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  • How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card?

    How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card?

    Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Credit CardsHow to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card Instantly?Types of Credit Cards You can Buy Bitcoin withCredit Card Bitcoin ExchangesIs it safe to Purchase Bitcoin with Credit Card?Pros and Cons of Buying Bitcoin with Credit CardsTips on Buying Bitcoins Online with Credit CardConclusionBitcoins are

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  • Bitcoin Gold

    Bitcoin Gold: A Return to Mining?

    What is Bitcoin Gold?Hard ForksBitcoin Gold MiningHow to Buy Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?Bitcoin Gold WalletsBTG – Holding and TradingConclusionsCryptocurrencies have some confusing aspects and terms. For some people, this can start with the name itself. What is the “crypto” in cryptocurrency?  It can get more confusing from there. Looking at the

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  • Buying Bitcoins with PayPal – Tricky But Possible

    Bitcoin and PayPal – RoadblocksGlobal Currencies, National RestrictionsCard MethodsOther MethodsDerivative TransactionsConclusionsAt first glance, Paypal and Bitcoin seem to be made for each other. Paypal is a well-established platform which was created for transferring money simply and easily over the Internet without the use of financial intermediaries. Bitcoin is a medium

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  • Trading the Markets with Spread Betting

    Trading the Markets with Spread Betting

    What is Spread Betting?Benefits of Spread BettingHow Does Spread Betting Work?How is Margin Set?Spread Betting vs. CFDsSpread Betting BrokersConclusionAll investors worldwide aim to create investment opportunities which can give them the highest returns at the lowest costs. With the advent of the internet, such investment options have surged.One trading vehicle

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  • Etherum Smart Contracts

    How “Smart Contracts” Could Transform the Entire Financial World

    Everyone has now heard about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency on the Internet. It enables secure, anonymous and immediate money transfers without the involvement of banks or other institutions. This used to make this currency particularly interesting for shady individuals of all types, but more and more “normal” users appreciate the fact

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  • day trading

    Old School Trading: Charting Like Back in the Day

    Too often the focus on the latest trading algo, system or method neglects the importance of some simple, basic principles which have been used for decades. So let’s have a quick primer education on what has withstood the test of time in trading charting analysis.To be successful, a technical analysis

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  • How to Make Money in Forex Trading: A Complete Guide for Beginners

    How to Make Money in Forex Trading: A Complete Guide for Beginners

    The foreign exchange market is the world’s most liquid market, with more than 5-trillion a day exchanging hands. The market is liquid 24-hours a day, 5-days a week, opening in the evening on Sunday during North American trading hours and closing at 5-pm on Friday evening during the same time

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  • Successful Day Trader

    5 Tips to Become a Successful Day Trader

    Successful day trading requires hard work and discipline and a trading plan that will allow you to be successful over the long term. Not only do you need a strategy that will allow you to consistently make money over time, but you also need to diversify the assets you trade

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  • These are the First Steps to Become a Professional Day Trader

    First Steps to Become a Professional Day Trader

    So, you finally decided that you are going to spend your time becoming a day trader and earn money from short-term movements in the capital markets. Before you take the plunge, there are a few steps to take to make sure you are ready for this new endeavor. Remember, day

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  • how to buy ethereum in Russia

    How to Buy Ethereum in Russia?

    How to Trade Ethereum in 3 Steps?Buying and Selling Ethereum in Russia via ExchangesEthereum Exchanges in RussiaEthereum and ICO in RussiaConclusionEthereum was launched back in 2015 and, while classified as a cryptocurrency, was not created to co-exist alongside Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin in order to compete against fiat money.

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  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple: The Differences

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple: The Differences

    Bitcoin – The Alternative to Fiat MoneyEthereum – Not an Alternative but A valuable CryptocoinRipple – Innovative and AdvancedThe Top 3 Cryptocurrencies – What are the differences?Bitcoin – The Alternative to Fiat MoneyBitcoin is a household name across the cryptomarket, being the first of the cryptos, launched in the wake

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  • How to Trade CFD's with the Right leverage?

    How to Trade CFD’s with the Right Leverage?

    What is a Contract for Differences?What is Leverage?The Benefits and Risk of CFD’sFinding a Good and Reliable BrokerWhat is the Right Leverage to Trade CFD’s?SummaryThe capital markets represent an excellent arena for investors to trade securities. Robust volatility provides the backdrop to make money by speculating that the price of

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  • How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

    How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

    Buying Bitcoin with Cash Only5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin for Cash Bitcoin ATM’sKey Decision PointsBitcoin does not exist as a physical asset, but cash does. There are currently a few bridges between the electronic world of cryptocurrencies and the physical world of cash. Please keep in mind that the marketplace for

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  • fxempire 2018 best award

    FXEmpire’s 2018 Best Broker Awards Winners

    The FXEmpire Awards, first initiated in 2014, have become the cornerstone of trading awards in their class.  Our goal in creating these awards is to objectively reward the most deserving brokers that continuously strive to stand ahead of the pack, with the objective of pleasing their clients above all else.Furthermore,

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  • Learn How to Trade Coffee: The Largest Soft Commodity in the World

    Learn How to Trade Coffee: The Largest Soft Commodity in the World

    Coffee is a soft commodity and is the second largest commodity product behind oil traded around the globe. It’s the most popular worldwide drink other than water and tea. Most of the coffee produced around the globe comes from Brazil which provides approximately 40% of the global coffee grown. The

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  • Here’s How the Internet of Value Can Trigger Mass Market Adoption for Blockchain

    Here’s How the Internet of Value Can Trigger Mass Market Adoption for Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is a disruptive phenomenon and the world has not even begun to scratch the surface of the unprecedented paradigm shift that it will engender. Bitcoin, one of the interesting applications of blockchain application is simply a daring gamble on the part of Satoshi Nakamato, but the world will

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  • How to Buy Litecoin Cash

    How to Buy Litecoin Cash: The Essential Guide

    What is Litecoin Cash (LCC)?How to Buy Litecoin Cash (LCC)?Create Litecoin Cash (“LCC”) Digital WalletBuy Litecoin Cash (“LCC”) CoinLitecoin Cash Digital WalletsLitecoin Cash ExchangesLitecoin Cash PriceThe Differences: Litecoin Cash, Litecoin, and BitcoinWhat is Litecoin Cash (LCC)?Litecoin went through a hard fork at block 1371111 on Sunday evening, resulting in the

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  • Bitcoin and Litecoin over dollar banknotes.

    The Complete Guide to Litecoin: How to Buy LTC?

    What is Litecoin?Why is Litecoin Better than Bitcoin?How to Buy Litecoin via Exchanges?Getting a Litecoin WalletFind Exchange that Supports LitecoinLitecoin Trading Through CFD’sLitecoin MiningLitecoin ATMsConclusionWhat is Litecoin?Litecoin is often referred to as Bitcoin’s little brother. It is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant near-zero cost payments to the world.

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  • How Can You Buy Stocks with Limited Budget?

    How Can You Buy Stocks with Limited Budget?

    What is a CFD? And How is it Different from Shares Market?Is there Leverage with CFDs?Example of Trading CFDs Stocks relative to Stocks via ExchangesWhat is Margin in CFD Trading?How to Use Risk Management?SummaryThe recent stock market volatility has brought back the allure of trading the equity market, but unless

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  • Litecoin

    What You Should Know Ahead of the Litecoin Hard Fork

    What is Litecoin hard fork?How to claim your Litecoin Cash?Litecoin has enjoyed a return to the limelight this week and a return to the number 5 spot in the market cap rankings coming off the back of a rally that started off in the early hours of Wednesday morning, with

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