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Wirex is an innovative app and payment card that allows users to seamlessly send, receive, exchange and spend a range of digital and conventional currencies.

Through the Wirex platform, users can make payments via its Wirex App and payment card, which support the spending of digital and conventional currencies.

At present, Wirex current supports 9 cryptos that include: Bitcoin (“BTC”), Dai (“DAI”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Nano (“NANO”), Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”), Stellar’s Lumen (“XLM”), Waves (
WAVES”), and Wirex Token(“WXT”).

Wirex also supports 16 fiat currencies that include Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, and U.S Dollar.

The platform supports 3 payment methods: debit and credit card and e-wallets.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in London, England, Wirex falls under the purview of the UK’s FCA, the Bank of Lithuania, and Singapore’s MAS.

The platform supports countries across Europe and the Asia Pacific. Countries supported by Wirex include UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czeck, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Wirex Platform Attributes

Key attributes of the Wirex platform include:

  • Easy and quick registration and verification process. The verification process can take a matter of minutes.
  • Supports the deposit and withdrawal, exchange, and spending of cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
  • Mobile compatible apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Multiple deposit options including fiat deposits by Visa and Mastercard.
  • Wirex Card allows users to spend fiat and crypto money.
  • No additional fees to exchange fiat-fiat, fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, or crypto-fiat.
  • • X-Accounts: Users can earn up to 16% on their crypto and fiat funds.
  • An easy-to-use platform.
  • Regulated and licensed.
  • Appropriate controls in place to protect users and their assets.
  • Responsive customer support to assist users.

The Pros and Cons


  • Regulated: Wirex is regulated by FCA, Bank of Lithuania and by the MAS.
  • Customer Support: Users may contact customer support by raising a support ticket. The Customer Support team is extremely responsive.
  • Fiat Money: Users may send, receive, exchange, and spend any one of 9 supported fiat currencies.
  • Competitive Fees: Free multicurrency and zero exchange fees.
  • Global Reach: Wirex is available in 130 countries worldwide and rapidly expanding.
  • Segregated Accounts: All client money is held in trust, with Wirex clients the beneficiaries.
  • Mobile Compatible: Wirex app is compatible for Android and IOS smartphones.
  • Simple Registration Process: It takes a matter of minutes to register and generally less than 5-minutes to complete the verification process. Users are not able make deposits until the verification process is complete.

Other positives include

  • Attractive rewards program: The Wirex Cryptoback rewards programme gives customers up to 2.0% back in cryptocurrency in-store transactions and online with a Wirex card.
  • Interest on deposits: As a Mastercard Principal Member, Wirex offers a range of products and services. These include:
    • Interest on deposits, with up to 12% savings bonus.
    • Greater flexibility to offer best-on-market rates.
    • Tiered rewards programme to benefit heavy users.
  • Security: Strong emphasis on security and the use of segregated accounts to ring-fence users’ assets.
  • Referral Program: Users can earn BTC on referrals and by using the Wirex Card.


  • Wirex currently supports 9 cryptocurrencies. These are among the largest cryptos by market cap, however.
  • There is no demo account for users to familiarize themselves with the platform. The platform is simple to use, however.
  • The platform does not offer charts and indicators to cater for technical analysis.


Brokerage Services, Supported Cryptocurrencies & Payment Methods

Wirex delivers a platform that allows users to send, receive, exchange, and spend a range of digital and conventional currencies.

After launching the first crypto-enable Visa card back in 2018, Wirex became the 1st crypto-friendly Mastercard principal member in 2021.

Wirex enables its more than 3.1m customers to use crypto and fiat currencies interchangeably in day-to-day life.

For users looking to deposit fiat money, Wirex offers multiple deposit options including Visa and Mastercard.

Users who already own Wirex supported cryptocurrencies may transfer these to the compatible cryptocurrency wallets available on the Wirex platform.


To open an account, go to the Wirex homepage and click on the “Open an Account Today” icon as shown below:


Enter your country of residence, email address, and enter a password as prompted. Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy and then click “Continue”.


Confirm your email address by going to your email and clicking on “Confirm Email”.


Upon confirmation of your email, you will then need to:

          • Verify your identity
          • Add funds
          • Order your Wirex Visa card
          • Buy and exchange crypto and traditional currency.

Once you have confirmed your email, enter your home address details and then click “Continue”.


Double check your address detail and confirm that your address is correct by clicking “My Address is Correct”.


Enter your personal details as per your passport or ID and then click “Next”.


Enter your phone number, ensuring that the area code is correct and then click “Verify Number” and then entire the verification code and click “Confirm”.

At this stage, Wirex must verify your identity by law. Click “Verify Identity” to continue.


Firstly, scan the QR code or download the Wirex App on your mobile phone.


Follow the prompts on your mobile phone to confirm your address and details. Re-enter your ID or passport number and then take a picture of your ID or Passport as prompted.

Then take a selfie and follow the steps recording the alphanumeric code given and complete the process.

You will then receive a notification, indicating that the verification process will take a few minutes but may take up to 24-hours.

Click “Got It” and await the completion of the verification process.

While you await the completion of the verification process, you can log out and log back into the Wirex platform and familiarize yourself with the platform.


Post Registration Deposit

Once Wirex has completed the verification process, you will now need to make a deposit to begin using the Wirex offerings.

Wirex automatically provides newly verified users with a “WXT” account. For users who wish to deposit alternatively held crypto or fiat money, users will need to add the appropriate accounts.

In order to add an account, go to the Wirex Dashboard and click on the Accounts settings icon as shown below:


You will then be given the option to “Add Account” as shown below:


By clicking “Add Account”, you then have the option to add a “traditional” or “digital” currency account.

For demonstrative purposes, we have selected Bitcoin (“BTC”). Simply click the “+” icon and the account will be added to your accounts listing.

Go back to the Wirex “Home” page and select the newly added “Bitcoin (“BTC”) account as shown below:


In order to add Bitcoin, select the Bitcoin (“BTC”) account and click “Add Funds”


Choose your payment method. You may transfer Bitcoin from an existing external wallet.

Click on the QR and Address option and activate your Bitcoin (“BTC”) address.


You are then provided with your Bitcoin (“BTC”) wallet QR code and address in order to transfer Bitcoin (“BTC”) to your newly activated Bitcoin (“BTC”) wallet.


Once your Bitcoin (“BTC”) have reached your Wirex Bitcoin (“BTC”) you may exchange, spend, or transfer your Bitcoin (“BTC”).

For those looking to deposit fiat money, Wirex supports deposits by Mastercard and Visa. Please see Deposit section for details.

Supported Crypto and Fiat Money

Wirex gives investors and traders access to the most popular cryptos in the market place.

Supported cryptos include Bitcoin (“BTC”), Dai (“DAI”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Nano (“NANO”), Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”), Stellar’s Lumen (“XLM”), and Wirex Token (“WXT”).

Wirex supported fiat money includes: Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, and U.S Dollar.

Users may either add funds, send, or exchange crypto or fiat money from the Wirex Dashboard as shown below:


Users may exchange between Wirex supported fiat-fiat, crypto-crypto, and crypto-fiat or vice-versa pairings.

The Details

Wirex supports users to send, receive, exchange, and spend supported crypto and fiat money. Additionally, users may earn up to 16% on crypto and fiat funds via X-Accounts.

Users may receive and send and exchange both fiat and crypto money. Additionally, users may spend both fiat and crypto money through the Wirex Card.

For investors looking to exchange, Wirex enables users to exchange fiat-fiat, crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat.

Investors looking to purchase Wirex supported cryptos can either deposit already owned cryptos and exchange or deposit Wirex supported fiat currencies.

The supported cryptos include Bitcoin (“BTC”), Dai (“DAI”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Nano (“NANO”), Ripple’s XRP (“XRP”), Stellar’s Lumen (“XLM”), and Wirex Token(“WXT”).

Investors can purchase supported cryptos by depositing already held cryptos or by depositing supported fiat money.

Wirex supports the following fiat currencies Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, and U.S Dollar. Wirex offers its users access to OTC and interbank rates for crypto and traditional currency exchanges respectively.

Live Wirex currency exchange rates can be viewed here.

Balances and Account History

Wirex provides users with all the necessary data needed to review current balances and historical account activity.

Crypto and Fiat Account Balances

Within the “Dashboard” page, users may view individual account balances for accounts that have been activated.

Simple scroll down the “Accounts” section to view balances by individual account, as shown below:


Recent Account Activity

As shown above, a user’s recent activity across the Wirex platform is shown on the right-hand side of the Dashboard page.

By selecting a particular account, users may also view recent activity within that particular account, as shown below:



In addition to the recent activity sections outlined above, users may also access monthly and all-time account statements.

At present, users will need to contact the Wirex support team via in-app chat to request a statement. Simply specify the time line for which you wish to receive a statement.

At the time of writing, Wirex is in the process of developing a new auto feature to send statements to users on a monthly basis.

Fees and Charges

Wirex provides users and prospective users with a detailed breakdown of all relevant fees and limits.

It is important to note that fees and limits do vary depending upon region.

Deposit and Transfer Fees


Fees and Limits


Exchange and Card Transaction Fees



Account, Card Fees, and Rewards



Wirex is launching a new X-Accounts feature in partnership with Fireblocks, an industry-leading crypto-provider.

Via X-Accounts, users can earn up to 16% interest on their crypto and fiat funds.

Avoiding expensive fees and complicated processes often associated with DeFi and yield farming, users will have the ultimate control over their funds. This includes instant access, no minimum holdings, and no maintenance fees for each pot.

How it Works

• Add Funds: Top up your Wirex account using a linked credit or debit card.
• Create an X-Account in minutes: Select the X-Account tab on your app dashboard and follow the instructions. You can customize the name of individual X-Accounts, making it even easier to keep track of your earnings.
• Start Earning Industry-Best Interest: Earnings are calculated daily and paid weekly, with no fees or charges for withdrawing at any time. Plus, X-Accounts earn compound interest, which means you earn interest on your interest.

For more information visit:

Wirex Accounts

Users may view their crypto and fiat money accounts on the “Dashboard” page as shown below. It is worth noting that an account is only visible after a user has added it.


From here, users may deposit, exchange, or send fiat money and cryptos as well as check balances.

Please note that there are low deposit limits for linked card deposits until linked cards are verified.

For all related fees, please refer to the “Fees and Charges” section.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

For investors and traders looking to deposit or withdraw funds, Wirex allows deposits and withdrawals in Wirex supported cryptos and fiat money.

Fiat Money:


Fiat money deposits: Users may make deposits by Visa and Mastercard. For users based in Europe, bank transfers are also permissible.

For demonstrative purposes, we have selected to deposit British Pound and opted Visa card as payment method.

In order to make a deposit, go to the “Dashboard” page and select your British Pound (“GBP”) account that you have activated and click on the “Add Funds” icon.


If you have not already linked your Visa or Mastercard, click “+ Link New Card”.


Enter your card details and billing address and then click “Link a card”.


Once you have successfully linked your card, you will see the card details available under the linked cards section.


Select the linked card from which you wish to make a deposit, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Confirm”.


Please do note the daily deposit limits that are in place to protect card holders until the confirmation process is complete.


Users may withdraw Wirex supported fiat money.

In order to send fiat money, go to “Dashboard” and select the account from which you wish to make a transfer.


Click “Send”, then select the recipient. You may either select “To Myself”, “To another person”, or “To a business”.

Complete the information requested and the amount that you wish to transfer and then click “Confirm”.

Double check the details of your transfer and then click “Send”. You will then need to go to your email and confirm the transaction.

Within the recent activity section of the account, you will see the status as “Processing”. Upon completion of the transfer, the status will change to “Complete”.


Users can make crypto deposits and withdrawals from the Wirex “Dashboard” page as shown below.



In order to make a crypto deposit, go to the “Dashboard” page.

For demonstrative purposes, we are depositing Bitcoin.

Select the crypto account that you wish to deposit under the Accounts section and click “Add Funds”.


Now select your payment method. Users may either transfer Bitcoin from an external wallet or purchase Bitcoin with a linked card.

For demonstrative purposes, we have opted to deposit already held Bitcoin.

Click on the QR and Address Link and either copy the wallet address to or scan the QR code from your external wallet.


From your external wallet, enter the number of Bitcoin you wish to deposit and transfer the Bitcoin to your Wirex address.

If you wish to deposit Bitcoin by making a card purchase, simply click on your linked card and enter the amount of Bitcoin and click “Confirm”.


Once your account has been credited, you may send, spend, or exchange your newly deposited Bitcoin.


For withdrawals, users are able to withdraw cryptocurrencies by transferring out from the Wirex account to compatible external wallets.

In order to withdraw your cryptocurrency, go to the “Dashboard” page and select the account from which you wish to withdraw your cryptocurrency and click “Send”.

Enter the amount that you wish to send and enter the destination wallet address along with any memo or destination tags.

Click “Confirm” in order to confirm all the details. Please do take care as all crypto transfers are irreversible.

Once you have confirmed, go to your email and confirm the transaction in your Transfer Confirmation email. You will have 1-hour to confirm the transaction. In cases where the recipient crypto wallet address has been previously used, no confirmation is required.

Transfer times can take between 30-60 minutes.

Key features of the Wirex platform include:

Exchange Features

Exchange: From funded accounts, users may exchange already held fiat or crypto. Supporting both crypto and fiat money, users may exchange fiat-fiat, fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, or crypto-fiat.

It is worth noting that Wirex does not charge users addition fees for processing transactions. Wirex calculates its exchange rates based on 10 different exchanges and 3 OTC institutions.

Tracking Options

Recent Activity: Provides users with details of all recent activity across the platform. Users may also request statements from Wirex across any time periods for historical activity.

Balance: Users are able to view their individual account balances on the Dashboard page.

Payment Options

Add: Allows users to deposit both fiat money and crypto currencies.

Balance: Users may view fiat money and cryptocurrencies balances from the individual user accounts.

Send: Users may send crypto and fiat money across the Wirex network or to external wallets and banks.

Spending Options

Wirex Card: Users may apply for a Wirex card in supported regions to spend and withdraw money.

Earnings Options

X-Accounts: In partnership with Fireblocks, an industry leading crypto-provider, X-Accounts allows users to earn up to 16% on their crypto and fiat funds.

Referral Program: Wirex users can earn income through the referral program.

By promoting your own personal link online, users can earn in two states:

    • $5 in BTC once your friend buys $100 worth of crypto with their linked credit/debit card.
    • An additional $5 in BTC when the same friend orders a contactless Wirex Visa card and makes their first in-store purchase.

Users can view their Wirex rewards in the dedicated Wirex Rewards page as shown below.


Cryptoback: Wirex Card customers can earn up to 2.0% back in WXT on in-store and online transactions.


SUPPORT: Responsive customer support team to address any queries via the on-line chat app.

Social Media: Social media presence, with users also able to contact the Wirex team on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Privacy and Security

Wirex provides users with a multi-tiered security platform.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Users may enable 2FA from the security page that can be accessed via the Account icon. Ensure that you have Google Authenticator or Authy installed before proceeding.

It is worth noting that Wirex has a strong emphasis on security and focus on protecting user assets. All assets are held in segregated client bank accounts, protecting users from any claims against Wirex.

Regulatory Compliance: Wirex is regulation friendly delivering a transparent, safe, and a secure environment for users around the world.

Customer Support

Wirex provides customer support 24-7. Users may create a support ticket via the “Support” page and the Wirex customer support team will respond normally within minutes.

Additionally, there is also a chat box, where Wirebox Bot will look to address more standard issues.

The chatbox icon can be located at the bottom right-hand side of your Wirex page.

Social Media: Wirex also has a social media presence.




Additional Information

For users looking for further guidance on using the Wirex platform, there is a dedicated Help page.

From here, users may read articles, search by keywords, visit the Wirex forum, or submit a request to the support team.


Some of the frequently asked questions on Wirex include:

Is my information safe with Wirex?

The security of your personal details is our priority. We employ the latest technology to keep your information and funds as safe as possible, including:

Email confirmation, 2FA, Multi-Sig Technology, Account Monitoring for unusual behavior, and verification processes are in place to deliver a secure platform.

How long does it take to receive funds sent to my Wirex crypto account?

Transaction speed depends on both the blockchain’s and Wirex’s current network load, and they usually complete within 15 minutes. However, this may take longer during times of exceptionally high load.

If you used your local credit or debit card or Wirex card to purchase or exchange crypto, this can also take up to 15 minutes to appear in your balance if the system load is high.

I forgot my password

If you forgot your Wirex account password or just want to change it, you can recover it anytime. Just tap/click forgot password on the app or web login screen.

Please follow our password strength recommendations.


Wirex is a simple to use platform that allows users to buy, sell, send, spend, and store fiat and crypto money.

Low fees and the Wirex Card make Wirex a go to platform for those looking to interchange and spend both fiat and crypto.

Regulated and with a strong emphasis on security, Wirex is a got to platform for those already immersed in the crypto world and for those looking to enter into it for the first time.

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