Melania Trump Buys Melania Trump NFT for $170k

Bob Mason
Updated: Feb 13, 2022, 12:44 UTC

NFT trading activity has slumped in February. News suggests that the Melaniatrump NFT platform is also struggling.

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NFTs have been a hot topic at the turn of the year, with NFT trading volumes hitting record highs in January. In January, NFT trading volumes hit approximately $16bn, with OpenSea reportedly the NFT marketplace leader. Through early February, NFT trading volumes have tumbled, however.

While trading volumes have fallen back at the start of February, there have been some big names hitting the NFT space at the turn of the year.

Big Names Hit the NFT Marketplace

Driving investor interest in the NFT marketplace have been a number of big names. There have also been some ground breaking uses of NFTs, bridging the virtual world with the real world.

At the start of the year, Quentin Tarantino and Secret (SCRT) linked up to sell 7 Pulp Fiction NFTs. In late January, the first of the Tarantino NFT collection sold for $1.1m. Tarantino’s NFT sale was not the only film news of the year. News hit the wires in late January of Blockbusters filing trademark applications in a bid to revamp the home entertainment space. Music, sport, and the arts have also continued to embrace NFTs, with even the United Nations planning on an NFT display to mark International Women’s Day in March.

From the art world, Christies sold the most expensive NFT, EVERYDAYS: The First 5,000 Days for a whopping $69.3m. Sotheby’s is also on the NFT scene with 104 CryptoPunk NFTs due to go under the hammer later this month.

Trumps and Digital Assets are No Strangers

With so much interest in NFTs, digital asset advocate Melania Trump has also entered the NFT space. In December the former first lady launched her own NFT platform named Melaniatrump on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. She launched the platform with her first NFT a self-portrait titled Melania’s Vision.

Following the sale of Melania’s Vision, the platform hosted the sale of the Head of State Collection, 2022 NFT. It is an NFT from the Head of State Collection that Melania Trump has reportedly purchased for $170,000.

Trump had announced the auction of the Head of State Collection on Twitter.

While the former first lady is a crypto advocate, President Donald Trump has been a critic of the crypto market. Last month, Eric Trump also hit the news, labelling TrumpCoin (TRUMP) as fraudulent. Since the threat of legal action, TrumpCoin appears to have changed name to Freedomcoin (FREED)

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