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  • Stock Buybacks
    James Hyerczyk

    Stock Buybacks: Why Would a Company Reinvest in Themselves?

    The rapidly improving economy and stocks at record highs may be fueling a flurry of stock buyback activity in 2021.

  • USA dollars banknotes and globe on wooden desk surface.
    Kelsey Williams

    Proliferation Of Acronyms In The Investment World

    As financial products and investment trading become more highly specialized and digitized, the growth in acronyms seems to overwhelm the underlying items of description.

  • Tax calculator and pen

    Explainer: What is a Global Minimum Tax and How Could it Affect Companies, Countries?

    PARIS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has thrown the weight of the U.S. government behind a push for a global corporate minimum tax rate, possibly carving a path to a long-sought deal updating international tax rules for the first time in a generation.

  • Dogecoin and dollars.
    Bob Mason

    What is Dogecoin?

    Dogecoin is a decentralized, P2P digital currency that enables you to easily send money online.

  • Silver and golden coins with bitcoin, ripple and ethereum symbol on wood background.
    Aziz Kenjaev

    What is NEM – The Full Guide

    The New Economy Movement or NEM, an ecosystem with a dual-layer blockchain, evolves further into DeFi by launching its enterprise blockchain solution Symbol.

  • behaviour trading
    Valentina Kirilova

    What do Cultural Differences and Trading Behaviours have in Common?

    When speaking about different nations, one must always have their culture in mind because it is one of the main characteristics that makes a nation unique. Ethnic make-up, social habits, language, religion, health, and education systems are just some of the differentiators that set one country’s culture apart from another.

  • Michael Kuchar

    Tips On How To Trade The Currency Pair EUR/GBP

    The foreign exchange (Forex) market is an active one where several currency pairs are traded daily. Notably, one of the most popular currency pairs is EUR/GBP.

  • Crypto 2020
    Bob Mason

    How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies: The Complete Guide for 2020

    The Crypto market has now stood the test of time and proven it is neither a bubble nor a fad, while we have yet to see Bitcoin and the majors reach the mighty heights of late 2017, interest has widened.

  • Old style Africa map
    Michael Kuchar

    Forex Regulation Across Africa – The Complete Guide

    In this post, we will take a look at the forex regulatory framework across Africa. Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) market is one of the most popular market’s in the world today and it has been growing exponentially in Africa.

  • Business dialogue, oil agreement concept: National flags with Oil pump and oil refining factory at night with fog and backlight. Energy industrial concept.
    Andrew Hecht

    Breakeven Crude Oil Production Costs Around The World

    When it comes to supply and demand fundamentals in the world of commodities, one of the most significant factors is the cost of production.

  • Andrew Hecht

    What are Commodity Currency Pairs?

    Countries with substantial natural resources that account for revenue and tax receipts have an implicit backing for their legal tender.

  • Forex training concept image with business icons and copyspace.
    Andrew Hecht

    How To Use Technical Analysis In Forex Markets

    Technical analysis involves the use of a price chart, which provides a roadmap for past price behavior. A technical analyst relies on the past to predict the future.

  • Close-up Of Financial Graph
    Andrew Hecht

    What are Contango And Backwardation?

    In the world of commodities, the differential between one delivery period and another for the same raw material can go by different names, but they all have the same meaning.

  • Andrew Hecht

    What Is A Forward Contract?

    Forwards in the over-the-counter market, Forwards on an exchange and The difference between a forward and a futures contract

  • mt4
    David Becker

    Meta Trader 4: The Complete Guide

    Meta Trader 4 is considered by many to be the gold standard brand for forex trading platforms.  Retail traders who have signed up with multiple brokers will have likely run into a trading platform driven by Meta Trader

  • cfd touchscreen is operated by businessman.
    David Becker

    The Benefits of Using Contracts for Differences

    The volatility in the capital markets has impacted all asset classes and is driving demand for financial products that offer leverage.

  • Daglar Cizmeci

    Decisive Action in the New Decade: How to Invest Wisely in the 2020’s

    While much of the financial world was left licking its wounds throughout the 2010s, could investors capitalize on a new decade and a fresh start?

  • What You Should Know Stock Market Information Ticker 3d Illustration
    Daglar Cizmeci

    Beating The Crunch: Can We Invest Wisely in an Economic Downturn?

    Fears of recessions and economic downturns are cropping up around the world with considerable regularity following the harrowing effects of 2008’s financial crash.

  • Graduation hat on the glass bottle and books on natural green background, Saving money
    Thomas Hughes

    How To Trade Bonds Using Macro Indicators

    Learn the basic function of major macro indicators on the bond market and bond trading.

  • Thomas Hughes

    Psychology and Trading

    If you’ve already begun trading you may have discovered it’s not that hard to find a winning trade. The Technical Analysis rules are pretty straightforward, the patterns relatively simple to spot, and access to the markets has never been easier.

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