under the National Securities Market Commission, (CMNV).
  • Traders should choose companies with enticing bonuses along with low commissions and fees for maximum profits on investment.
  • Ensure the accounts offered by the broker have enough diversity and currency pairs to fit your trading needs.

General Regulation & Spanish Regulation

The financial and securities markets in Spain are regulated by a government agency known as the National Securities Market Commission, (CNMV). The main responsibility of this regulatory authority is to regulate the financial markets in Spain through the implementation of regulatory guidelines and policies. Their goal is to maintain and promote a fair and stable financial market with the protection of consumers in mind. In addition to this regulatory authority, the MiFID also correlates with the CNMV for the regulation of forex trading in Spain. This is due to Spain’s involvement in the European Economic Area.

Trading Platform & Software

The best forex brokers in Spain provide the most advanced and up to date trading platforms and software. Designed with the trader in mind, the best trading platforms offer an easy to use and visually pleasing interface, has a variety of analysis tools, and fast speeds for execution. A good trading platform will offer their traders up to date quotes and charts in an organized and easy to use format. The interface should be fast, informative, and easy enough to use. Many forex brokers in Spain offer a free trial of their platforms before a full commitment.

Commissions & Spreads

Spreads and commissions are both very important aspects of a forex broker. They go hand in hand and play a big part in whether the forex broker is worth your while. In fact, the spread is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a forex broker. With that said, we choose forex brokers with low spreads and comparable commissions.

Account Types

Spanish traders are fortunate to have multiple account types to choose from with most of the brokers offering forex trading services to Spanish clients. With that said, common account types available to Spanish forex traders are Micro, Premium, VIP, Zero Spread, Fixed, Currenex, HF Social, and Islamic accounts.

Customer Service

With the Spanish language being the second most spoken language in the world, traders have no problem whatsoever receiving customer service in Spanish.

Additional Services

The best forex brokers in Spain go the extra mile with their clients in offering additional services and resources such as educational material, training courses/classes communicative forums, and more.


Our best forex brokers in Spain list is created with the utmost certainty in quality and reputation. We have only gathered CNMV regulated brokers who are known to be reputable and competent with the services they provide. All our brokers offer excellent trading platforms, competitive commissions and fees, and a wide range in account types.

Top Brokers
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List of Brokers

ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FSB, MASIsrael$100Open Account
  • CFD Service. 80.6% lose money
CySEC, FCA, FSB, IFSCCyprus$5Open Account
  • Your capital is at risk
ASIC, FCA, FSBUnited Kingdom$300Open Account
  • Your capital is at risk
ASIC, CySEC, FCACyprus$200Open Account
  • 65% of retail investor accounts lose money
FCAUnited Kingdom$100Open Account
  • Your Capital is at Risk