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  • What are ILP's (Initial Loan Procurements) and How Does it Work?

    What are ILP’s (Initial Loan Procurements) and How Does it Work?

    What is an Initial Loan Procurement(ILP)?What is Blockhive?Initial Loan Procurements BasicsHow ILPs WorksThe Need for Initial Loan ProcurementsILP as an Alternative to ICOICO vs. ILPInitial Coin Offerings have for the longest time emerged as a preferred means of raising funds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In most cases, they

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  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in the early stage of their growth."

    “Blockchain Could Be Recognized as Even More Important than the Internet”

    Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are now part of history, perhaps representing the end of the financial and social system as we know it. However, it seems that only a few understand the deep foundations of cryptocurrencies, the technology behind them, the way they work and where they are heading to. We

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  • Cryptocurrencies

    5 Tips to Consider Before Integrating Cryptocurrencies in Your Business

    Even though the cryptocurrency market has more or less plummeted since the end of 2017, the interest for these digital currencies is still high. During 2018 the focus in cryptocurrencies has slowly started shifting from mostly being an investment opportunity for private investors to something businesses are becoming more interested

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  • XRP and Ripple

    The Separation of Ripple and XRP: Why it Happened? What Does it Mean and What are the Differences?

    What Is Ripple?What is XRP?Differences between Ripple and XRPRipple-XRP SeparationRipple-XRP Separation ConsequencesBottom LineContrary to perception, Ripple and XRP are two different and totally independent entities. However, most people, for the longest time have used ‘Ripple’ to refer to the underlying cryptocurrency XRP. While it has been okay, things could soon

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  • What Are ILP's (Initial Loan Procurements)?

    Could ILPs Be A Viable Alternative To Initial Coin Offerings?

    ICOs have rapidly grown to become the most popular form of crowdfunding especially with the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. However, ICOs do not have a good reputation due to the lack of proper regulation and the fact that scammers have also been taking advantage of the industry.Following the uncertain nature

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  • Banks and Fintech

    Why Banks and Fintech Firms Should Team Up Rather Than Compete With Each Other

    Traditional banks all over the world have always been part of a legacy industry that still follows age-old practices and techniques. With digital disruption becoming commonplace in every industry vertical today, it was only a matter of time before banks were forced to clean up their acts.Findings from the Global

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  • Cryptocurrencies investments

    Should I Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

    Is investing in cryptocurrency safe? Legal? Financially sound?As the financial world becomes more and more dependent on digitization and data analysis, information sharing has developed as a way to not only relay communications but to quantify value and transfer currency. Decentralized currencies provide a new way of looking at money

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  • Risk Control - Trading

    5 Ways to Control Risk When Trading Forex

    As a trader, your number one job is that of a Risk Manager. You must control and minimize risk at all times. This should be your primary objective. Everything else is secondary to that. This concept is difficult for some traders to really get a hold of, but it is

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  • Best Cryptocurrencies Apps – 2018

    Best Cryptocurrencies Apps – 2018

    Cryptocurrencies are no longer a fad but a spectacle that is taking the world by storm, amidst talk they could be the currency of the future. Unlike in the past when digital currencies were confined to the internet, they are having an impact in the real world on increased usage

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  • Canadian Dollar

    Things to Consider When Trading the Canadian Dollar

    The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is an important currency part of the Forex dashboard. As part of the DXY (Dollar Index), where it holds almost a ten percent stake, the CAD reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian economy.Speaking of Canada, the country stands for a symbol of capitalism and

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  • Momentum Indicators

    Mastering the Basics of Momentum Indicators

    RSI – Relative Strength IndexThe Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the simplest ways to gauge momentum. Developed by J. Welles Wilder in the 1970’s, it’s based on the simple notion that prices will tend to close higher in an uptrend and close lower in a downtrend.RSI is constructed

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  • ESMA

    ESMA Regulations: A Brief History of Regulation

    The departure of a very prominent broker from the US market made waves back in 2017. The blowback though was felt by the entire industry…globally. This tarnished the industry’s (admittedly) not so pristine image which it is still trying to recover from.Then earlier this year Chinese authorities enacted their own

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  • Top Venture Capital Firms Investing in Blockchain

    These are the Top Venture Capital Firms Investing in Blockchain

    Venture capital funds have been investing in blockchain for the better part of the past decade. But it’s only in the last two years that the industry has really begun to mature.Over 120 venture capital (VC) firms have now made two or more investments in blockchain companies. With that in

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  • Golden and Death Crosses Explained

    Golden and Death Crosses Explained

    One of the oldest concepts in technical analysis, trading with moving averages helps traders keeping an objective eye on the market. There are many types of moving averages traders can use these days, like the SMA (Simple Moving Average) or EMA (Exponential Moving Average), but the interpretation is the same.The

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  • The Combination of Forex Broker Services and Crypto-Exchange

    The Combination of Forex Broker Services and Crypto-Exchange

    The evolution of the cryptocurrency world continues and, while a number of crypto exchanges have been under the watchful eye of governments and regulators, the more seasoned have shown the capability and capacity to deliver the necessary functionalities for traders and investors to earn trading revenue from the cryptomarket, without

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  • Hacking Computer

    51% Attack Explained: The Attack on A Blockchain

    Attackers use 51% attacks to reverse transactions that have already taken place, in a blockchain, in what has come to be known as double spend. For instance, one can spend 5 bitcoins to purchase a motorcycle. Once the bike is delivered, logic dictates that Bitcoins are to be transferred to

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  • 5 Money-Saving Tips for Forex Beginners

    Forex trading for beginners can be fun, dynamic and exciting, with the decentralized and large-scale market attracting all kinds of traders across the world. However, Forex can also become confusing and overwhelming, making it easy to lose a lot of money. If you’re looking to set yourself up for a

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  • Three Things to Know Before You Buy

    Bitcoin for Beginners: Three Things to Know Before You Buy

    Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and digital currencies as a whole have made such a big splash in the news cycles over the past couple of years, and for newcomers in the space, it can be overwhelming to gain a proper sense of footing. That’s why I wanted to provide three important

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  • 10 Places Where You Can Use Bitcoin, Online and Offline

    10 Places Where You Can Use Bitcoin, Online and Offline

    Acceptance and widespread adoption has seen Bitcoin evolve from being a domain of the tech-savvy to being a preferred means of settling transactions around the world. Amidst restriction in the usage of the digital currency in some jurisdiction, e-commerce platforms have taken the lead in accepting bitcoin payments as a

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  • Nebula-AI (NBAI): The convergence of AI and Blockchain

    Nebula-AI (NBAI): The convergence of AI and Blockchain

    The blockchain space is full of projects without a clear use case and clear value, but, as we’ll see, there are also projects which are quite the opposite. Nebula-AI (NBAI) is creating a decentralized AI computing platform which will make AI DAPPS (which they call DAI Apps) a reality. The

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