Best BAPPEBTI (Indonesia) Regulated Forex Brokers 2019

The trading of forex has been quite unregulated in Indonesia, with very few Indonesian brokerages offering this investment practice. Is this still the case today? And how has regulation changed and evolved to accommodate the growing demand of forex trading in the Indonesian markets? Let’s find out.

Introduction to BAPPEBTI Regulation

The regulatory agency of Indonesian financial markets is BAPPEBTI, which stands for the Commodities and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency. The agency was established and launched in 2005 and is the only regulatory body responsible for the regulation of various financial instruments in Indonesian financial markets. The organization is under direct supervision of the Ministry of Finance, and is run by directives nominated by the Indonesian government. Regarding forex brokers under BAPPEBTI regulation, they are hard to come by. The Indonesian business structure is not as open or economically viable as many other financial superpowers, making it difficult for companies to establish brokerages in the country. However, there are some forex brokers regulated by BAPPEBTI and offering forex trading to Indonesian investors.

BAPPEBTI Responsibilities

BAPPEBTI has very little enforcement on the trading conditions of the forex industry it regulates. In fact, religion has more say in the trading practices in Indonesia, primarily because it’s a Muslim country. Regarding BAPPETI responsibilities and regulation, it is quite primitive, and the government has considered adding several reforms to the policies to include forex broker regulation into it’s list of responsibilities. As of right now, the guidelines for forex companies in Indonesia are uncertain and vague, causing very few forex brokerages to setup in Indonesia. However, the BAPPEBTI does do a good job of regulating and licensing financial companies in the futures and commodities markets in Indonesia.

How BAPPEBTI Regulation Protects You

Even though BAPPEBTI regulation is quite primitive when it comes to forex trading, they do provide a certain level of protection to investors. Since they are regulated within Indonesia’s internal regulatory system, they can provide credibility and legality. They also provide information to investors regarding the dangers of forex trading, and how to avoid fraudulent activity and scams. As well, they work to provide transparency and security in the markets they offer. Even though BAPPEBTI regulated brokers are in fact regulated, they can simply not offer the same level and quality of services as foreign brokerages.

Guidelines for BAPPEBTI Regulated Brokers

The Commodities and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI) has very limited guidelines in regards to forex trading in Indonesia. For this reason, brokerages have found it very difficult to set them selves up in Indonesia and prefer to stay elsewhere. However, the BAPPEBTI has done very well at establishing regulations for the commodities and futures market, which brings some hope that competent regulations will be established in the forex markets soon.

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