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  • Inflation and the Value of Money

    Inflation and the Value of Money

    The higher the volatility, the better for the Forex trader, for this simple reason that opportunities to buy and sell appear more often.Few traders think, though, that the Forex dashboard is the perfect illustrator of the value of money. Everyone focuses on making pips day in day out, but what

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  • How to Buy EOS Coin: A Complete Guide

    How to Buy EOS Coin: A Complete Guide

    What is EOS?How EOS WorksEOS TokenHow To Buy EOSBest EOS Digital WalletsEOS FeaturesEthereum vs. EOSBefore we get into the business of buying EOS tokens, it is essential to have a clear idea of what EOS is all about.What is EOS?Ethernet over Sonnet (EOS) is a powerful blockchain-based infrastructure that enables

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  • How Traders Can Take Advantage of Volatile Markets

    How Traders Can Take Advantage of Volatile Markets

    If markets never moved, nobody would make any money. Short-term price movements are normal. All markets, from forex to the FTSE 100 rise and fall on a minute by minute basis. Some degree of volatility is to be expected but many traders prefer to sit it out when trading conditions

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  • How To Trade Bitcoin And How To Avoid Scams

    How To Trade Bitcoin And How To Avoid Scams

    I remember a few years back: “Bitcoin? What’s that? Ohh, yea, that computer money BS. Come on, spend your time and money on something real”. Ahem… and what are you saying now, huh? Now everybody’s sorry they didn’t spend their time and a bit of money on Bitcoin when it

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  • 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin IRAs Are a Smart Retirement Strategy

    3 Reasons Why Bitcoin IRAs Are a Smart Retirement Strategy

    Everywhere you turn, and even across political parties, the sentiment about retirement in America seems to share a rather uniform view: it’s bleak. According to a study published in 2017 by the National Institute of Retirement Security, 88% of Americans say that the nation faces a retirement crisis. When you

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  • Best Strategies to Trade Geopolitical Events

    Best Strategies to Trade Geopolitical Events

    Economic conditions in recent quarters have been a positive for the financial markets, with growth across key economies have been in sync for some time, supporting positive corporate earnings and the record highs across the global equity markets seen earlier in the year.In spite of the broader global economic outlook

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  • geopoplitics

    Eastern Stability: How Might Improving Relationships with China, Israel, and Korea Affect the Forex Market?

    This is what is known as ‘geopolitical risk’. With today’s markets more interconnected than ever, traders from major forex platforms must pay close attention to geopolitical events if they want to mitigate the risks.How Geopolitical Events Influence Forex?The forex market is huge. It grew to a peak trading volume of

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  • Bitcoin's Lightning Network Complete Guide

    Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Complete Guide: How Can it Solve Bitcoin’s Biggest Problem?

    Bitcoin scalability IssueWhat Is Bitcoin Lightning Network?How Bitcoin Lightning Network Works?How Can Lightning Network Solve Bitcoin’s Problem?Benefits of Lightning NetworkHow Can Anyone Join Lightning Network?Lightning Network ReleasesBitcoin scalability IssueScalability is one of the biggest issues that has made Bitcoin mainstream adoption difficult. The issue relates to the number of transactions

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  • Ethereum – Commodity or Security: What’s the Difference?

    Ethereum – Commodity or Security: What’s the Difference?

    While some cryptocurrencies have been considered to be true cryptocurrencies, where they are considered to be viable alternatives to fiat money, others are considered to be equivalent to a security or a commodity.The resulting impact of a classification for a particular cryptocurrency can be material in the way that it

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  • Blockchain and the Law: Is It Safe and Legal to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

    Blockchain and the Law: Is It Safe and Legal to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

    Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are all the rage at the moment. Their unregulated and decentralized nature means they are potentially disruptive when it comes to how global currency is handled. Without having to be associated with a geopolitical force like a national government or a central bank, digital currency is

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  • How do I analyze a Cryptocurrency token

    How Do I Analyze a Cryptocurrency Token?

    Distribution of tokensThe Distributed Periodic Table: A system for classifying tokensArchetypes of tokensTokens in a larger contextDistribution of tokensOne of the first things to consider in the case of an ICO, a hard fork or the launch of a new cryptocurrency is the token distribution. Is there an extreme centralization

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  • gold 7

    How Are Gold Prices Determined

    The following chart breaks down some of the key influencers. You’ll learn about the LBMA and the difference of spot pricing vs. future pricing. What’s the difference between investing in gold stocks and ETFs as opposed to bullion or gold coins? Find the answers below in this guide to gold

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  • 4 Triggers for the Next Bitcoin Boom

    4 Triggers for the Next Bitcoin Boom

    As the founder and COO of, the first and largest Bitcoin IRA platform, I have witnessed this year’s significant Bitcoin price drop firsthand which has caused potential investors to approach the market with trepidation. Both current and prospective customers frequently ask me when the market will be rebound again.

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  • trading best strategies

    Scalping, Swing and Long-Term Trading Strategies: A Complete Guide

    There are many different trading styles, and some of them will fit your trading personality. Each trading style, whether long-term or short-term, will allow you to generate gains if you combine it with a robust risk management strategy. Prior to developing a trading strategy, you should determine if you want

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  • How to Buy Lisk (LSK)

    How to Buy Lisk (LSK) Coin: The Ultimate Guide

    What is Lisk (LSK)?How to Buy Lisk (LSK)?Buying Lisk (LSK) with Fiat CurrenciesBuying Lisk (LSK) with CryptocurrenciesBuying Lisk (LSK) with BitcoinCreate a Lisk (LSK) Digital WalletsLisk Coin Price and Market CapThe Benefits of Lisk (LSK)What is Lisk (LSK)?Lisk was formed in May 2016 following a Crypto hard fork and was

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  • Smart Trip

    Blockchain Project Smart Trip Will Make Planning Your Trip Easy as Pie

    Planning a thorough journey to a foreign land might be an ordeal for many, as it involves visiting numerous websites and services in order to find and book a flight, a hotel room, or some excursion. Tourist service providers often tend to charge enormous amounts of money for doing it

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  • content pirates

    Content Pirates: Unredeemable Criminals or Desperate Consumers

    Piracy: there is more to it than meets the eyeExperts are still arguing whether this scourge of digital seas is an economic disaster or simply a nuisance but as its presence becomes ever more widespread, new data on its cause have emerged.Two unrelated studies one by the University of Portsmouth

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  • gold mining

    Are the Top 16 Risks to Gold Stocks in 2018 Catalysts for Gold?

    Many of the top risks to gold stocks are related to geopolitical and financial concerns, which will only compound the already high operational risks. Many of these top risks to gold stocks can be applied to silver stocks and any commodity stocks as well. What was most interesting, many of

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  • trading crude oil

    Trading Oil with Contract for Differences (CFD’s)

    Trading oilHow to Trade Crude Oil?What is a CFD?Why Trade Crude Oil CFDs?Why Now?What’s the Best Crude Oil Trading Strategy?Crude oil markets are experiencing a period of extreme volatility, making them some of the most alluring prospects for investors around the world.“Escalating tensions in the Middle East have stimulated concerns

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  • vInside the Mind of a Trader

    Inside the Mind of a Trader

    When I wrote my first book, there was a very good reason I called it ‘The Mind of a Trader’. Every one of the 10 leading traders I interviewed for the book told me that psychology was key to success. The criteria that I as the author, the Financial Times

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